Lester Sumrall-Demonology and Deliverance

Did Lester Sumrall have some sort of “special anointing” for casting out demons that other Christians don’t or can’t have? No, he was simply baptized in the Spirit, and living in obedience in holiness as we are ALL supposed to be. Rooted and grounded in the Holy Word of God. Yet, why is it that most Christians today pay little or no attention to this vital ministry of setting people free from the power of the devil? There has to be a reason. Please notice where Brother Sumrall encountered these demon spirits in people…it was in the very churches where he had gone to preach! Yes…evil spirits were and still are operating in churches, and not churches only, but everywhere! Do not suppose that evil spirits simply disappeared or retired from their wicked agenda after Jesus went to be with the Father. Or, because you sit in church on Sunday with your bible on your lap. Do not be so deceived my friends. No, they are still active today, anywhere and everywhere they are given license to operate. If Christians aren’t aware of this, they should be. Let me suggest that if Christians aren’t aware and walking in the same power of the Holy Spirit that Brother Sumrall was, there is something lacking that the LORD not only wants us to have, that we SHOULD BE operating in. And it’s all in His Word. Please! Read the gospels again, especially the gospel of Mark where Jesus did most of the casting out. What would Jesus do? That silly powerless mantra that became popular some years back….Jesus would CAST THEM OUT! Now, He expects US to do it! Don’t let anyone tell you this is not possible. It’s not only possible…it’s GOSPEL!

Lester Sumrall Cast Demons From Girl in Philippines

If ever there was a man who was a modern day Apostle of God, it was Lester Sumrall. As a sent one and church planter, he went all over the world doing the work of Jesus Christ, including praying for the sick and see them healed and delivered by the Power of the LORD. This is the true story of such an encounter.

The ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Massacre: Satanic Influence of The Joker

I watched the movie, “The Exorcism of Emily Rose” a few years ago. (Same girl, as in the picture). There is also quite a bit of reading about it online. It is a true story. It was absolutely heartbreaking. This girl knew she needed help. She should have gotten it. This is not something so mysterious, this casting out of demons that it takes “special rituals” to accomplish. Any obedient Christian, living for Jesus and obeying His commandments should have been able to deliver this woman through the Power of Jesus Christ and in His Name.


This post is in no way an attempt to sensationalize an already notorious tragedy, which has already been perhaps over-reported in the media- but rather, it’s my intention to shift focus over onto a spiritual angle, along with a few other Christian bloggers, to what may have very well been the root cause behind this shooter’s bizarre and wicked behavior.

Since this news broke, I’ve been reading headlines from media sources, comments on various blogs, as well as the police, victims, and their families asking “why?”  Why, would the alleged shooter in the “Dark Knight Rises” movie massacre do such a horrendous and evil thing? They are asking, baffled, what was his motive? Was he mentally ill, (a milder way of saying insane). Was he on drugs, as people suggested during the so-called Cannibal Attack in Miami Beach?

As a Christian, I immediately turned to other thoughts, that to me seemed more likely the  alleged shooter was under the influence of demonic spirits. But it seems I am in the minority. It didn’t make sense to me that almost immediately, some people in the press started focusing on their being a “religious aspect” to the killing,, apparently trying to establish some sort of right wing “Christian nutcase” to the shooting, but without considering demonic activity, (which they disallow). I also took note that people began holding vigils, releasing balloons, and in some cases having prayer circles. But the one thing that seemed to be missing from any of the reports or commentaries, is that the man, James Holmes may have been demon possessed. 

If Christians, along with the general community, disregard demons, I guess they may have to disbelieve the accounts in the gospels where Jesus cast them out. Why is this? Have Christians become so totally removed from any manifestation of the supernatural they simply cannot come to terms with the reality that there are indeed demon spirits that operate in the realm of mankind, in the natural world. This was no secret to the ancients, who were very familiar with the spirit world and the activity of evil spirits.

Nowadays, it seems even Christians want to psychologize everything, and take their mental and emotional problems, (which could be spiritual issues instead) to psychologists and counselors, and get psychotropic drugs to cope with these problems. Friends, the mental health community has no cure for spiritual issues, much less problems stemming from demonic activity in the person.

Demons are just as real as you and me.  To deny this and shut our eyes to this reality, not only leaves us vulnerable to demonic attack, but helps to keep the blinders on the general culture as well. The mainstream church has been just as guilty about this as anyone. Maybe they don’t want to be ridiculed. But people need to know the truth, and Christians need to be courageous enough to brave ridicule for the sake of Truth. 

Please read on…as this rabbit hole is very deep. We will learn something. Below, in this link ..is an excellent post on the same subject matter I’ve touched on in this post…only, it’s much more in depth and well done.