God Makers-the Lies of the Mormon Church-Ed Decker

So, you think you know about Mormons, that they are Christians just like you?
Mormonism teaches another gospel, expressly forbidden by holy scripture, God’s Word, the Bible.

Christians have labeled Mormonism as a classical cult since its founder Joseph Smith created it in the 1830’s. Why? The primary reason is that Mormonism insists that it is Christian when it clearly is something very different. Mormonism is a religion, but it is not in any sense a Christian religion.

Discover that unlike Christianity, Mormonism teaches that there is not one but many Gods, that Jesus was married, that Jesus and Satan are brothers, and that to be saved you must belong to the Mormon Church. Find out that heaven for Mormon women is to be eternally pregnant populating her husband’s planet, and that the Mormon God is an exalted man from a planet near the star-base Kolob. Read some of the statements from Mormon apostles attacking the Christian church and how Mormon founder Joseph Smith called Christian beliefs an abomination.

Realize that Mormonism uses the same terms as Christianity, but that those terms mean something very different to what those terms mean in historical orthodox Christianity. Examine the table below that compares Christian teaching to Mormon teaching, and you’ll soon understand why Christians have always rejected Mormonism’s claim to be Christian. Be sure to examine the table’s comprehensive footnotes too, with referenced quotes from Mormon teaching.”

Note: I had never met my only first cousin on my mother’s side. I knew he was born in Utah, and was a Mormon. As a Christian, I personally believed Mormonism to be a true cult. I only talked to my cousin when my mother died. He seemed like a “good person” on the surface, like many other Mormons I’ve known. He had a nice wife and had been very successful in his career. He and his wife had a large family of 11 or 12 kids.

Last winter,  received a letter from his wife that he had died, and she sent me an obituary notice with the shocking revelation that he had also married another woman at some point in time…long enough to have had another dozen kids. There had been 2 separate funeral services, one for her side and her children, and one for the new wife and her kids.

She said in her letter to me, that “he was a good man”, something I had tended to believe, as far as being “morally good” to be. My mind however was changed about him being morally good when I read this news about a subsequent wife, and family. I began to view him as being a lustful pervert, whom I could no longer respect, even as a “moral” person, as well as a man that used the beliefs of his “church” to justify his desire to satisfy his sexual lust.

The secret pain I sensed in his long time first wife was heartbreaking, that this devoted wife had to endure, seeing her husband marry another, younger  woman, and begin a second family. I can only imagine the sense of rejection she felt, even though she was bound by the tenets of the Mormon church to accept this arrangement, like it or not.
Curious, I began to do a search on the family of my cousin, who after all was the nephew of my own mom. I traced one of his daughters to the infamous Colorado City, Utah, polygamous cult. This debunks the notion that it’s only the Colorado City cult that practices polygamy, because my cousin and his family were from the north of Utah, much closer to Salt Lake City, and were members of the regular LDS church of Latter Day Saints. It is my believe that polygamy is practiced in Utah, (especially), more than commonly believed. It’s simply kept under wraps.



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