UK Funeral Director: 10X Newborn Baby Deaths after COVID Shots – Refrigerators Full of Dead Babies

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A UK funeral director who has been in practice for over 3 years and is identified as “Wesley” was interviewed by a group called “Resistance GB.”

He claims that last fall was one the lowest periods of seeing deaths for all funera… MORE

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Deep State Pedophilia: CIA Agents Raped Kids and Covered It Up

Make no mistake….The CIA has been involved in egregious crimes in other countries, as well as horrendous crimes here in the homeland where they should be protecting the citizens instead of conducting experiments on them or….assassinating some, depending which evil person happens to be in office at the moment. And then, even if there is a smoking gun, and a CIA agent or two standing over the corpse, they will make every attempt to clean up the blood and deny they, or the evil person in office, had anything to do with it.

Rumble — New documents have been released proving that the CIA covered up at least 10 cases of agents raping kids and veraciously consuming child pornography, and got off scoff-free. Stew Peters show investigative journalist Edward Szall digs into the report and makes the case for disbanding the Central Intelligence Agency.

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Remdesivir is the experimental drug Dr. Fauci, CDC, and the rest of the criminals who are involved in this criminal enterprise of medical tyranny and culling, are pushing on all hospitalized Covid-19 diagnosed patients. This government form showing approved treatments also lists Ivermectin as an approved treatment:, which is a reliable, tried and true treatment for respiratory illnesses. It’s also very inexpensive, unlike Remdesivir which, although experimental, is extremely expensive. The link I posted shows how much the gov is shelling out for this nebulous treatment. When this drug was tested in Africa, it caused serious side effects and was soon abandoned there as a viable and safe treatment. In the United States, the typical and official directives for hospitalized Covid-19 patients is repeated doses of Remdesivir, and on a ventilator. The Remdesivir then causes organ failure, (kidneys), then the lungs begin filling with fluid, and the patient dies as a result of drowning in their own bodily fluid. 

Dr. Ardis BACK w/ Vaccine Detox Protocol Update You DON’T Want to Miss!

From The Resistance Chicks: “Our first interview with Dr. Ardis has been seen by hundreds of thousands of people around the globe as he shared a protocol to help detox from viral loads and side effects from the vaccine. We were able to meet back up with him at BardsFEST for an EPIC encore of another amazing and enlightening conversation you DON’T want to miss!!! Read more with links to everything Dr. Ardis here:

“DESOLATIONS ARE DETERMINED, PT 5”- The Coming Of The (Alien) Fallen

The Master’s Voice Prophecy Blog 6.67K subscribers #JUDGEMENTS#ALIENS#LISTEN (Like these videos for a wider reach!) 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽 Welcome to The Master’s Voice End Time Prophecy Blog: (Hear the words of the Lord). [READ FULL DESCRIPTION] Today’s word: DESOLATIONS ARE DETERMINED. What does this mean? Evil is planned & it will manifest in the form of “strange flesh” coming down to dwell with man (Rev 12:7-10, 12-13). False saviors living with humanity will destroy this earth as the great deception is seen by all before the coming of the Lord. If not for His mercy, no flesh will survive, but the people who KNOW THEIR GOD shall be kept by God’s grace. (Please remember that to know someone implies strong, deep relationship as opposed to mere acquaintanceship.) Aliens and UFOs are a real phenomena but their ulterior motives are NOT what they claim- they are not saviors or creators of mankind but deadly envoys of the devil. It is only by the Holy Spirit that the elect will discern the lie. Ask God to perfect your faith. READ ON TMV BLOG:… RELATED PROPHECIES: THE NEW MAN:… Follow this channel- click subscribe then hit the notification bell for updates. If you’d like to support this ministry it’s appreciated. Please do not use Cashapp for now. Kindly use Paypal or contact me at If using Paypal send your gift ONLY using the ‘Friends & Family’ option instead of “Goods and Services.” I am not selling anything in this ministry, thank you for your understanding. Paypal ——- SUPPORT & SUBSCRIBE TO MY OTHER CHANNELS: (Spanish Channel) “La Voz del Senor”:… RUMBLE: Visit this link: OR SEARCH FOR: mastersvoiceprophecyblog or The Master’s Voice Prophecy Blog BRIGHTEON: Visit this link:… OR SEARCH FOR: The Master’s Voice Blog BITCHUTE: Visit this link:… OR SEARCH FOR: The Masters Voice Blog

Pay No Attention To The Man Behind The Curtain.

New World Journal

The corporate mainstream media has no shame and there is no lie they will not tell. There seems to be no hope for their redemption. No chance that they might pull out the death spiral and give the public the truth. These race pimps, who monger victimization and division peddle their inverted reality into our lives on a daily basis. Feeding us propaganda and discord while sculpting a narrative that would either have our lives in chaos or subjugation. The fourth estate died long ago and what replaced it has grown into not only the fifth column, it has become the front line for the war against our consciousness.

I am reminded of a scene from The Sixth Sense, where a young boy is visited by ghosts and with the help of a child psychologist the boy decides to confront the ghosts that visit him. One such girl tells…

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MURDER! Just Hours After Publishing the Secret of the Vaxx, Dr Noack is DEAD

On November 18, 2020, well-known German chemist and one of the EU’s top graphene experts, Dr Andreas Noack was arrested by an armed police unit in the middle of his YouTube livestream.

On November 26th, 2021, just hours after publishing this latest video about graphene oxide and graphene hydroxide, he died suddenly.

In this video, he reveals that that Dr Pablo Campra from the University of Almeria had recently done a Micro-Raman spectroscopy study of the vaxxine and had discovered that the graphene detected in the vaxx was not graphene oxide (GO) but graphene hydroxide (GHO), which is an extremely stable molecule that is not biodegradable, so it basically stays in your system forever.

This is very bad news for vaxxine recipients, because he describes graphene hydroxide molecules as “the sharpest imaginable objects because they are only one atom layer thick…a huge molecule which is extremely sharp.”

In other…

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