Unmasking the Enemy-Who or What is the 666?

EXPOSING THE SPIRIT OF ANTICHRIST AND THE LIE THATS IN MAINSTREAM CHRISTIAN CHURCHES! These may be the most important teachings you ever listen to!

Join Mike DeSario of http://standingthegap.org/ teaching a series of 9 videos on the real meaning of 666, the false prophet, and the popular heresies rampant in today’s mainstream churches:













Unmasking the Enemy-Who or What is the 666?

July 31, 2012 by Scarlett | Edit

EXPOSING THE SPIRIT OF ANTICHRIST AND THE LIE THATS IN MAINSTREAM CHRISTIAN CHURCHES! These may be the most important teachings you ever listen to!

Join Mike DeSario of http://standingthegap.org/ teaching a series of 9 videos on the real meaning of 666, the false prophet, and the popular heresies rampant in today’s mainstream churches:

I pray everyone will be as convicted, blessed and encouraged by these teachings as I was. We must earnestly contend for the FAITH once delivered unto the saints.
Jesus bless you,


















Why Criticize Ray Comfort & Kirk Cameron? Because They’re Calvinists

Have you been following a Calvinist teacher? That’s one question…here’s another,

Have you been following a “Closet Calvinist“?

Many Christians have been following Calvinist preachers and teachers in  churches and on the Internet many times not even recognizing they are being spoon-fed the heretical teaching of Calvinism, aka “Reformed Theology”.


Below,  we have Mike Desario’s powerful video teaching on Calvinists like Kirk Cameron, Ray Comfort, Billy Graham, John McArthur, Ed Young and other false teachers:

Beware of these evil workers who come to you as angels of light;
Ray Comfort is a regular platform speaker at Southern Baptist State Conferences, and his literature is used by the Moody Bible Institute. Both of these institutions are known for teaching the extreme version of eternal security. (http://www.evangelicaloutreach.org/ray-comfort.htm )
I know for a FACT, there are teachers out there in the Internet, teaching closet Calvinism, and Reformed Theology, (which is nothing more than Calvinism repackaged to deceive people). They won’t come out and tell you they’re Calvinists, lest they loose their disciples, but they will slip in their pernicious doctrines unawares, unless you are on your toes. Beware of them continually slipping in their buzz words, such as all you have to do is, “Trust in the finished work of Christ on the Cross”. C’mon folks! You know very well what Jesus taught! Follow HIM!

Biblical Illiteracy-Existing on Christian Fast Food

Testing your church or your Internet teacher;
Have you been feeding your spirit with spiritual milk, (fast food), or spiritual steak and potatoes, (real food that will stick to your ribs)?
These are pretty important questions considering that 10% of church membership has left the church to looking for something more they can find the reason for staking their eternal destiny on.

When I was a new Christian, I was criticized for visiting other churches in the area, and was told, “I should bloom where I was planted”. One Christian lady told me, “I heard you wuz church hopping”, it sounded like a put down and that I should knock it off. That old trite phrase is well and good, but what if a new Christian has questions about what he or she is being taught, and finds that perhaps instead of “blooming” where they were supposedly planted, find they are wilting..or starving for real spiritual nourishment. Or, perhaps they feel they need to compare what they have been taught in their church with what other churches are teaching? And another thing, what is so wrong with merely fellowshipping with the brothers and sisters in other groups. Some of these non-church hopping folks act like you’ve committed an act of spiritual treason if you visit another church, and some will even give you the third degree if you miss a service saying, “Where were you last Sunday?”, or “We missed you last Wednesday night”…which raises the question in my mind, do they think I belong to them, have they bought and paid for me with their blood or do I belong to Christ?

May I suggest to you that neither the Apostle Paul or the other apostles were merely content to be couch potatoes after receiving the revelation of Christ as the Son of God and their Savior and Redeemer. No, they did take an active part in going from church to church, telling the good news, and discipling others. They were not content with being spoon-fed with milk and never going beyond what their teachers chose to feed them with, or hanging out in the same ole place where they were supposedly planted 100% of the time. (sound like a fairly good way to stagnate in some cases).  They armed themselves with the truth of God, the scriptures. Personally, I have found that NO church or Internet ministry has the total corner on the truth. Better think twice if you believe they do. And, better think twice if you’ve begun to hang on their every word and are quoting them instead of Jesus. You know, the LORD has this “thing” about being a jealous God, and his people turning to idols, (preachers, teachers, ministries), and such like. 

Christians nowadays are too prone to sit back, willing to be fed at their Master’s Table, and then do nothing further about it, all the while the fields are white with the harvest ready to be reaped at this end of the age.

Did Jesus call you to do this? To only be armed with what your pastor or Internet teacher is teaching you, or are you supposed to be able to answer questions about why you believe, (apologetics)? Are you willing to give up the easy believism and dig into the scriptures on a deeper level, as part of your rightful service?

Mainstream Laodician churches pastors, and that may include some of the Internet “ministries” teachers as well, seem to think it’s good enough to appeal to Christians who are satisfied with spiritual junk food with few nutritional calories, and well, really…maybe that’s all these guys have to offer them. And the junk foodies don’t seem to know the difference. Remember…Satan is an expert in pulling off counterfeits!

A simple word search in the scriptures reveals that God didn’t have very many good things to say about pastors. Check it out. YOU have a responsibility yourself to search the scriptures, to do the work Christ has called you to do. YOU are the one who will have to stand before the judgment seat of Christ. Not your church pastor or Internet teacher. YOU will be accountable for what you’ve learned, what you’ve studied, what you believe…and what you’ve passed on to others.

Potters House and it’s Dancing Zombies

OK, so this is how we’re supposed to do church nowadays? I wonder what type of religious brainwashing and spoon feeding of apostate pablum it takes to induce young people to participate in such a disgrace in what is supposed to be the holy household of God? What level of depravity is this”preacher” willing to stoop to in order to pump up his congregants into a state of fleshly energy, and to satisfy his follower’s need to be entertained by the things of this world? In this case, dancing zombies?

Just when you think you’ve seen everything the apostate church is doing these days, now comes this.
As one commenter on this YouTube video said;

“If I wasn’t the Pastor of this church, I would become a member….we done brought Michael Jackson back”…..Yall better RUN FROM THIS CHURCH LIKE YOUR HAIR IS ON FIRE….because it just might be soon enough.

And I agree! Really, REALLY sickening! You’ve been warned…

Tom White and the VOM Sexual Child Molestation Scandal-the Mystery Continues

Tom White in toupee
Yes, this is Tom White!
For those of you still searching  the Internet, and this blog for new info on Tom’s White’s suicide, and his molestation of the 10 yr old girl, it’s doubtful you will ever hear anything more coming from VOM or the city where Tom White lived, and where VOM has it’s United States headquarters, Bartlesville, Oklahoma. http://www.topix.net/forum/city/bartlesville-ok/TG7MJFON8J5NM4O8V

However, because you’re asking, yes, Tom White did commit suicide and yes, he did commit the molestation of the little girl. But the case has been closed and that’s apparently the way VOM and Bartlesville, Oklahoma want it to be. You can almost hear the sound of crickets chirping. Sad, very sad.

This is not new information, (to me), but just an accumulation of items I have gathered doing research on both Tom White that I wanted to pass on to the readers.

The inquiries on Tom White and Richard Wurmbrand continue pouring in on a daily basis, even after almost 2 yrs since Tom White’s suicide.

Some of what I have gathered about Tom White is factual, and some may be pure speculation on my part after piecing together the enigma that was Tom White.

Let me start not at the beginning, but here; most of you who have been interested in this have already seen the most publicized pics of Tom, but have you seen the one above? It’s not likely to be included in VOM publications..for obvious reasons; it totally changes the “conservative” image of the man to something quite different. This pic was taken while he was taking a tour of Iraq and Iran sometime during the mid 80’s.
The question that should be in our minds, is “why” did he change his hair color from greying brown to coal black during this trip?

My speculation about Tom is that it is quite possible he was going through a mid-life crisis and wanted to project a more youthful image, at least while out of the country.
And/or….was Tom White leading a double life? According to a man he traveled with on foreign trips for over 10 yrs, the answer would be yes. His comment was brief, but seemed credible. This man, obviously a foreign worker, possibly an interpetor, had posted on the Pathos website that the stories about Tom were true, leading me to believe that Tom had a prediliction toward sexual activities outside of marriage while out of the country and where he was not likely to be discovered. Possibly with underage girls, or who knows what? Please do not be surprised or shocked. The number of “Christian” men in leadership positions indulging in secretive sexual relationships and activities, and being discovered, has grown exponentially, primarily due to the Internet.

To back up a bit…you may ask why I am posting these things? Frankly, because after delving into this…I have come to believe that Tom White was involved in some very dubious activities. For example; a local source who came to me and wished to remain anonymous told me that he had grown up involved with the White children as well as having known White and his wife. He mentioned that the Whites were a very odd couple and seemed to have a marriage of convenience.
My source mentioned that when White got out of the Cuban prison he came back to Bartlesville, OK “loaded with money”. My question to that, Tom White was supposedly a school teacher before he “supposedly” was imprisioned in Cuba; so, where did this large amount of money come from?

He was apparently already involved with VOM at that time, and had offered a local Bartlesville man a large loan on a VOM property. VOM had property holdings in Bartlesville, other than the original VOM building, the old Bartlesville Examiner Enterprise building they had purchased for a reported $27,000??? In any case, White somehow had the liberty to wheel and deal with VOM monies, speculating on interest bearing loans in VOM behalf. How is it that this fledgling “ministry”, back then, would have had that kind of donation money to be offering business loans? Or, did it come from another source?

Question…although I have some major problems with Richard Wurmbrand, and his questionable and strange brand of theology, I simply can’t bring myself to believe he would either approve of or have knowledge of such dealings. And so, if not, then who or what entity was fronting, or funding the money to Tom White under the VOM name? Or, who or what entity was fronting this entire operation that later became the megalith it has become? This seems more than odd to me, and I think it would behoove some of the local residents there in Bartlesville to examine courthouse records.

Back to the rabbit trail….apparently according to an online source that now seems to have gone missing, the Wurmbrands came to know, (and trust) Tom White during a series of phone conversations while the Wurmbrands were guests at this couples home. Richard Wurmbrand learned of Tom White’s supposed imprisonment in Castro’s Communist prison, and apparently this was the main basis for Tom Whites gaining entrance into Wurmbrands confidence and trust. But…can Tom Whites motives be trusted or even believed? Who, for example, can show any actual proof that Tom White spent even one day in a Cuban prison? His book, “Missles over Cuba? Not hardly.

There are many, many things that just don’t add up once one begins piecing together small bits of information about Tom White. Mind you, again, I am not suggesting Wurmbrands direct involvement in some intrigue, but rather looking directly at what White may have been involved in as a front to gain access…and power, into what has later become a monumental enterprise of shall we shall biblical proportions. A massive worldwide multimillion dollar mega company, funded by it’s trusting and adoring donors all over the world, with offices in nearly all free countries. With that kind of money involved I can see any number of powerful and influential “interested parties” wanting to get their fingers in the pot.

Is this all just a conspiricy theory on my part? Perhaps, but when one starts examining small details about VOM,like I said, there are some mighty strange and fishy things that just don’t add up. I for one, do not believe Tom White was who he said he was, or, that he had any real interest in VOM or it’s ministry. I believe, in fact, that he was a plant, a front, for a much larger entity that wanted to gain access to VOM for their own purposes, which was mainly that of control of what was intended to become a major factor in funding their operations via evangelical and tax exempt monies on a world wide basis.

But…who or what entity could or would be able to concoct such a scheme? Right off the bat, without naming names, I can think of at least one huge possibility. To Tom Whites adoring fans who hold him up in a near godlike status, and who will more than likely be outraged at me for even suggesting such a thing, all this will seem preposterous and far out. I’m sorry for that, but suggest you take White, as well as Wurmbrand off those pedestals where you’ve installed them.

For all the seeming good that VOM does, and I do believe it does some good, they have some very faulty un-Christlike theology they have pushed for a number of years and many sincere evangelical sponsers and workers are learning of this and taking serious objections to them. A strange dichotomy indeed to be claiming not to be a ministry per se, and yet pushing ecumenical and other strange doctrines to the max, both in their newsletters and their articles and those they support in their outreach.
However, just as the saying goes, which is a truism, “Follow the money” and do the research for yourself. And please set aside the personal idolatry for White and Wurmbrand out of it, if possible, for those of you who are so inclined to think either they, or VOM itself can do no harm.

(to be continued….perhaps)

All The Earth is Filled With Violence


If you are honest with yourself, do you truly believe you or your children…or a James Holmes, can view movies like this, year after year…and remain unaffected by the content?



Is it not true, we live in a culture of death? Sounds of war abound in the earth, and we’ve come to live in fear. or at least uncertainty, of what will happen next….whereas, we once were able to walk the streets of our neighborhoods and cities without concern we would be attacked, or robbed. We remember the time when we once were able to allow our children to play outside, or at the playground with no fear of their being abducted. And feel they were not going to be molested and sexually abused at school by a pedophile.  We were able to travel unimpeded without being groped or scanned by a TSA employee, or stopped at a checkpoint. It used to be going to the movies was just as normal and pleasant a thing to do as having a Sunday picnic in the park in the summertime.

July 20, 2012 changed that forever, when James Holmes, (or whoever it was), burst in to the Century theater in Aurora, Colorado, bent on killing as many people as he could. Patrons of the theater that night had come to view the long-awaited premier of the movie Dark Knight Rises, a movie filled with violence, and subliminal occult symbolism. Little did they know when the movie began, the virtual violence they were safely viewing vicariously, (or so they thought), would suddenly and hideously be shattered and replaced by bloody and painful reality. It is said art imitates life, but in this case the reality of life interrupted and circumvented art when a real life Joker appeared out of the shadows. James Holmes came to do what he had been programmed by Satan himself to do, kill, steal and destroy.

“The earth also was corrupt before God, and the earth was filled with VIOLENCE…So God looked upon the earth, and indeed it was corrupt; for all flesh had corrupted their way on the earth…And God said to Noah, ‘The end of all flesh has come before Me, for the earth is filled with VIOLENCE through THEM!” (Genesis 6:11-13)

Americas chickens have come home to roost.

The list goes on…life in America, and indeed in the world, continues to barrel down a dead-end road at exponential speed.

From The Tribulation Network comes another topical and timely article well done by Doug Kreiger:


Multiple Murder and Demonic Possession

Since the advent of the massacre which took place in Aurora, CO. at the premier of “The Dark Knight Rises” movie, I’ve taken a brief sojourn from my usual posting to take a look at the possibility that the shooter may have been demonically influenced to commit this atrocity. This, in view of the question in everyone’s minds of “Why? What was his motive? My response, as a Christian, is that there is a good likelihood that this man’s motive may have been inspired by these evil forces intruding on his thought processes, which he acted out by this violent behavior.

In the process of researching this on the Internet, I came across this fascinating website and information: http://demonic-murder.com/Demonic_Home.html


  I am neither advocating this book and information, however, neither am I trying to debunk it, but rather, merely posting the link here for your perusal, and food for thought. However, it is my believe that according to scripture, demons do exist and are sometimes able to influence people’s behavior and mindset. Jesus Himself, according to the gospel accounts cast out demons from many of those so afflicted.

You may read this book online.