Ye Olde Tithe Barn

During the period when Catholicism reigned supreme in northern Europe, “tithe barns” were developed in the 13th and 14th century.  The purpose of the tithe barn was to extract goods, (tithes), from the local farmers, mostly peasants, who were already hard pressed to pay exorbitant taxes to the landed gentry, lords and/or the king or queen.  Never mind the fact the Levitical priesthood had been abolished along with the Old Testament Law after the advent of the New Covenant of Grace established by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the High Priest forever after the Order of Melchizedek. 

“A tithe barn was a type of barn used in much of northern Europe in the Middle Ages for storing rents and tithes — one tenth of a farm’s produce which was given to the Church. Tithe barns were usually associated with the village church or rectory and independent farmers took their tithes there. The village priests would not have to pay tithes—the purpose of the tithe being their support—and some had their own farms anyway, which are now village greens in some villages.

Many were monastic barns, originally used by the monastery itself or by a monastic grange. The word ‘grange’ is (indirectly) derived from Latin granarium (‘granery’). Identical barns were to be found on royal domains and country estates.”


Examples of a modern day Tithe barns:

These are the largest tithe barns in America. Not all tithe barns are this large; some are very small, but the principle and purpose is still the same as the tithe barns of olden times……..That is, to practice the doctrines and deeds of the Nicolaitanes and make money at it. Never mind the fact that Lord Jesus hates the doctrines and deeds of the Nicolaitanes and never intended for the so called “clergy” to rule over the “laity” as you see done all over the United States in large or small tithe barns.

Sneaky Calvinism vs. Overcoming Sin!

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How to Stop Sinning, (part 1 of 4)

The following is from an e-mail I sent to a sister in the LORD during a conversation we were having about the dangers of Calvinism:

That’s the danger of reading other people’s stuff, it can be so sneaky.

God’s Word is the best, as taught by the Holy Spirit. That’s all I did way back in the very beginning, and you know what? He was always gently provoking me to good works and a closer walk with Jesus. Why bother with the gifts of the Spirit and the fruits of the Spirit at all, or even listening to Him if we are just going to lay back and remain “as is”?

There is a growth in the Spirit, and a greater faith to be attained and built up in the Spirit, and let me tell you it does come by grace accompanied…

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Idols don’t go to Heaven

David Bowie mocked God during his very ungodly wicked life, but now Satan is mocking him in death, unless he managed, or was even able– to repent and ask for forgiveness, and to be saved by the Lord Jesus Christ.


While half the people in America, including some who claim to be Christians, are lionizing David Bowie, his career and supposed artistic genius………I am not. I am not celebrating his life, and especially not his influence in the world where it impacted the lives of others. So, I’m not going to write much about his death. or his life. Volumes have already been written about him, many of which seem to revel in his apparent interest and involvement in the occult. I don’t doubt for a minute that Satan was his master, and the author of his supposed “artistic genius”, if you could call it that. I was never a Bowie fan, but I had the unfortunate experience of watching his video “Lazarus” because of curiosity and the unusual title. It was visually and spiritually ugly and repulsive. It totally creeped me out.  There was nothing whatever edifying in his life or music, no matter what his fans may say. And at his funeral? Well, there are many lies being told at funerals nowadays. There will be many more told at his.

Just for the record, for all his fans and others who may come across this blog post, this is the truth. More truth than David Bowie knew or was capable of. Had he known just how much truth it was while he was still alive, he would have fallen on his knees and begged the Lord Jesus Christ for forgiveness:

“And having summoned the crowd with His disciples, He said to them, “If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and let him take up his cross, and let him follow Me. For whoever might desire to save his life will lose it, and whoever will lose his life on account of Me and of the gospel, he will save it.

For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and to lose his soul? For what shall a man give as an exchange for his soul?” Mark 8:34-37


Biblical Connection

watching-tv1What is the effect of hungry eyes? One effect is lawlessness.  It was once illegal to commit adultery or have pre-marital sex; in fact, such offspring was called illegitimate. Today, far worse evils abound.

Legally, today temptation is everywhere, and the devil and the world around you are bent on throwing temptation everywhere you go, and your own flesh is weak even if your spirit is willing. Also, it goes without saying that the FCC and the government are not doing their job.  In fact, the rise of today’s technology doesn’t help.  How do we react when stats are saying that America is out-of-control? When conservatives are falling like flies to temptation and sometimes in the most perverse of forms?  We should expect such behavior when a culture is saturated with immoral images and hungry eyes everywhere.  Job, who is a great example to all of us and who the…

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Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss

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“We Won’t be Fooled Again”.

(or will we?)

 Some things never change. Jesus for example, never changes; thank The Lord God for that!  But it seems there are other forces that war against our spirits; that is the spirit of antichrist, of whom we have been warned from the beginning, the deception of Satan himself, (the old Boss), that wars against our very souls for control and preeminence. Stop and think just how many new movements, (or even old ones) have arisen since the inception of the Body of Christ in the early primitive church. Jesus Christ warned of false prophets, and false Christs. The Apostle Paul in many places warned of new strange doctrines and deceiving, seducing spirits.

” For I have not shunned to declare to you the whole counsel of God. 28 Therefore take heed to yourselves and to all the flock, among which…

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So-called “Christian” Reiki Exposed as Dangerous

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I have recently been posting on the dangers of New Age, the occult, Yoga, Eastern mysticism, Cults, and various and sundry other unbiblical and downright demonic practices making inroads into the church, which is supposed to be holy, not a haunt for every unclean bird. Now, we have yet another unclean bird, a vulture actually, coming to roost in the branches of the church…….so-called Reiki.It’s actually not new, but what’s frightening is that like many of these other occultish spiritual practices, it’s worming  its way into the church and many Christians are accepting it as a valid expression of divine healing from God. This is blasphemous!

Can anything that seems or feels good, or heals be a bad thing? You’d better believe it can. Satan is well able to do healings if it will take people away from Jesus Christ. Not only that, the impartations given during Reiki “healings” are…

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Touch me Not, for I am Holier than Thou?


Does Life really Become Easier when you delete Negative People from it? Blogs, Facebook, other Christians,  etc? This may be true, but I’m glad the Lord Jesus Christ didn’t feel that way..

As spirit filled, fire baptized followers of the Lord Jesus, do we really have to be so “off put, scared or leery of dealing with difficult people, or those who we think we discern may have a “wrong spirit”?  Or perhaps we feel they just aren’t as spiritual as we are? Oh my!  Then, who are we supposed to witness and be salty to, if we totally isolate ourselves from these ‘negative, toxic, or wrong spirited” people? You know…if you think about it, maybe, just maybe the Lord Jesus Christ put these difficult people in our path for our own benefit. How else are we to be tried and tested, so as to have the dross skimmed off  in the Refiner’s Fire, and removed from our souls  if we refuse to deal with these people as they come in to our lives?  In other words, we must go through the refiners fire to be tried and tested, and that will never happen if we bail off the potter’s wheel before we are properly shaped by The Master…….

5“Is it a fast like this which I choose, a day for a man to humble himself?
Is it for bowing one’s head like a reed
And for spreading out sackcloth and ashes as a bed?
Will you call this a fast, even an acceptable day to the LORD?

6“Is this not the fast which I choose,
To loosen the bonds of wickedness,
To undo the bands of the yoke,
And to let the oppressed go free
And break every yoke?

7“Is it not to divide your bread with the hungry
And bring the homeless poor into the house;
When you see the naked, to cover him;
And not to hide yourself from your own flesh?

8“Then your light will break out like the dawn,
And your recovery will speedily spring forth;
And your righteousness will go before you;
The glory of the LORD will be your rear guard.

9“Then you will call, and the LORD will answer;
You will cry, and He will say, ‘Here I am.’
If you remove the yoke from your midst,
The pointing of the finger and speaking wickedness,

10And if you give yourself to the hungry
And satisfy the desire of the afflicted,
Then your light will rise in darkness
And your gloom will become like midday.” Isa 58