Ideological Subversion | Monologue 3

Ideological Subversion | Monologue 3

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“The Next Generation Inherits Nothing” – June 27, 2022 — The Master’s Voice

Then I will strike her children dead, and all the churches will know that I am the One who searches minds and hearts, and I will repay each of you according to your deeds. – (Revelation 2:23) This is the word of the Lord. Take your book and write: “THE NEXT GENERATION INHERITS NOTHING.” They will have nothing,……

“The Next Generation Inherits Nothing” – June 27, 2022 — The Master’s Voice


Broken Covenant. ALL Life Belongs To Me! – Michelle Katherine Orts

This prophecy went forth in 2021 by this prophetic voice and was fulfilled by the Most High God in June of 2022. God is real and so are His true prophets.

I AM The Highest Judge. I Shall Overturn Roe V Wade!

December 4, 2021 11:11 PM
Michelle Katherine Orts

Saturday The Sabbath, 11:11PM CST December 4th, 2021

Dear 444 Prophecy News/Jonathan,
I received this Rhema Word yesterday, today into tonight, directly from Jesus and Our Father God. I am submitting this for your prayerful consideration for publishing. All Glory, Honor and Praise belongs to Jesus!

May God Bless you, your family and your ministry, as you continue to serve Him for the Glory of God in Jesus Mighty and Holy Name above all names.Amen

In Jesus’ Holy Love and Service,

Your Sister in Christ Jesus Yeshua,

Rhema Word received Fasting Friday, December 3rd 2021
@ 4:40PM CST until 11:11PM CST Saturday, Sabbath, December 4th, 2021 #USA from Father God given to Michelle Katherine Orts aka TurtleDove wife to husband Reverend/Pastor David Orts for The Endtime Warrior Bride and as a Warning to SCOTUS and to every person in the world.
Title: Broken Covenant. ALL Life Belongs To Me!

Relevant short preamble history note.

The original US Supreme Court, Roe V Wade, decision was a historical and legal ruse. There were single pregnant moms chosen by deceptive murderous minds to be used as pawns for the whole purpose of deceiving and manipulating an ignorant, naive and apathetic American society which had grown lukewarm and even, bitter cold, towards their Creator God Jesus. The pregnant mothers, used as Plaintiffs in the Federal abortion rights case of Roe V Wade, didn't even know they were being used in a court case until after it had begun (or in one case after it had transpired over a year later) well after the births of their children. The moms BOTH delivered healthy babies. The entire Supreme Court Roe V Wade case has been a LIE since the very beginning. God is about to deal with this lie, and with all unrepentant liars who distort truth and who refuse to uphold Justice and Truth, in a very big way. His Way.

Creator God deals with unrepentant liars only one way. Judgement.

First part of the Rhema Word of Knowledge given to me received from Jesus The Word made flesh for Jesus’ Remnant Bride and for all the world:

“Judgement has already arrived in God’s House, The Church, and Judgement is now arriving upon The US Supreme Court, and subsequently, Judgement will then fall upon the entire earth. From The JUST JUDGE JESUS to My Daughter, Michelle Katherine Orts aka TurtleDove and wife to husband Reverend/Pastor David Orts for The Warrior Bride The Remnant Church and Warning to the World.

Hear Also This Rhema Word of The Lord directly from My Father God to you My Children. This is also a Warning to those lukewarm, those lost and to the Rebellious among you. This is for the entire world.-Jesus, Yeshua The Lamb of God Slain for you.”

Rhema Word continues now from Father God,

“Watch and see what befalls those who feign to represent Me, I AM Truth, I am Supreme Truth in all the land! I will have NO MORE OF IT! Says The Voice Of Thunders and The Voice of Living Waters. Judgement shall visit each Justice where they live and breathe and have their being. In their innermost sanctum, I The Lord shall Visit them. Only those Justices with Truth upon their hearts, minds and souls shall be able to continue to use their tongues. For I AM sickened by the tortuous twisting of their tongues giving Me lip service and zero sincerity! I have weighed each Justice and I shall now pronounce My Judgement for all the world to see!

Life belongs to Me!

I have withheld My Fury up until now. I have shown My Mercy to those who I have chosen to show Mercy. My Mercy triumphs over My Judgement still. But now My Patience has ended and My Cup of Indignation is Full.

I AM HOLY! Is there any other above or before Me? No.

I The Lord God Who set the boundaries of every raging sea and I Who secured The Foundation of The Earth ordering The Stars to follow their timely trajectories, I The Creator of The Fountains of The Deep and The Creator of The Waters above, have drawn a line in the sand which I with My Wisdom created.

I created speech. Euphemisms are not your idea. I laugh at your pride and your petulant airs. You tout words as if they belong to you! No. The very breath I give you to breathe belongs to Me and I give it to you. My Words carry My Authority, My Power, My Purpose!

Speak Life or speak Death.

It is no longer just The US Justices of whom I speak, I address every living soul who can speak in their thoughts, in their hearts and in their spirit man. I hear it all.

If I have given you the ability to speak out loud, then speak My Words, read My Words OUT LOUD! The enemy of Mankind knows the secrets of Heaven and has attempted to use these secrets against all using the airwaves. STOP LISTENING TO LYING SPIRITS SPEAKING TO YOU THROUGH LYING LIPS ON TV, CABLE, COMPUTERS, CELL PHONES OR IN PERSON!

Yes. Quit your jobs if you have to in order to OBEY ME! This poison being pushed and marketed globally is NOT OF ME! Let men fire you! Let men mock you! Let them beat you, imprison you and yes, even, kill you for MY Namesake, Jesus. Does not my Word say, If you love this world more than Me, you are not worthy of Me?

Many of you will die, in the end, for not taking The Beast’s Mark which is the injectable or consumable poison and which contains self replicating and self propagating, graphene hydroxide (super magnetic and sharpened to the atomic level, magnetizing to IRON and soluble in water becoming homologous and evenly dispersed in every area of the human body) mixed with literal (atomically identical in its molecular and chemical structure and equally or more destructive than serpent’s venom itself) synthetic Serpent’s Venom and Satan’s Seed which contains the actual Fallen Angel Image/DNA of Satan and The BLOOD OF MURDERED BABIES.) You shall die for not obeying The Beast, The FALSE Christ, Barack and his FALSE PROPHET Francis, Peter of Rome. You shall die for not taking the numbers of the Beast’s name into your bodies, the numbers are listed in the Beast’s Patent #060606

I shall allow The Beast to overcome My Saints for a time, but I shall also spare a Remnant who are Called by My Name and shall hide them under My Wings. I AM Faithful. I DO NOT LIE.

Many shall die for not being able to buy or sell for refusing to receive the Beast’s Numbers, The Beast’s Name and for refusing to allow The Beast’s Image (Satan’s Seed/Fallen Angel DNA) to be placed by injection or quantum dot patch or quantum dot pill into their body’s systems.

Satan hates Me, Father God, for throwing him and one third of his rebellious brothers out of My Abode, out of Heaven forever. The Fallen will soon be dealt with in The Eternal LAKE OF FIRE. Be careful that none of you align with them turning away from My Son Jesus!

The Blood of Jesus, My Son, The Lamb of God, The Word made flesh. Jesus is Your Only Way to Me The Father. Choose to receive My Gift to you. Receive My Son, My Own Blood Son for Salvation to enter into My Kingdom.

If you die for refusing The Beast’s Name, The Beast’s number or The Beast’s Image, for MY NAMESAKE, JESUS THE WORD MADE FLESH, YOU SHALL LIVE! The second (spiritual/eternal) death has NO POWER over you. You shall reign with My Son Jesus in the Millennium and Forevermore you, My Precious Sons and Daughters shall live with Me, Your Abba Father in Heaven, The New Jerusalem which descends down to earth out of Heaven bringing Heaven to earth and makes all things NEW shall be your HOME FOREVER. NO MORE TEARS. NO MORE PAIN. NO SUFFERING. EVER AGAIN.

Woe to those who turn not away from continuing, unrepentant, haughty, arrogant, scoffing, mocking, taking My Long Suffering for granted. You should be AFRAID OF MY WRATH! The Blood of a Billion Infants cries out to Me from The Deep Earth and Seas. Even in the Second Heavens, I see, I hear the lonely cries and deep wailings of earthly mothers ravished by The Disobedient Fallen Stars (Fallen Angels) who have lusted after My Female Children. Hybrids are indeed among you now as in The Days of My Servant Noah who was found Perfect because of his Faith in Me, The LORD.

I shall save more than a billion souls for My Namesake in retaliation to the enemy’s perverseness. My Glory shall ruin the enemy’s plans. My Name and My Son Yeshua shall prevail and shall RULE. My Kingdom shall REIGN FOREVER! My Son’s Blood has paid for everyone’s sins and yet they MOCK ME by killing and lying and murdering their own precious children who belong to ME. I HAVE HAD ENOUGH.

The enemy has already lost, though he pretends through illusion to be the victor in order to strongarm the greedy and fearful to join his failing team of demons and tyrants. They (The Fallen, the demons, the unrepentant human colluders and Satan’s puppets) shall all go down to Sheol and receive the penalty that they have purported and planned for My Children. Seven fold they shall be deemed guilty and their punishment is sealed forever to be upheld continually for all Eternity in the Lake of Fire which I have prepared before time began, before I created time itself.

Tell everyone you know to seek Me now, search for Me now before I roll back the Heavens and then it will be TOO LATE TO REPENT! So turn from sin now! I have set My Marker. I have appointed My Time. I The Father have spoken. Only those hidden from My Wrath by My Son, Yeshua, Jesus, will Survive.- Father God JEHOVAH Yahweh YHWH.”

BREAKING: Pro-abortion protesters burst into tears… — By the Blood of the Lamb

Sickening to watch these lost souls mourn the loss of freedom to murder babies in the womb. Evil is on full display. MARANATHA! Sonny

BREAKING: Pro-abortion protesters burst into tears… — By the Blood of the Lamb


What’s Behind Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, Mad Cow Disease, and Bizarre Blood Clots? | Crossroads

A phenomenon of strange deaths has fallen under the label of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS). The real cause of the deaths is unknown, but is affecting young people primarily in their sleep. The Spectator reports, “They simply do not wake up after going to bed, or collapse during the day,” and claims cases have been increasing. Meanwhile, there are new phenomena of fatal conditions, including the brain disorder commonly known as Mad Cow Disease, a sudden increase in myocarditis and heart failure, and strange blood clots being found in cadavers. In this live Q&A with Joshua Philipp we’ll discuss these stories and others, and answer questions from the audience.


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All prophecies mentioned in this video are linked below.

Today’s word: This is a Part 2 of one complete prophecy concerning IDOLATRY.
God has warned of death for famous religious figures, politicians and sports stars. Population will sharply decline in the USA once vaccines and boosters take their toll. Russia has weapons that aren’t in the public eye, this includes aerial things and “tactical weapons.” Please be sure to READ this prophecy by clicking the link below.





THE PFIZER VACCINE (see bottom of this prophecy for effects of Pfizer):


AMERICA BUYING GUNS (see bottom of prophecy):



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LIVE: SHOCKING: Biocircuitry Found in Vaxx Fibrous Clots, Farms Go Up in Flames, Affidavit War in GA

Monday, June 13th, The Stew Peters brings you a NEW episode that helps you get PREPARED to take on the Globalist agenda head on!

Clayton Llewlyn joins the show to give his expert advice on what next steps you and your family should take to prepare for the Planned-Famine!

Jennifer Orten won’t stop until the swamp is drained in Utah, and election integrity is restored!

Visit their website NOW at:

Dr. Jane Ruby exposes Pfizer’s plans to make vaccinations approved for 6 month – 4 year old children.

Kandiss Taylor joins The Stew Peters Show to discuss what her next steps are in her fight for Georgia’s elections!

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Murder, Baby Killing, Lies, and War

Murder, Baby Killing, Lies, and War


Murder, Baby Killing, Lies, and War

Published on June 10, 2022

The people at Davos and now in Washington DC for the Bilderberg group are not stupid, but they are mean. They know what they are about, which is war, baby-killing, and murder on such a scale that it can only be called genocide. So first in Switzerland and now in Washington, we see a parade of the sickest men and women on the planet who released an experimental genetic vaccine into the world, killing hundreds of thousands (officially about 100,000, in part of Europe alone 44,000).

My view of the Western order in 2022 can be summarized as: “a formerly all-powerful geopolitical order that has begun collapsing under its own hubris,” writes Andrew Anglin.

And now, we read two new clinical studies – one peer-reviewed by researchers in Turkey, and one pre-print by researchers in France – have begun to establish an alarming link between an incurable, degenerative brain disease called Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) and the experimental Covid-19 vaccine.

We might as well have Hitler awards for the meanest sickest globalists who only know how to lie to the rest of us. Mentally ill like sociopaths or psychopaths who are arrogant by definition.

Arrogance is the opposite of love. Arrogance works out the best way to crush love out of the world. Psychopaths and sociopaths are arrogant, self-centered, cruel beings that enjoy taking up residence in the upper halls of medical institutions.

Of course, the most dangerous substances on earth, like neuro-toxic mercury, are safe to inject into babies according to these kinds of minds. Still, no one on earth is allowed to say anything against vaccines without the threat of virtual/digital execution. Are we supposed to trust medical psychopaths and sociopaths?

However, they are stupid in many ways. The most significant way they are stupid is to bet their reputations on climate change. They continue to say the opposite of what is happening, called COLD CLIMATE CHANGE. You can bet the farm that it is getting colder on this precious planet of ours. Betting against Nature, wow, how stupid can you get.

Whatever will happen to our civilization will occur on a colder planet. Food will be scarce as the growing seasons rapidly shorten. Planting is a disaster for more reasons than the cold and the winter that still clings to certain places, and we are only two weeks from Summer.

Terrible things are happening on our planet, and every week more people are becoming terrified that what is already coming to some countries will soon come to them. The world is on the brink of chaos. The signs that the U.S. and world economy are starting to fall apart are rising to the surface of consciousness. Did you notice a big German supermarket is beginning to ration flour and pasta?

German supermarket chain Rewe: purchase limits on “critical” products – such as pasta and flour, as supply chain problems start to bite.

We have seen that in Venezuela for years, but now it’s outright chaos in Sri Lanka. It started in Iran and wait till the wheat runs out in Egypt and other middle eastern countries before the world is overcome with hunger and starvation. The mainstream news is full of hunger and starvation, so ignore it at your own risk.

“Eventually, your ability to buy Food will be tied to your digital identity and social credit score. The globalist takeover agenda is nothing if not comprehensive. They’re coming at us from every possible angle, and whether we’re talking about biosecurity, finance, housinghealth careenergy, transportation, or Food, all the changes we’re now seeing have one goal, and that is to force compliance with the globalists’ agenda,” writes The Burning Platform.

A severe cost-of-living crisis that no country or community can escape is what the world is facing today. U.N. trade chief Rebeca Grynspan says the current food crisis “may rapidly turn into a food catastrophe of global proportions in 2023.”

Without fertilizers, shortages will spread from corn and wheat to all staple crops, including rice, with a devastating impact on billions of people in Asia and South America, too. This year’s food crisis is about lack of access.

A UN Official said that next year’s could be about lack of food,” a U.N. Official said. Unfortunately, dozens of countries are already experiencing a physical shortage of food. Millions of people may starve if Russia’s blockade of the Black Sea continues.

The War Against Babies and Motherhood

A Pfizer document reveals between 82-97%
of pregnant women lost their babies.

Is It Any Coincidence? 57% of All Pre-Birth Baby Deaths in VAERS Occurred Over the Past Two Years. Between 1998 and May of this year, the total number of pregnant women who were vaccinated for all diseases and then lost their babies was 6695.

In just the past couple of years, 3816 babies died after their mothers received a COVID-19 vaccination, meaning 57% of all the vaccinations that resulted in a baby or fetus dying over the past 24 years took place when pregnant women started receiving COVID-19 vaccines. Out of these 3816 deaths, 1559 babies died within the first ten days, and 2257 died from day 10 on.

In the above video Dr. Naomi Wolf: “There’s a war against babies and a war against the right of mothers to know what’s going into their bodies.”

Etana Hecht, an Israeli journalist, put together news stories from around the world and found strong evidence of a baby die-off in vaccinated countries and of vaccinated mothers.

– In Ontario, Canada, the baseline number of babies dying per quarter is around 5 or 6. Instead, 86 babies died.

– In Scotland, a highly-vaccinated country, twice the number of babies are dying.

– In Haifa, Israel, Rambam Hospital is showing a 34% increase in spontaneous abortions, miscarriages, and neonatal deaths in vaccinated mothers compared to unvaccinated moms.

Newborn babies are the most vulnerable of all beings. Vulnerability says it all when it comes to a newborn infant. It is easy to hurt most beings, but babies are the most vulnerable and the easiest to hurt. Likewise, parents are vulnerable to their infant’s vulnerability. Still, most pediatricians would squash both parents and their infants in their mania to vaccinate—inject poisonous substances and heavy metals directly into their bloodstreams.

Steve Kirsch: “The reality is we’re probably killing somewhere on the order of 300 or more kids for every kid that we might save, and I’m probably underestimating that. It’s probably more like we kill 1000 [for every life we save] because we’re not saving any kids with these vaccines. We’re basically killing kids. It is horrible.”

The Human Genome Has Been Poisoned; 1.25 billion women are carriers of a genetic mutation from the mRNA shots. Dr. Nagase: “This is the magnitude of evil we are dealing with. The ‘silent gene mutations’ will affect the next generation’s fertility 1.25 billion women of childbearing age have been injected. They are carriers of mutations of the egg cell line. They carry silent DNA which will only be seen in the next generation.”

Dr. Ryan Cole sees dramatic increases in all types of illnesses, such as aggressive cancers, heart disease, strokes, brain problems, and autoimmune disease, to name a few.  Dr. Cole says, “We are damaging the immune system.  Why are so many people getting sick with other things right now?  Because their immune system is suppressed. Is there malicious intent behind what they are doing? We are seeing so much harm and not seeing anybody stopping it.”

Listen Up, Mr. Gates: Vaccinating into a
Pandemic Is ALWAYS the Wrong Answer

Just 1 known unvaccinated person was
hospitalized last week in Australia’s largest state

Dr. Mike Yeadon: “The elapsed time taken to get an adequate amount of safety data is always longer than the feasible length of any pandemic in history. In other words, a new vaccine is always, let me say it again, always, Mr. Gates, the wrong answer. It will always take you longer to do a responsible job of creating and testing a novel vaccine than the length of the pandemic. And if you take less time, it means you do not have an appropriate amount of safety data and therefore it’s reckless to go and vaccinate the whole population.”

New U.K. Gov. report confirms COVID Vaccination significantly increases the risk of Death and kills hundreds of thousands after five months

“New figures published by the U.K.’s Office for National Statistics reveal the Covid-19 vaccinated population are much more likely to die of any cause than the unvaccinated population in England among all age groups.This is unequivocal proof that the Covid-19 injections have been and are still killing people, and patterns within the ONS data suggest it takes five months after vaccination for the deadly consequences to be fully realized,” writes Expose.

Dr. Robert Malone: “If you make a choice for your child to be vaccinated, and they draw the short straw … you’re gonna have to live with that, you’re gonna have to bear the cost, and you’re gonna have to know in your mind, for the rest of your natural life, that you allowed your child to take that risk and incur that damage.”

Study Finds Athlete Deaths Are 1,700% Higher
Than Expected Since COVID-19 Vaccination Began

Brett Weinstein Says Monkeypox May Be Caused by Vaccine-Induced Changes to the Immune System. “A mass vaccination campaign could have altered peoples’ immunity to that disease. In other words, the process that kept it under control might have been changed by the intervention of the immune system that we made.”

We can start to define monstrous medical minds simply as those who declare everything that is dangerous safe. Even worse, these same sick minds tend to report everything that is safe dangerous. That can be seen through their constant attacks on the supplement industry, natural medicine, alternative cancer treatments, and even, for many decades, against Chiropractors.

The FDA still thinks it is just fine and dandy to place highly neuro-toxic mercury just inches from the brain in the form of mercury-containing dental amalgam. Pull those teeth out and the fillings have to be handled in a very special way to be put in very special toxic waste dumps. Meaning, the FDA enjoys the thought of making American’s mouths into heavy metal toxic waste dumps.

Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, Impaired DNA Repair:
What’s Going to Happen to Vaccinated Children?

Dr. Russell Blaylock: “High probability, we’re gonna see a real spike in childhood cancers because of this, and they’re ignoring that. One of the really frightening studies was [that] it impairs DNA repair, and these DNA repair enzymes are very efficient at fixing that damage. Well, they found that after the vaccination, the vaccine actually impaired two of the most critical of these DNA repair enzymes …”

Children deserve the best medical treatment from the best form of medicine human intelligence can implement. What they get is the worst. Pediatricians start attacking babies almost the minute they come out of the womb.

“The greatest lie ever told is that vaccines are safe and effective”
 Dr. Len Horowitz

Cancer Course




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Dr. Mark Sircus AC., OMD, DM (P)

Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine

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