The Manhattan Declaration-the Ecumenical Movement’s Evil Twin


This is not another expose of the Jesuits, per se, in case you may be wondering, (and yawning), because of the title of the video I posted,  OK?   What it is, then, is a warning of the ecumenical movement, so-called, and it’s evil twin, “The Manhattan Declaration”.

Many Christians are aware of the Roman Catholic Churches push for ecumenism; that is, the embracing of all religions, including “evangelical Protestantism”, coming together under one umbrella in the name and cause of brotherhood, love, peace, and most of all “unity”. A weird, unscriptural group hug that flies in the face of the True Gospel of Jesus Christ.

However, how many church going, evangelical Christians are not aware that their denomination may be joining into this other kindred heresy, “The Manhattan Declaration”? I would hazard a guess to say, the majority of them. The connection to the social gospel, and the Catholic Ecumenical push may be a bit fuzzy, but you can be sure they are all woven together in one way or another to take Christians down the broad path to destruction. Umm, “Can’t we all just get along”?, is the theme.

Satan keeps on connecting his dots…..

There is so much going on in the world today; the need for discernment has never been greater. “The Manhattan Declaration” is in it’s very essence, rooted and grounded in the social gospel. It sounds good, like most things Satan promotes, but  at it’s core, there are dangers and deceptions that Christians should be aware ofSo, who authored “The Manhattan Declaration”?

“On November 20, 2009, Charles Colson, Robert George, and Timothy George set forth a document they called The Manhattan Declaration affirming the sanctity of life, marriage, and religious liberty and calling on Christians everywhere to sign it. Since then, hundreds of thousands of people who profess faith in Christ have affixed their signatures to the document.”

In the article, “Heretics-Calling a Spade” on The Biblical Connection blog,, the author has listed some of the “name brands” who’ve signed the Manhattan Declaration. Among them are Albert Mohler, leader of the Southern Baptist Convention, Dr. James Dobson, Chuck Swindoll. and many other powerful and influential Christian “leaders”. This is a very well researched and fascinating  article by the way, and I urge you to read it!

As for me, well, maybe I should just stick to giving my personal testimony, and telling folks the good things the Lord Jesus is doing in my life…which are many. But…’s like this; I agree with The Biblical Connection, and I too,  am very concerned about warning my Christian brethren of the snare of the fowler, Satan, who is busier than ever in these perilous times, trying to drag both believers and none believers into the abyss with him and his fallen angelic hordes. 

Referring to the Apostle Paul’s many warnings about heretics and evil workers, 1 Timothy 1:19-20,2 Timothy 2:17-18 and many others. where Apostle Paul himself, calls a spade a spade :

“We must do the same instead of avoiding criticism and loss of constituents and protecting our financial support for the “sake of the ministry” or we are no better than the Jesuits who pragmatically teach that “the end justifies the means”. Instead of forming our beliefs based upon whether or not we can rally enough people to our cause, we must base our theology upon the Word of GOD alone. If we refuse to name false teachers and avoid them, then we are disobeying Jesus Christ the Final Judge and are allowing a false Gospel to go out unchecked.If we abet those who err from the faith by defending them or by attempting to find some way of making excuses for their errant theology, then we have joined hand in hand with those wolves who would destroy the flock of GOD.”

Now, although I’m not in ministry either and only a blogger as well, I agree these deceptions must not be allowed to slip in unopposed.

“The “ministry opportunities” (i.e. fun in the sun) of those who expose false teachers are limited and their lives are plagued by persecution. Who then wants to speak out? The obvious answer is not very many, but that doesn’t change the commands of Scripture. Payday someday and those enjoying comfort in this life will have to “face the music” in the next life. My guess is that this article will not get rousing support by pastors across the country. If anything, these many shills who refuse to speak out to expose Satanic doctrines and false gospels will turn on me instead.  I am but a lowly blogger who follows the Spirit and the Word of our LORD.  They are the ones who should be saying these things and shepherding the flock. Why aren’t most of them speaking out? Many “wolves” were exposed at the signing of the Manhattan Declaration which is further discussed in one of the articles linked toward the end of this article. Even errant Dr. MacArthur, who has embraced “means of grace sanctification” and who believes that one can take the mark of the beast and still be saved“, sees the dangers of the Manhattan Declaration. MacArthur defines the dangers of this “declaration” in the article at this link. Why are so many of these “popular pastors” so errant? Why are they the only ones given the opportunity to speak for Protestant believers by CNN, Fox News, and other mainstream media?”


Good question and much food for thought,  for your discernment…

In Jesus Christ,










Apostasy: Domestic Abuse Against Women in “Church” and Home

Should not these “forbidden” issues be talked about in Christian circles? I think they must be, especially when these “forbidden” issues continue to go on in supposedly Christian homes and “churches” all over the United States. A “Christian” country?

Yes, of course, I do have to tend to my own walk with Christ, and have plenty of my own spiritual needs and issues to look at,  and mend. But nevertheless, since I have seen Christian women who I know and love being abused verbally and even physically….and….because the very name of my blog is “Spiritual Abuse Sanctuary”, there are times when I feel compelled to speak out. If that offends anyone, I must ask the question “why”? Is our spiritual walk so high and lofty that we can’t see the very serious down to earth problems in the church and take them seriously, and speak out in behalf of our abused sisters? I would hope not. The Lord Jesus Christ was very down to earth as the Son of Man as He walked this earth, even though He was on a very high spiritual plane. He was concerned with both the spiritual needs of those He ministered to, as well as their real life, day to day problems, which in reality, are spiritual issues as well.  How different than most “churches” of today.


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The full text’s of Piper’s “Clarification” may be found here.

Begin translation:

Clarifying Words on Wife Abuse.

Just the title makes this a women’s issue. “Wife abuse.” Why not use the terminology “men who abuse their wives?” Omitting the noun for the abuser — and his gender — makes the abuser less visible and less culpable.

John Piper: “Several years ago, I was asked in an online Q&A, “What should a wife’s submission to her husband look like if he’s an abuser?”
It was so long ago that I wish people would stop bugging me about it already. I mean we took it off of the DG website and everything. But darn the Internet for never forgetting things. Oh well, I guess, I’d better try to save face.”
Cry for Justice: “I continue to assert that Piper’s career should have ended in 2009 when he said “simply hurting her.” That it didn’t, that he still has an audience and over half a million followers on Twitter, is an indictment on the Church and a huge warning signal declaring that Christians still don’t comprehend what abuse is or what to do about it.”