I’ll be honest about the roman baptist church, will you?

How far has the ecclesia fallen away from true scriptural teaching, into grave error and apostasy? All you have to do is drive around your own town and see the array of Nicolaitan “churches” being displayed, as well as the non-existent “fellowship” between the “brethren” right around the corner, where the parishioners never darken the doorstep of one another’s “church”.

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Another really good post by brother Jim on such an important topic. (www.fleebabylon.wordpress.com)


I’ll be honest about the roman baptist church, will you?


I have been very edified by the many videos I have watched on the illbehonest YouTube site.  However, I would like to examine one extremely unbiblical and disturbing video that has been posted and supported by them.  I submit this article in a spirit of Christian grace, knowing that all true saints are in need of such grace from one another as “Love covers over a multitude of sins”.  I am truly thankful for the many edifying videos illbehonest has produced to help God’s people near and far.  That is my heart in writing this, though I will be very direct because of the seriousness of this matter.  I have sent a link to this article to the brethren at illbehonest along with posting it.  If anyone…

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Kick’em out the Church, disfellowship.

It is spiritual abuse to wrongly disfellowship a brother or sister, and the cause of many wounds in good Christians that may never be healed, and possibly result in that brother or sister turning away from the faith.

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This article serves as a reminder of the delicate line between church member disfellowship and its errors. While the practice of church member disfellowship serves as an act of correcting individuals that have either fallen or gone astray from the faith the errors are behaviors beyond the scriptural prescription which ends damage and spiritual abuse. Moreover, there is a delicate line between a righteous and biblical way to handle member disfellowship and the extra unrighteous afflictions imposed on members which does additional harm. There is no doubt the reason behind the biblical disfellowship is the hopes to reestablish a reassessment of faith, and to restore commitment to the commandments of God. Likewise, churches hope through their extra unbiblical afflictions imposed on members they will be taught a lesson to live for God. So how to know when the line has been crossed? The bible teaches to believe not every spirit…

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Reblog: And The Bride Wore……Scars?

Scars? Yes, but not open wounds that fester and never heal. LORD Jesus, help me to fully die to self, and live for you, to be part of that Bride you desire. Thank you Cheryl for this beautiful inspiring writing and to Amy Carmichael, who wrote the lovely poem you posted on the blog. Her life of service, and example of what it means to die to self spurs me on to look for the poor and downtrodden of this world to minister to, as Jesus did. http://womenofchristianity.com/missionary-women/amy-carmichael/

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Recently I did a Google image search on ‘bride of Christ’. The results were interesting. With a few thought-provoking exceptions, the majority of images portrayed a Western bride dressed in long white gown and veil, with flawless fair skinned complexion and a radiant smile. Sometimes she is shown holding a sword, or depicted from the back looking searchingly towards the skies, at times surrounded by angels. But almost invariably the Bride shown in these images could have stepped straight out of a Hollywood movie.

I’m not suggesting there’s anything inherently wrong with this kind of imagery but it does seem to demonstrate a rather limited, stereotypical idea about what the Bride of Christ should look like, especially among Western Christians. Is this really how we imagine her to be in the eyes of Christ?

The Bride I’ve glimpsed differs somewhat from…

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Lester Sumrall-Demonology and Deliverance

Did Lester Sumrall have some sort of “special anointing” for casting out demons that other Christians don’t or can’t have? No, he was simply baptized in the Spirit, and living in obedience in holiness as we are ALL supposed to be. Rooted and grounded in the Holy Word of God. Yet, why is it that most Christians today pay little or no attention to this vital ministry of setting people free from the power of the devil? There has to be a reason. Please notice where Brother Sumrall encountered these demon spirits in people…it was in the very churches where he had gone to preach! Yes…evil spirits were and still are operating in churches, and not churches only, but everywhere! Do not suppose that evil spirits simply disappeared or retired from their wicked agenda after Jesus went to be with the Father. Or, because you sit in church on Sunday with your bible on your lap. Do not be so deceived my friends. No, they are still active today, anywhere and everywhere they are given license to operate. If Christians aren’t aware of this, they should be. Let me suggest that if Christians aren’t aware and walking in the same power of the Holy Spirit that Brother Sumrall was, there is something lacking that the LORD not only wants us to have, that we SHOULD BE operating in. And it’s all in His Word. Please! Read the gospels again, especially the gospel of Mark where Jesus did most of the casting out. What would Jesus do? That silly powerless mantra that became popular some years back….Jesus would CAST THEM OUT! Now, He expects US to do it! Don’t let anyone tell you this is not possible. It’s not only possible…it’s GOSPEL!

Lester Sumrall-The Homosexual Abomination

Homosexuals have labeled their agenda and themselves as “gay” trying to redefine their depraved, ungodly lifestyles into something more politically acceptable. To a large extent, due to public ignorance and the general turning away from God in America, they’ve been successful in doing that. However. God has not changed His mind. The LORD GOD is not swayed by human politics. Nor will He ever give his stamp of approval to homosexuality.

I detest the use of the term “gay” to describe homosexual activity, and think we should call a spade a spade and call it what it is, “sodomy”.

In this remarkable video, Lester Sumrall expounds on the Word of God on this homosexual epidemic that is sweeping America and the world. Toward the end of the video, Brother Sumrall speaks the word of God in prophecy, and a serious warning about the evil of homosexuality and a dire warning for ALL people to repent and turn fully to Him.

There has been a pro-homosexual slogan going around politically correct circles and other misguided venues that goes like this; ” It’s OK to be Gay”. Well, I’m not politically correct; I want to be scripturally and spiritually correct. I don’t even like the term “gay”; it’s a misconception from the get go. Does anyone think that our Savior thinks “It’s OK to be Gay”? Is this what the Lord Jesus suffered, bled and died for? Clearly Lord Jesus died to redeem us from such offenses against Him.

It is true the scriptures say there is “pleasure in sin for a season”, but the end thereof is sufferiing and death. To be sure, spiritual death is something to be shunned at all costs.

When the scriptures say, “Woe” in regard to something, it would be very wise and prudent to give it our close attention.
I wonder what the perverted inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah thought at the end of their depravity when fire and brimstone was being rained down upon them.

Isaiah 5:20
20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

The Gospel Revealed in First Hebrew Word in Genesis

I am not a bible scholar by any means, but still…I have studied the bible for many years and from the very beginning, as a new believer, I’ve found that scripture confirms scripture. Indeed, the Old Testament confirms the New Testament, and speaks of Jesus throughout. The LORD GOD, in the scriptures, reveals the entire panorama of the Truth of His Word from beginning to end. There seems to be no end to the depth of wisdom and layer upon layer of God’s revelation to the ones who will endeavor to enter into the serious study of the Word with a heartfelt desire to know HIM in a greater measure. It’s amazing! Bless His Holy Name.