Reader friends… this video may very well convince many unbelievers that indeed, the world, including the United States, is morphing over into what Glenn Beck describes as a hybrid singular world wide government. Christians believe this will be the One World Government, under the dictator known as the antichrist. Just so you know, I’m not a Mormon or for that matter, a Glenn Beck fan. Nevertheless, giving credit where it’s due, this is a well documented video, and I believe Beck has done his homework, however….he still believes in an outcome that will save the Republic….”if only” people will wake up and smell the coffee, and/or start actively praying. As for me, I believe scripture will be fulfilled and biblical prophecy is now lining up rapidly with the signs of the times. The evidence in this video is one more proof we are headed in that direction at breakneck speed.

For all Secessionists who say the Gifts of the Holy Spirit ended with the Apostles….

Mary Fitzgerald Rodriguez
“For those who say the Gifts of the Holy Spirit ended in the time of the Apostles, but cannot give one sound scripture reference when, exactly, did this occur, I want to give you a warning. For something so important to salvation back then to be discarded and even despised by you, you are basically denying salvation…..true salvation, not this “raise your hand to accept Jesus” stuff that goes on in your churches.

There is nowhere in scripture where an Apostle or early believer told others “after I’m dead, don’t speak in tongues or perform miracles. Don’t have discernment nor cast out any demons. Just have a lukewarm faith and make sure you tell those who have the Gift s that they are from the devil.”. It’s NOT in there!

So stop twisting the verses you use to justify your deception… “When that which is perfect comes, tongues etc will cease.”. Jesus is that which is perfect and He hasn’t come back yet. The other one where they say, “but Lord, we performed miracles in Your name, etc” and Jesus said to depart because He never knew them, refers to counterfeit acts from the devil, not the true Gifts.

When you deny and despise the Holy Spirit of God, you are antichrist…you are blaspheming God. Your incomplete “salvation” is just that,….. incomplete….and I dare to infer that you are not saved at all, especially when you claim God’s Gifts and those who use them are unsaved workers of Satan .

Please, I implore you….take this to the Lord in prayer or you will be the ones to whom He says, “depart from Me, I never knew you”


Revolution At The Gates- October 20, 2019

The Master's Voice

war 4

On all the desolate heights in the wilderness,
For the sword of the Lord shall devour
From one end of the land to the other end of the land;
No flesh shall have peace.
They have sown wheat but reaped thorns;
They have put themselves to pain but do not profit.
But be ashamed of your harvest
Because of the fierce anger of the Lord. – (Jeremiah 12:13- 14)

This continues prophecies received on October 20, 2019 based on a study of Jeremiah 15.

Note: I’d like to mention something- prophecy and the understanding of God’s prophetic word is not an exact science. While some may see this as a convenient loophole for a prophetic blog owner to point out, thinking it means I’ve created a caveat of sorts for the content I post here, it means nothing like that. I’m simply stating the…

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3 He is despised and rejected of men; a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief: and we hid as it were our faces from him; he was despised, and we esteemed him not. Isaiah 53

“I have been working with many of my anointed ones in this hour. Many have been brought through some very severe trials. Many have been misunderstood and persecuted. Some have lost things dear to them. I tell you, in the coming months many will have been brought to their knees. For they will have been emptied of everything. And this is to show forth my glory. For when you become as nothing then my Spirit can be all in you. For your faith is made perfect through these trials.

For my eye is upon those who have suffered loss. My eyes are upon those who have been poured out like ointment at my feet. For Mary Magdalene came and poured oil upon my feet. Many of you have been poured out. You have given and you have given. You have been poured out in many ways. But I will now take that vessel and I will fill it with my beautiful of ointments. So that it would be rich; so that it would be a savoring ointment to all.

For many of you are the “hidden ones.” The world does not see you but I see you. And those who are seemingly without a Shepherd, I carry you. When the world is dark; when you are without hope, I will make you my queen. When you are fatherless, I will be your father.

To the persecuted ones, I say that I AM your redeemer; for I was afflicted on every side. I was counted as nothing. I was struck down, and I was counted as those who were forgotten. Many esteemed me not, and looked away in shame at me. So, I walked these roads before. And I have gone before you, and I have caused you to triumph.”

Stephen Hanson

What You Never Heard Before, Pt 2: “To Put Out Their Light” – July 6, 2019

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For there is nothing secret that will not be disclosed [exposed], and nothing hidden that will not be made known and brought to light. – (Luke 8:17)

I move now to the matter of SNUFF FILMS. Ladies and gentlemen bear with me, I know this is strong content BUT this is the Lord’s word and revelation so it must come out. I looked online for definitions but what I found appalled me. Every major news outlet or so called “information site” [Wikipedia, Snopes, etc] says- ‘These films are a figment of imagination and do not exist. They are made with clever special effects and so appear real but are not’. This angered me. Brethren, beware of lies advanced through media to hide or protect wicked agendas. I now share the Lord’s prophetic revelation from early hours July 6, 2019. Let your own judgement of the particular details…

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