T.D. Jakes and the $$ Tree

T.D. Jakes is good at what he does. Unfortunately, what he does has been very misleading to say the least. When a so-called minister of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ lines up with a false prophet and woman of the world and speaks as she does, which is anti-Christ, then his “disciples” better bail off that sinking ship while the getting is good.  Oprah Winfrey spoke the words a number of years ago that there had to be “many roads to God”. T.D. Jakes  knew this when he went on her “show” and spoke accordingly and in agreement with Oprah, leaving out the truth that there is only one way, and that is via the Lord Jesus Christ who is in fact, God. He knows better than what he said! Shame on him for speaking deceitfully. Here a man has a platform to speak truthful words regarding the Savior of the World the Lord Jesus Christ, and he blows it for the sake of being a people pleaser, a Baalam and for the love of money.

This man is NOT A BISHOP! But Apostle Paul had a few things to say about such false teachers…But I will come to you shortly, if the Lord is willing, and then I will find out not only what these arrogant people are saying, but what power they have. 20For the kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but of power.” 1st Corinthians 4:19-20

I will be lambasted for calling out the so-called “God’s anointed”, but I am not worried about the Lord striking me dead for truth telling about an apostate liar full of guile and deceit.

Friends, we are living in such treacherous times, we must use discernment. We must pull ourselves away from the things of the world and those who are speaking great swelling words, ear ticklers, who lie against the Truth of God for the sake of deceitful riches of the world.

I want to hear from those who are down in the trenches actually doing hands on work for the Lord Jesus in whatever capacity the Lord has called them to. We all have a calling in one way or another. Let’s get to it, and redeem the time because the days are indeed evil.

Speaking of Jesus Christ in whose NAME this man was healed:

Be it known unto you all, and to all the people of Israel, that by the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, whom ye crucified, whom God raised from the dead, even by him doth this man stand here before you whole.

 This is the stone which was set at nought of you builders, which is become the head of the corner.

 Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved. Acts 4:10-12




together 2016

When influential Christian leaders and popular figures such as Hillsong United, Lecrae, Ravi Zacharias among others, begin to shift their tone toward false doctrines and teachings, it sends a signal we’ve reached a point where scriptural ignorance has reached new lows in the modern church today. Such is the case of the upcoming ecumenical love-fest called “Together 2016”, in which and estimated 1 million people are planning to come together, Christians, Catholic’s and Mormons, among other faiths, all bent on laying aside doctrine, even sound doctrine, in the hopes of celebrating Christ. This is nothing more than the spirit of Antichrist at work, and the players involved are either willfully planning our spiritual demise, or they are just that stupid.

Either way, it saddens me to see so many so called “leaders” within the modern church today succumb to the spirit of compromise. But then again, that’s what the spirit…

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Persecution or a Great Awakening

I’m not a huge Paul Washer fan, but he gets a lot of things right, and I believe he has a great heart and burden for the church and God’s people. There is no doubt in my mind that he’s right in this video; we are entering into the “Beginning of Sorrows”, and we must be prepared for the days ahead, and have it settled in our minds and spirits how we are going to deal with the coming hardships. Surely, even now, we can see the changes in the signs of the times, and in the affairs of men, and it does not bode well for Christians, those who are truly serving Christ,  insofar as the world is concerned. There will be great persecution, and hopefully a Great Awakening will coincide with that, at least with those who’s hearts are for the Lord in Spirit and in Truth.


The Difference Between Tribulation and Wrath

I would like to comment on another segment of Todd Strandberg’s article, “God Hath Not Appointed Us to Wrath”:

“In 1 Thessalonians 5:9 Paul assures us that God has not appointed His people to wrath. This wrath is plainly God’s anger that will be poured out during the Tribulation. Pre-Trib believers interpret this as meaning that Christians will be removed from the earth. Post-Trib believers tell a different story. They describe this as meaning that God will protect Christians during the Tribulation and pour this wrath out on the unbelievers only. This idea runs against the statement made in Rev. 13:7, where the Antichrist is given power to make war with the saints and to overcome them. A post-Trib view would make God’s promise of protection from wrath into a lie. In years past, it was possible to think of being protected from the guns and swords of that day. Today, when any major war would involve nuclear and chemical weapons, it’s impossible to expect that same kind of protection. When Nagasaki, Japan was bombed during W.W.II, the bomb exploded over a Catholic church. Everyone that was in the center of the explosion died, both Christians and non-Christians. The only way to validly interpret God’s promise of protection from wrath, is by viewing I Thess. 5:9 as the bodily removal of the Church from this world.”

My comments:

Todd Strandberg’s statements, “A post-Trib view would make God’s promise of protection from wrath into a lie” is not true.

God’s wrath and Antichrist’s wrath are entirely different things. The purpose of the Tribulation is for Antichrist to have his time to pour out his wrath on the inhabitants of the earth who will not bow down and worship him and take his mark. (Rev. 12:12) God’s wrath comes later, after the Lord Jesus Christ returns for His church.

Making the words tribulation and wrath mean the same thing is not honest when one honestly checks the context of scripture. The words, “tribulation” and “wrath” are not interchangeable.

Jesus Christ promised that we would have tribulation in this world (John 16:33 and Rev. 2:10). He also prayed to the Father that we would not be taken out of this world during tribulation but that we would be kept from evil. (John 17:15).

God also tells us to wait for “his Son from heaven, whom he raised from the dead, even Jesus, who delivered us from the wrath to come.” We must wait for the Lord Jesus, who has already delivered us from the wrath to come. 

The Lord Jesus Christ has already delivered each Christian from the wrath to come! This verse does not say “will deliver.” It says delivered. The Bible tells us plainly what “the wrath to come” means. The wrath of God is directed toward those who refuse to repent and receive His mercy: the children of disobedience. The wrath of God is His punishment on unbelievers. (See Luke 3:7, Eph. 5:6, Col. 3:6, Rev. 6:17)

The saints of God are appointed to tribulation.

The children of disobedience are appointed to God’s wrath. 

In Greek, the word wrath (ogre–3709) means punishment God executes against the wicked.

The word tribulation (thilipsis–2347) refers to the sufferings that Christians go through in this world for Christ.

God allows his children to endure tribulation.

Matthew 13:21, 24:9, 21, 29

Mark 4:17, 13:19, 24,

Acts 7:10, 11, 11:19

Romans. 2:9, 5:3

2 Thessalonians 1:4

God pours out his wrath upon those who reject his mercy  (unbelievers) not his own children.

Mathew 3:7

Mark 3:5Lk 3:7, 21:23

John 3:36

Romans 1:18, 2:5, 8

Ephesians 2:3, 4:31, 5:6

Colosians 3:6,8

1 Thessalonians 1:10, 2:16

1 Timothy 2:8

Hebrews 3:11

James 1:19, 20

Revelation 6:16, 17, 11:18

We must purpose to not be offended in Christ if things don’t turn out the way we hope and the way we have been told they will. When Christians find themselves on earth when the New World Order is in full swing and God’s people are being sought after for elimination, we need to understand that we are suffering the wrath of Antichrist, not the wrath of God.

God will not leave us or forsake us even during the Tribulation if we keep the faith — obey his word without reservation and patiently endure until the end. He has no difficulty protecting His people from nuclear explosions, biological warfare, etc. but that is for another article.

We need to understand and keep the difference between tribulation and wrath in our hearts and minds so we will not be offended with the Lord Jesus Christ and be spiritually set up to look for another Christ.

This is exactly what Satan is using his agents to condition Christians to do. He wants them to embrace a false Christ right now (a Fantasy “Christ” who will permit them to live ungodly in this present world but will still bring them to heaven when they die).

If Satan fails to entice the Christian into following a bogus Christ now, he doesn’t fret because he knows that most Christians have been thoroughly primed to look for “another Christ” during the Tribulation due to their belief that the doctrine of the tribulation and the doctrine of the wrath of God are the same thing.

Since Christians know that God has not appointed us unto wrath, the carrying out of the Disappearances by the New World Order planners could cause their faith in the biblical promises of God to crumble. What an ominous set-up for the Luciferic Initiatition! Yes, some false teachers (authors of the Left Behind Series) have been setting Christians up for this very thing for years.

Believers whose have believed their pastor’s words that God would definitely remove them from this earth before Antichrist is revealed need to go back and read the bible again and ask God to remove any spiritual blinders that are in place.

We need to study the difference between tribulation and wrath carefully so we do not set ourselves up for the spiritual fall Antichrist’s followers are hoping and planning for. We must never allow ourselves to think these apostate thoughts:

“Jesus betrayed me. He could not have been the Christ. I will look for another.”

The Lord Jesus Christ will never leave us or forsake his precious sheep (who hear his voice and follow him.) However, we are capable of becoming offended in him and falling away if we do not obey his command to not become offended in him!  (See John 16:1) 

Promise: Keep us from evil;  Condition: Be Not of this World

The Lord Jesus prayed to the Father:

“I pray not that thou shouldest take them out of the world, but that thou shouldest keep them from the evil.” Jn 17:15

“They are not of the world, even as I am not of the world. Sanctify them through they truth: thy word is truth.” Jn 17:17

God is quite capable of keeping us from the evil during tribulation, but are we willing to be like Jesus prayed that we would be?  This is the condition to being protected in the times to come.  The condition is that we would not be of the world even as Jesus is not of the world, and the promise (if this condition is met) is “I pray not that thou shouldest take them out of the world, but that thou shouldest keep them from the evil.”

Also see the articles about Todd Strandberg’s Rapture Ready message board: 

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Does Practicing Meditation Relieve Stress..or..Open the Door to Delusion and Deception?

Have you noticed many of the articles and ads on the Internet and in magazines hype the notion that meditation is the answer for many of our medical problems?  This seems to be standard practice and belief in the “medical community”, but it has no basis in reality and in fact is very dangerous to your health, and especially to your emotional, mental and spiritual health.

This is one of the umpteenth hypes for meditation that I’ve seen in recent weeks and months. This one is for supposedly lowering your blood pressure….

“Practice meditation

Meditating relieves stress, and numerous studies have shown it can lower blood pressure, too. Every day, carve out five minutes to sit quietly and repeat a mantra like ‘This, too, shall pass’ or ‘Breathe.”
Repeat a mantra? Remember when the Lord Jesus said not to pray useless repetitions? This is what He was talking about…
Jesus said:
“And when you pray, do not use vain repetitions as the heathen do. For they think that they will be heard for their many words. 8 “Therefore do not be like them. For your Father knows the things you have need of before you ask Him.” (Matthew 6:5-8)
I found this video series very useful and informative. Before I was saved and baptized in the Holy Spirit, I had practiced meditation, but afterwards, the Holy Spirit warned me away from this dangerous practice and instead, lead me into the prayer life and communing with the Lord, which always brings beneficial health and spiritual results and well being. 

Catholicism..the Only True Church. or 2,000 yr Old Lie?

While Millions are Still Trapped and in Bondage to the Roman Catholic Cult, Some have Escaped into the Blessed Freedom of the True Faith and Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. There is no Higher Authority than the Lord Jesus Christ and His Holy Word the Bible. Compare the Bible to the False Teachings of Catholicism and one May Readily see the Pope is a Hireling, and not a very good one at That. Clearly the Pope is not a Vicar of Christ, he is an impostor.

The Story of Anson, and how the Lord brought him out of Roman Catholicism and from Darkness into the Light, in his own words:

All Praise and Glory unto The Almighty God  the Father, The Son Christ Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Amen

My name is Anson. I was born to Malankara Syrian Catholic parents (who were basically Marthomites) and was brought up in a pious Christian atmosphere, attached to the Church, Priests and Nuns. I have all my childhood memories connected with the church and church activities.

At the age of 10, I was taken into the Madbaha (the most Holy Place) to be trained as an Altar Boy. I was trained by Fr. Mathew Karimpil (Now Cor Bishop), who has brought me up as a perfect catholic altar boy.

After my college, I have joined the Indian Naval Aviation, graduated in Avionics and retired after 15 years of active Military  service. I have graduated in Alternative medicines with specialization in Homeopathy and started to run Medical Clinics with other Registered Medical Practitioners.  I was very much involved in Church activities and shouldered good positions in Church organizations.

On 18 Feb 2007, Sunday, on the Day I have completed 39 years and Turned 40, I had to minister the Word of God in the  afternoon prayer meeting in the Church.   Although, I had prepared a good speech, I was compelled by an inner thought to read from Exodus 20, just before the speech. My eyes got struck on verse 4 ( Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth.) and I closed the Bible.  An unexplained power fell on me and asked me to open the bible again. I have opened to see Deuteronomy 5 to my surprise. I read through and my eyes stopped on verse 8 (Thou shalt not make thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the waters beneath the earth).

Some one said in my mind, this is from God, preach this. I stood up and began to preach on Exodus 20:4. The elders of the church stood up and asked me to sit down. They said, it is satan who has revealed it to me. I was confused. That very day, I have decided to study the Word of God systematically. As I have progressed in studying the Bible, I have understood that for the last 30 years, what ever I have been doing as Catholic Christian was against the Word of God. On 6th April 2007, I knelt down in the ‘Madbaha’ and prayed to God to take me out from this mess.

In December 2007, I received an e-mail from NPCC, Abu Dhabi offering me a Job to Train Electronic Engineers, (A job I never applied for because I was a well known and practicing doctor by this time). I have understood that God replied to my prayer. Accepted the job offer and latter on understood that my brother who was in Abu Dhabi has talked about me in NPCC since they required a person with my experience.

In Abu Dhabi, I have confined myself to studying the word of God and attending the Holy Mass only on weekends. But, I continued to live the life of a normal catholic, since I never new any other Christian life ways.

On 09 Dec 2009, while I was in my room in the evening, I have heard a soft, but authoritative voice from far away

“Anson, you are a sinner.”

At first I did not care it much because I thought it is just a thought in my mind. (Catholics believe that once they have attended the confession and Holy Mass, they are Holy and not a sinner, until they sin again.) But, I have again heard the voice ” Anson, your sins have taken you far away from me. Repent and turn back to me. “I have talked back saying “I have confessed and accepted the Holy Communion and how do you call me a sinner. If I am a sinner, show my sins.”

The next three days, I can never forget in  my life. I began to see visions as projected on to the opposite wall. Each and every sin I have committed from the age of about 12 years. One by one, began to appear on the wall. Most of which I had already forgotten. On the third day, I fell down on the floor, my face down, I cried and shouted,

“Lord, I accept you as my Saviour. Forgive me. save me.”

I felt, a lot of weights leaving my body and mind. I became light. I stood up and took a decision. If I live, it will be for this person who has called me a sinner and shown me my sins. Catholic church never ever brought this thought of repentance in me. It never ever objected my smoking and drinking habits as sin. The Catholic Church always taught me, if I ever sin, confess it to the Priest at least once a year and accept Holy Communion to become a saint again.

I have rendered my resignation on 13th Dec 2009 and returned home on 10th Jan 2010 as  a born again Christian. I declared in my church that I shall not be coming to the church again. I began to attend a Pentecostal prayer near my home. My whole family and Parish church turned against me and played what ever tricks they could to turn me back to the Catholic faith. But, they all failed.

On 21 Sep 2010, I was Baptized by Pr. CJ Johnson, in river Pampa. I was filled with the Holy Spirit power and realized my calling as a Prophet of God. I began to spread the Good News of Salvation in the district I was born.

On 04th January 2014, God  brought me back to Abu Dhabi, as fulfillment of  a Prophetic message I have heard in August 2013 through Pr. Unnikrishnan Samuel, while I was attending a fasting prayer in a strange house.

In Abu Dhabi, I worship with an Indian Pentecostal Church, with my family and studying Theology in a Seminary, while being employed as Engineer in an Aviation Organization, a job which I have not applied for!!!

After I have accepted Christ Jesus into my life, I never had to look back or stumble. All my life necessities are well looked after by Lord, at the right time.

The Bible verse I have received and accepted during the initial days of my salvation is 1 Peter 5: 6 (Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time)

I request your valuable prayer to grow in faith and Holy living.

The Cruel Oppression and Persecution of Christian Brethren in Pakistan

For those who are not familiar with the dire straits of our persecuted brethren in Pakistan, please know that Christians are horribly abused in this Muslim country in the most brutal ways. They are kept deliberately poor, so that any hope of escaping is very small. It seems the best way to help them is to simply remove them from Pakistan, and into freedom as the Lord brought the Hebrew children out of the bondage of their hard taskmasters in Egypt.


Keith Davies appears on Fox News to speak about persecution of Christians in Pakistan. Support the important work of saving lives in Pakistan.

“Rescue Christians: The focus of our work is to save the lives of Christians whom are suffering from the ‘Blasphemy Laws’, aiding relatives of martyred families, women and children who are victims of rape. We aid the most severe cases. For example, blasphemy laws are used by Islamic extremists to make up charges against innocent Christians in order to steal their property and stir up violence against the Christians population. We provide means of escape, safe houses, legal help, and in extreme circumstances, security details for rescue missions. This includes cases of abduction of women, rape and forced marriages. Our mission field also includes aiding suffering Syrian Christians, Iraqi Christians and Christian Copts in Egypt.

Call us at (877) 832-7200 within the US and Canada or check out their website at RescueChristians.org
Mathew 25:45-46:
He (Jesus) will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.’

https://ffmu.webconnex.com/rescuechristians Please read this page, giving attention especially to what makes Rescue Christians different from other organizations

Voice of the Martyrs: Foxes Running the Henhouse?


Get a load of the Voice of the Martyrs new building entry way….nothing seems to be too lavish or grand for VOM or Bartlesville, Oklahoma.

JL to Scarlett:

“One of the revelations after Rolland Lamb aka Tom White’s death, is the spiritual blindness and oppression that exists in …Bartlesville”

“Continue the good work. I am certain my comments have made individuals very uncomfortable of late. I’m glad to be in the company of Christ while a new persecution begins. The

police force in Bartlesville now follows me to and from work. I say that to acknowledge that I know I have been found out and Tom Holland is insecure enough to issue this Nazi like

practice. It is quite interesting to me that it is Chief of Police Holland who built a reputation as a CIA agent but on 9/11 used that “service” to enhance his career as a security expert. The

landed him roles with Philips66 whose world headquarters was based in Bartlesville and then on the Board of Directors at VOM. He continually asserts in public speaking opportunities

based on VOM affiliation, that FBI representatives notified Philips66 and VOM that they were “on a list that targeted those two organizations the same day”. WHO ELSE HAS SEEN

THAT DOCUMENTATION? No one, because it doesn’t exist. Tom Holland made it up! However, how much did he financially profit via consulting contracts with Phillips66 and VOM?

It is Tom Holland that designed the security features of VOMs $39M (paid off) facility. features that includes a moat on the back half, and concrete pillars off of the main parking lot.

Security guards actually carry guns, but as retired Tulsa police officers may need a 2 minute 45 second notice to draw a weapon in defense. However, the warehouse, where the real work

is done… distributing news letters and orders, has no security. Tom Holland made his consulting fees, and is now back a Bartlesville police chief and memorable member of the “worlds

worse bosses”. His jokes would make a navy sailor cringe. The ONLY way he is still on VOM’s board of directors is because he has dirt on Tom White a nd others in leadership on the board.

I apologize if this seems like a rant. However, if VOM and Bartlesville continent to simply turn a blind eye toward VOM, OKWU and First Weslayan Christian school, then I will not back down.

So, I need to end now and deliver some coffee and cookies to the officer hanging out on my street.”


Note from Scarlett: Friends, please pray for this brave man who has laid his very life and livelihood on the line in this town on the behalf of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Truth.Pray for his safety, and that this stalking and surveillance will cease immediately. Neither Bartlesville or VOM are above the law.