Do Not Be Deceived – This Election Is Not Going To Save Us

Sword At-The-Ready


The Republic is already lost and gone.

We had a velvet coup – no one noticed, no one believes it. Yet the evidence is all there, right in your faces – and everyone pretends it’s not so. Factions and party cheering the shell game to preserve the facade of what we once were, while the masterminds play us all like cards.

Half the population has made government their god, and the other half is looking to make their chosen political messiah, king.  More than two-thirds of the country now look at the Office of President as a quasi-monarchy; a defacto dictatorship that will benefit them and their causes.  This fact is made self-evident by the numbers of people who assume that their candidate will be able to do all the things they campaign on via diktat:  Make the sea levels fall; stop the Climate; Build a wall, make Mexico pay for it; …

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The New Pharisees

The Voice of One


SNL’s Dana Carvey as The Church Lady

The Pharisees were a Jewish faction during the time of Christ. These guys were famous for reducing spirituality to a system of rules. The law of Moses contains roughly 600 laws. The Pharisees, in an ever-nuanced attempt to be right, doubled that number. Whoever didn’t comply with their system of morals, rituals, and traditions risked being criticized, ostracized, or executed.

Jesus denounced phariseeism vigorously. That said, it continues to plague the church to one degree or another. Anytime Christianity is less about Christ and more about a system of morals, doctrines, or traditions, we are guilty of phariseeism.

Secular society calls modern phariseeism “fundamentalism.” (Not to be confused with the fundamentalist movement of the early 1900s). Non-Christians react to fundamentalists’ attempt to impose their extreme religious views on others. I share this concern.

Non-Christians often think phariseeism or fundamentalism is a religious problem…

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“Behold, the days are coming,” declares the Lord GOD, “when I will send a famine on the land— not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the LORD. People will stagger from sea to sea and wander from north to east, searching for the word of the LORD, but they will not find it.” (Amos 8:11-12)

Not long ago the Lord gave me a dream, a very real, disturbing dream that I have held onto for sometime, simply because I just did not feel that the time was right for it to be published – until now. The dream is as follows:

I was with a group of people who were visiting a place – a house, of someone we knew. The person in question was not home, but the house was one of a great mansion, it was the home…

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Richard Wurmbrand False Prophet

Spiritual Abuse Sanctuary

Much has been made of Richard Wurmbrand being prisoner in Rumanian Communist Prisons, his book, “Tortured for Christ” and the suffering he endured as a “Christian pastor” believer in Christ. These things as well as his intellectualism and the fact that he founded what has become known as the Voice of the Martyrs has propelled him and the organization into a huge widely known, and so far, “well-respected” iconic ministry of mega proportions with vast financial resources and power.
All that seems admiral on the surface but what has apparently slipped under the radar is his ecumenical, and Marxist socialist so-called “Christian” apologetics and doctrine.

More recently during this past year of 2012 is the suicide of the US Director of the Voice of the Martyrs, Tom White, under mysterious circumstances, apparently as a result of the molestation of a minor 10 yr old girl.

All well and good you…

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Do Sinners “Split Hell Wide Open”?

I’ve often heard Christians say, “If I hadn’t been saved, I would have split hell wide open”


I thought when they said that…”No, we aren’t that special as big time sinners. Hell would have just opened it’s gaping mouth to receive that person as just another foolish man or woman who refused to accept the Lord’s free offer of Grace and Salvation”. Like the song of the late Frank Sinatra, “they did it their way”. Mankind in it’s folly has tried to circumvent the Truth of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, as if to shake their fist in protest to the moving of the planets. It won’t work, It never has worked and never will work. Without believing in and receiving the Lordship of the Lord Jesus, and being born again, there is no other way to salvation.

Unbelievers often say, God is unfair to send people to a place of torment. To that I say, they should be glad He came as the Lamb of God and sacrificed Himself at the hands of wicked men who were His own creation in order to save them and free them from the bondage of sin and spiritual death. How can anyone blame the Lord God for crimes they themselves committed? Is that too hard for anyone to understand? Then begin seeking the truth of God in the Bible, and in prayer; the Lord will respond to anyone honestly seeking Him in spirit and in truth.


 “And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. But rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.” Matt:10-28



The two Catholic corpses of Kentucky, USA

Snip from Ivar’s comment: ” You have to be raving mad to say ” She was in phenomenal condition” when you look at an exhumed corpse, and starts to puzzle with human bones.”

Banjara Origin News

The corpses of Saints Bonosa and Magnus are displayed in St. Martin of Tours Church in Louisville, Kentucky, US.

 Archaeologist Philip DiBlas from University of Louisville, Kentucky helped the Catholic Bishops to build Archaeologist Philip DiBlas from University of Louisville, Kentucky helped the Catholic Bishops to build “saints” out of exhumed bones from the graves.

Philip DiBlasi is an archaeologist from the University of Louisville, Kentucky. He helps the local Roman Catholic Church to puzzle the pieces of bones, exhumed from grave is the cemetery.

DiBlasi and four students are examining the remains of St. Bonosa and St. Magnus, which have been displayed as relics at St. Martin since 1902.

Philip DiBlasi, an archaeologist who teaches skeletal forensics at the University of Louisville, and four students, are taking an inventory of the remains, determining their demographic profiles and hoping to learn even more about the pair of ancient saints.

“We initially unwrapped Magnus and I was disappointed,” said DiBlasi. “He is very highly fragmented…

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Mystery Meat Internet “Discernment” Ministries

Spiritual Abuse Sanctuary

Preaching and teaching is a calling, NOT A BUSINESS. Beware of those who try to make it a business, and therefore, effectively pilfer your bank account and possibly your soul, making merchandise of you.


Beware of these guys! So-called “Discernment Ministries” who’ve sprouted up all over the place since the advent of the Internet. Many of them I believe the enemy is using to lay a snare for the disillusioned or disenfranchised who’ve come out of the institutional denominational churches, and who are looking for a fellowship.

The first thing to ask yourself when drawn into one of these blogs, websites, or on Pal Talk, is how do you know this person has discernment? That’s pretty bottom-line, right? I mean, just because they say they have discernment doesn’t make it truth does it? Who exactly has made them the dispensers of God’s Word and Truth? The way it looks, if you think…

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