The Church Jesus is Building

Once Christians, (the ecclesia) begin to get a grasp on these truths, they may begin to have trouble using the word “church” in the same context. This would be a good thing!

...:::Set FREE From the IC:::...

People think I am a bit crazy when I when the subject of “the church” comes up. The truth is that I Am. LOL.

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The Doctrines and Practices of The Nicolaitans

Apparently, this important spiritual issue needs to be brought home, over and over, if need be, until church folks “get it”, either by revelation or the teaching about it’s dangers away from the four walls of these man traps, because it’s NOT going to be taught in their churches! Why is that? Because then the “leaders” who do the teaching would have to tell on themselves, and be exposed as the Nicolaitans, who held these doctrines and committed the deeds that Jesus said he hated! As it is in this present time, almost the entire organized church system is dominated by this heresy. The Lord said, “Come out of her my people, that you not be a partaker of her sins…or her plagues”! Oh, listen to the Word people, “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is LIBERTY”…not bondage!

...:::Set FREE From the IC:::...

I recently made a video on YouTube page about biblical submission and authority, and it generated lots of private messages, mostly from church leaders who chided me for being out of the will of God for not having a “church home” “covering” or “pastor” that I should submit myself to. After blocking some of the more obnoxious ones, I saw the sincerity of many who responded to me, thus prompting this blog. More on this subject later.

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Lessons from the Wilderness Part Two

Thank you sister Cheryl, for bringing forth this powerful message. Indeed, the wilderness is a place of testing, and where the Holy Spirit can teach us, just as He separated the Apostle Paul and as He had Jesus. The wilderness therefore is not a place to be dreaded or feared by those hungering and thirsting for righteousness and a deeper walk in the Spirit, but rather embraced. After all, one cannot pass over Jordan unless and until first one has passed through the wilderness.

Bread for the Bride

wilderness2Imagine, after a long period of relative obscurity, you suddenly become a spiritual celebrity.  The greatest prophet in the nation publicly affirms your calling to ministry, the Heavens open and it seems God’s highest favour rests on you, while the anointing of the Holy Spirit is poured out on you mightily.   In the church or conference where you have gathered with the saints to seek the face of God every eye now turns to behold this newly revealed mighty servant of God.  At last, your moment of recognition has come!  The ministry you have so been craving is at your fingertips.  The atmosphere is electric with expectation.  Whispers are heard among the crowd:  “What will he do now?”  Will he heal us?  Will he perform miracles?  Will he become our leader?”  Ask yourself, would you have the humility, the courage, or the focus to simply walk away, leaving behind the newly opened…

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Lessons from the Wilderness, Part One

What a powerful article! It mirrors my own experience to a T. I have no animosity toward those I left behind, but rather…I mourn and pray for them that the eyes of their understanding be opened.

Bread for the Bride


Wilderness….you’ve either been there, are there right now, or don’t want to go there….. ever!  I remember being taught the only safe place for a Christian was ‘in the fellowship of other Christians’, meaning a thriving church scene surrounded by people who dressed in the same clothes, spoke the same language, sang the same songs and apparently had their Christianity all sorted out.  Wilderness was a place for sinners, rebels and ‘lone rangers’ they said.

I was told that Christians were like burning embers that only remained on fire as long as they gathered closely together.  Remove one ember from the Body of Christ, they said, and poof! that ember would  grow cold and inevitably lose hold of their Christian faith.  I must admit it sounded logical at the time.  It was several years before I came to understand the Body of Christ is knit together not by physical proximity…

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Warning! Cyber Sodom & Gomorrah-BlogTalk-YouTube-PalTalk-FaceBook

Spiritual Abuse Sanctuary

The following prophecy was posted on a Facebook page as a warning from the Lord. Although this concerns BlogTalk Radio specifically, when I read the prophecy, I judged it as from the Lord as being a true Word from our God, who judges the quick and the dead! But, then I began thinking of the other venues on the Internet, where others and even I, have posted messages intended for the Body of Christ, the Church. Venues such as YouTube.

Look and consider brethren, is not BlogTalk Radio, YouTube, PalTalk,and even FaceBook places where Christians have defiled themselves and others by inviting them into unclean places, posting messages, teachings, links and videos…in the name of Jesus, thinking we have done God a service?

Places that the Lord has shown me even very recently, that these very places have become the habitation of devils and every unclean spirit? How can it…

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