Depression and Mental Illness of Mormon Missionaries


“Shawn reads an article about a Mormon missionary who has depression so bad that it effects his ability to walk.”

On the surface, Mormons seem to be the happiest, nicest, friendliest folks around. In Utah, especially in the Salt Lake City area, all things are Mormon based and named; businesses, streets, suburbs, organizations, even the university, (Brigham Young), you name it.  Without doubt, Mormons have been successful in building a gigantic LDS empire. They are a very wealthy church and people.

But what about a people who are following the Mormon religion and brought up from childhood in a culture where any belief system outside the Mormon church is rejected as false? When one’s family, neighbors, friends, schools, stores, and everything else is Mormon, don’t you think it’s pretty much a given that most will come to accept and believe in Mormonism as their religion of choice, and that they will be expected to fall in line with the Mormon lifestyle?

I know the expectations to live up to the Mormon doctrinal standards are high, (from an LDS perspective).  Good works and faith in Joseph and LDS doctrine is part and parcel of the Mormon lifestyle.

But is there a facade, a dark side, if you will, in the underbelly of the LDS church? Apparently so, according to numerous reports. What happens when someone coming from a Mormon family, a young person for example,  begins to question and starts rebelling against their faith and bucking against the system?

I would like to do a series on this important subject as well as Mormonism in general, namely because one part of my family moved to Utah a couple of generations ago, and guess what? Became Mormons…..a lot of them. If Mormonism is the false cult which I believe it is, then many multitudes of people are deceived, and lost, if they don’t come to the knowledge of the Truth which is in the Lord Jesus Christ, not the false Mormon Jesus.

The video I’ve posted, illustrates just how pressured and unhappy, and even sick some people can become when they’ve grown up in this system, with the expectation they will have to do and perform the acts of a “good Mormon”.

 Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. 2nd Corinthians 3:17

I would say this to Mormon folks coming here, I am not against you, and the Lord Jesus loves you dearly, and wants you to know the truth that will set you free. It may cost you your family, your job or business to break away, but it would be worth everything in the long run. Please don’t just accept what you’ve been taught all your life in rote, as truth. Study the Bible for truth, not just the Book of Mormon…… and compare. This is the information highway here on the Internet.  Get on YouTube and watch some videos that question Mormonism…and do this with a desire for learning the truth.

I pray Lord Jesus will open your eyes and set you free,


The false universal message of salvation

News that matters

False teachers claim that “Jesus has saved all men”. This is a universal message of Catholicism. The truth is that all men are lost. If you make this a starting point of your message, you have understood the gospel.

Pope1 The Pope and his flcok deceieve all nations, also the state of Israel.

The age of the great falling away, is a challenge for all who love Jesus the Messiah. He is about to set up His judgment throne, and cast billions of people into Hell.

Today, this truth is repulsive for many claimed to be “Christians“. The truth about the fire of Hell is rejected. Also the Biblical truth, that God in the passed regretted that he had made man. The greatest mass murder of all times, took place during the flood.  A godless and wicked generation died one of the most horrible deaths thinkable.  Father, Son and…

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My Testimony of Deliverance & Healing From Depression

Spiritual Abuse Sanctuary


Many are struggling with depression so terrible it has taken over their lives and stolen their joy, and even their desire to go on living. When depression is so deep that it seems living is a burden to one’s self and one’s loved ones, there seems to be no answer, or hope. But this is all upside down to what the Word of God says.Contrary to what has been taught in the churches that healing has been done away with after the Apostles, this is a lie!

Jesus doesn’t change, the scriptures do not change; Jesus is the same yesterday,today and forever.He said heaven and earth will pass away, but my word will never pass away. Matthew 24:35

I was in that dark, black hole of deepest depression for 7 long nightmarish years, complete with panic attacks so bad, I wanted to kill myself.

I was an atheist, I had…

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“The wicked go down to the realm of the dead, all the nations that forget God.” (Psalm 9:17)

There is no question that in the past, America was influenced greatly by the gospel, to be more precise – the church. Whether or not our leaders (past or present) were believers in Christ and had a personal relationship with the Lord is irrelevant, yet the fact remains that down through history, our foundation as a nation itself was guided upon the principles of the Christian faith. This, for the most part, due to the nature of America’s earliest beginnings, we were a “Christian nation”. That does not suggest that America was a nation which had a covenant with God – it didn’t. It simply means that there were believers in every aspect of society which influenced the early beginnings of the United States, from political to educational, Christians had great…

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Confirmation hoax


Growing up, my five older sisters and I were all indoctrinated into the Roman Catholicfir religion. We all attended Catholic parochial school and high school. I was baptized as an infant and participated in my first confession and first communion in the first grade and was confirmed as a Roman Catholic in fifth grade. Of all the Catholic sacraments, confirmation is probably the least prominent. The Roman church defines confirmation as follows:

“Confirmation is a true sacrament instituted by Christ and different from baptism. It is administered by laying-on of hands and anointing with chrism accompanied by prayer. The chrism is blessed by the bishop and the bishop administers the sacrament. All baptized persons can and should be confirmed. The effect of the sacrament of confirmation is to give strength in faith and for the confession of faith and to impress an indelible character.”

With confirmation, the Catholic is…

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There is an account in the book of Galatians (Chapter 2: 11-14) where Paul publicly admonished Peter because he was removing himself from the message of grace and going back into law. So much so was Peter’s error that it almost divided the church to such a degree, that had Paul not traveled to Antioch at this most crucial time in the early churches history, the damage caused by one man could have set the church back years, even decades, if not generations. Even Barnabas was caught up in Peter’s theological mess. All because one man’s (Peter) error in judgment. How sad that now we are beginning to see something similar taking shape within the modern church, and like Peter, it has to do with bad theology, which, if not corrected, will cause untold spiritual harm to the current church world.

Paul makes it clear in his letter that at…

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Are Some Cities More Evil Than Others?

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Are some cites more evil than others? I think so, and so did Lester Sumrall. He should know, as he has traveled all over the world as a missionary and church planting Apostle, and servant of the Lord Jesus Christ, not to mention, a modern day exorcist.

As for me, after having lived in 6 different cities in the last 20 yrs, I have noticed a variety of distinct evil characteristics in each city. The city I am living in now, Truth or Consequences, NM may be the most evil of them all. Why? My personal feeling, or, discernment if you will, is that this city has become a so-called “mecca” of “healing”, due to the Hot Springs here, called by the locals, “the healing waters”. Whether there is indeed any healing aspects to the waters I don’t know for sure. I don’t think it’s ever been proven one…

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