Don’t Trust Dr. OZ to Give Spiritual Advice

I suppose it’s harmless enough to listen to a TV doctor such as the latest TV Guru, Dr. OZ,  in regard to treating the common cold or such things, but when someone..anyone, no matter how interesting… starts dabbling with your soul, as he is here, the red flags should start going up.Unfortunately, worldly unlearned people fall prey to these sort of things, not realizing how very dangerous they are.

I live in a so-called “Spa” city where there are hot springs; so the practice of the so-called healing arts are rampant. I hesitate to even begin to try and list them all and what they are involved in, but invariably it has to do with these practitioners dabbling with people’s spirit man. such as the ill informed Dr. Oz is talking about here.

However, plain and simple….he doesn’t even begin to know, much less understand the dangerous spiritual forces he is advocating. What then? God makes it plain and simple…steer clear of these spiritual snake oil salesmen. And know this from the Lord’s always accurate advice: See that? The Lord is saying don’t take spiritual advice from ungodly, unsaved people. Smart Christian folks just aren’t going to fall for the devil’s hype, no matter how good it sounds, or even if the person is wearing scrubs like “Dr. OZ” and/or has a stethoscope hanging around there neck.

The Way of the Righteous and the Wicked

Blessed is the man[a]
    who walks not in the counsel of the wicked,
nor stands in the way of sinners,
    nor sits in the seat of scoffers;
but his delight is in the law[b] of the Lord,
    and on his law he meditates day and night.