Donald Trump is a Judgement, Not a Blessing…

2nd Word on Donald Trump as a Judgment on the church…and not a Blessing

Spiritual Abuse Sanctuary

These words I speak today are not idle! People who have discernment will be able to understand this! These words will be beneficial to all those who were bewitched by the spell Donald Trump has released over the EVANGELICAL church that was empowered by the false prophesies of him having the Cyrus anointing given by the false prophets to make America great again!
These words are for the purpose of awakening people out of there slumber! To break the spirit of witchcraft that has come over there minds because of the deluding influence that had been released by the Donald Trump false prophecies!
Trump may of been used by God! But he was not being used like most Christians are deceived to believe he was being used!
Donald Trump was being used as a measuring…

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Trump is a Judgment- Not a Blessing….

“I was replying to a comment on one of my earlier posts when the Holy Spirit started pouring words into my spirit. Then I heard the Lord God say…. “WRITE IT daughter. Exactly as you hear it. It is crucial and desperate for people to come to the knowledge of My truth. I am giving the wisdom they need to understand. “.
This is what HE says,. ….
Donald Trump is a JUDGMENT, not a blessing. God has placed him in power as a judgment against a fallen church and nation. God has placed him to do harm and not good. You argue, “but he is better than Hillary. “
Listen!!! Could Hillary have deceived the “church”? Of course not because they knew she was a snake…. But Trump has done more spiritual damage than Hillary ever could. He is a two headed snake…
He and his spiritual advisors, including the Pope-loving apostate evangelists, have managed to deceived, if it were possible, even the elect. They have led millions to believe false prophecies and doctrines. They have attacked the very True Remnant of God who were not led astray by their promises of peace and prosperity. His ties to the Jesuits and Freemasonry are only part of his blighted history.
“Christians ” would not have accepted Hillary and maybe would have prayed more and sought truth and Holy Spirit guidance. But instead, they believed a deadly lie and are following and defending one more dangerous.
The fat , lazy and selfish church deserves judgment… And Trump is one of it’s judgments….to be tempted and see how quickly it took the snare, indeed showing its true character. Dangerous it is to one’s soul to be so easily misled!
The evil putrid foul murderous nation also deserves judgment and it will also surely come!
You have no more excuses for believing a lie. Repent and return to the God of truth, and renounce your sin that so easily ensnared you . Trump will continue to deceive. It is his nature, his character, and his mission. He will be responsible for and cause great harm. Repent while there is still time.”

Hearing The Voice Of God, Pt 2 – September 19, 2020 — The Master’s Voice

This is part 2 of the last prophetic word. LISTEN EVEN IN DARKNESS – Sept. 19, 2020 For 3 days this earth shall be dark as soot and pitch, it will be starless and very cold. It will look and feel like outer space where there is no warmth and My presence shall not be […]

Hearing The Voice Of God, Pt 2 – September 19, 2020 — The Master’s VoiceMy brethren, let not many of you become teachers, knowing that we shall receive a stricter judgment. (James 3:1)
So I (this is Celestial speaking now) am sharing how God said how many are under false pressure to participate in what He calls “The Great Christian Conversation”. There’s so much talk in the body of Christ with so little doing, that it is exhausting even to anyone who simply prefer to spend time with God and mind their business. I would not be here had God not sent me, the chatter and echo of online life is mind boggling. Social media unknowingly creates waves of upset in the soul that make our time with God shallow and insincere sometimes, because in the back of our minds we’re with Him to get something “good” that can later be shared to appear wise to others.  God said the pressure to appear learned and knowledgeable is preventing many of His people from participating in deeper waters with Him. The need to come and report what happened in bible study this morning has created a kind of… I don’t know.. soulish Christian Instagram addiction where everyone wants everyone else to know “Listen what God said to me this morning. Wow!”

Coronavirus…….Order out of Chaos

Important information that was available from the very get go, yet somehow, was lost in the ensuing CHAOS! Why! Why wasn’t the media pushing this, instead of trying to create yet more fear and confusion? “Wisdom stands crying in the streets, yet no one listens”.


End Time Talks

Hear, hear, My dear children, and listen!

There comes a time, and it is now, when everything will be changed from the way you know it. Many of you have heard My Son’s words when He began His ministry on earth.

“The Spirit of the Lord is upon me,

for He has anointed Me

to preach the gospel

for the poor.

He has sent Me for

to cure those who have one

broken heart,

to call out freedom for prisoners,

and for the blind to get the sight


to put the oppressed at liberty,

to proclaim a year of grace from the Lord.”

Luke 4: 18-19

This year of grace has lasted for almost 2000 years, but now it is soon over! Therefore, I, the Lord, will say:“Call Me When I’m Near,”– Isaiah 55:6“Call Me, I’ll Answer You, and Teach You Incredible Things!”– Jeremia…

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Smoke, Rubble And Ash – August 5, 2020

America is no longer like the country I grew up in and felt safe. All that is gone

The Master's Voice


This is the 2nd prophecy I was given.

“Then they shall know that I am the Lord, when I scatter them among the nations and disperse them throughout the countries. But I will spare a few of their men from the sword, from famine and from pestilence, that they may declare all their abominations among the Gentiles wherever they go. Then they shall know that I am the Lord.” – (Ezekiel 12:15- 16)

This nation shall be smoke and rubble and ash. Every high thing shall be brought low, the towers they are so proud of, the skyscrapers and condos, the private luxury apartments that rise into the sky. Palm Beach and West Point, private beaches and properties, farmland, Martha’s Vineyard,the Hamptons they are so boastful of, I will make them smoking piles of rubble and ash. There will be nothing left of beauty here, nothing…

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