For Christians who don’t celebrate Christmas – some things to consider (revised)

Pilgrim’s Progress revisited - Christiana on the narrow way


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The assumption that Christmas is a Christian holiday is nearly universal.

It is an institution, an extraordinary cultural phenomenon, and it is promoted by both believers and those who don’t believe.

Rightly or wrongly, it is also seen as a time when people are more open to the Gospel, so that it has the vote of those whose chief desire is to reach the lost for Jesus Christ.

In other words, Christmas is HUGE, and while we need to warn other Christians about its origins and practices, we need to realize that nothing is going to change unless it is God’s good pleasure. 


Some thoughts and a little advice

Unless people are pressuring you to participate, you can pay almost no attention to it except at certain times.  

If you don’t celebrate for reasons of conscience, your conscience will be at peace, and this is a good and happy thing when you’re innocent of any particular…

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MY OBAMA DREAM – Ms. Sophie — 444 Prophecy News

MY OBAMA DREAM – Ms. Sophie I had this dream a few years ago and it was a very short dream but I remember it to this day. I was at a large conference, there were tables set up but the people I saw were standing and there were a ton of people there. These…

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Tom Horn: Profiting from false prophecy?


Tom Horn: Profiting from false prophecy?

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    y Jake Jones
Is Tom Horn making money on false prophecy?
Is Tom Horn making money on false prophecy?
“…if your church is preaching this kind of junk, perhaps you need to rethink your position, not only as a Christian, but as a participant in that church.”

The list of books published by Tom (Thomas , or Thomas R.) Horn is long. He has compiled a list of books that many say are reality when it comes to the subject matter of prophecy and current events. Now you ask, why is Tom Horn worth writing about? Because each of us needs to determine whether Horn is a ‘false prophet’ or not. Yes, there have been many false prophets in the last few decades, but Tom Horn seems to be making the most profit from his particular brand of prophecy, or should we call it “profit-cy”?

If you’ve never heard…

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The Deep State, also know as The Establishment

The Straight Way Church Blog

As time winds down and we approach the coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, things are occurring to get our attention, one of these things is the expose of the “Deep State”. What once was a conspiracy theory, the idea that our country was being run by unaccountable deep state operatives, forming a shadow government, is now being played out before our eyes. There was a time that we believed the rhetoric of conservative politicians, the Republicans, we thought they really were doing all they could to end the nightmare of the murder of unborn children, we thought they really believed in small government and lower taxes; on the other hand we believed that the Democrats were what they claimed to be, we disagreed with their so called “liberal” policies, but we thought they really believed it.

Now here is what we have folks, two political parties with…

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