Voice of the Martyrs: Foxes Running the Henhouse?


Get a load of the Voice of the Martyrs new building entry way….nothing seems to be too lavish or grand for VOM or Bartlesville, Oklahoma.

JL to Scarlett:

“One of the revelations after Rolland Lamb aka Tom White’s death, is the spiritual blindness and oppression that exists in …Bartlesville”

“Continue the good work. I am certain my comments have made individuals very uncomfortable of late. I’m glad to be in the company of Christ while a new persecution begins. The

police force in Bartlesville now follows me to and from work. I say that to acknowledge that I know I have been found out and Tom Holland is insecure enough to issue this Nazi like

practice. It is quite interesting to me that it is Chief of Police Holland who built a reputation as a CIA agent but on 9/11 used that “service” to enhance his career as a security expert. The

landed him roles with Philips66 whose world headquarters was based in Bartlesville and then on the Board of Directors at VOM. He continually asserts in public speaking opportunities

based on VOM affiliation, that FBI representatives notified Philips66 and VOM that they were “on a list that targeted those two organizations the same day”. WHO ELSE HAS SEEN

THAT DOCUMENTATION? No one, because it doesn’t exist. Tom Holland made it up! However, how much did he financially profit via consulting contracts with Phillips66 and VOM?

It is Tom Holland that designed the security features of VOMs $39M (paid off) facility. features that includes a moat on the back half, and concrete pillars off of the main parking lot.

Security guards actually carry guns, but as retired Tulsa police officers may need a 2 minute 45 second notice to draw a weapon in defense. However, the warehouse, where the real work

is done… distributing news letters and orders, has no security. Tom Holland made his consulting fees, and is now back a Bartlesville police chief and memorable member of the “worlds

worse bosses”. His jokes would make a navy sailor cringe. The ONLY way he is still on VOM’s board of directors is because he has dirt on Tom White a nd others in leadership on the board.

I apologize if this seems like a rant. However, if VOM and Bartlesville continent to simply turn a blind eye toward VOM, OKWU and First Weslayan Christian school, then I will not back down.

So, I need to end now and deliver some coffee and cookies to the officer hanging out on my street.”


Note from Scarlett: Friends, please pray for this brave man who has laid his very life and livelihood on the line in this town on the behalf of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Truth.Pray for his safety, and that this stalking and surveillance will cease immediately. Neither Bartlesville or VOM are above the law.

Voice of the Martyrs, the Plot Thickens and the Scandal Continues to Unfold/ 2016

Voice of the Martyrs, the Plot Thickens and the Scandal Continues to Unfold- as scandals tend to do

Tom White in toupee

Recognize this guy on the left? This is Tom White, now deceased, the former director of Voice of the Martyrs, United States Headquarters in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Tom committed suicide after being implicated in the molestation of a young 10 yr old relative. 

Why the dyed mustache and hair in the above picture? That’s what we’d like to know, as well as a lot of other mysterious unanswered questions about Tom.

This pic of Tom White, above, was taken during a tour of Iran and Iraq in the mid 80’s 



This is Tom White too aka Roland Lamb….out of disguise. You would never tend to think of a nerdy looking fellow like Tom White to be a pedophile, but looks can be deceiving.

The following comment and information was sent to me by an individual on this post ,https://spiritualabusesanctuary.wordpress.com/2016/04/18/richard-wurmbrand-false-prophet-2/ in the comment section,  who obviously has taken the time to do some research regarding some of the things that Voice of the Martyrs has kept out of the public venue. I personally prefer ministries to be transparent in their dealings with the public, especially when said public happens to be Christians who are supporting ministries with their hard earned donations.

“Police records in Washington County OK indicate that Tom White had been caught and identified as a peeping tom in years past.

Walter Thomas White legally changed his name to Rolland Lamb administered by a judge in Washington county. Before 9/11, Tom traveled internationally under both names.

Tom often traveled alone for weeks at a time without checking in at work or home.

Tom confessed to his predatory actions before his suicide. The allegations that led to his suicide were against a family member.

Images of young latin american girls with lolly pops and skype accounts were found on his laptop before being wiped.

His body was found by a VOM employee. The body and items found around the body were altered by VOM employees under the direction of VOM executives before police arrived. Evidence was removed.

The death certificate on record was issued under the name of Walter Thomas White and not Rolland Lamb. Was debt or assets ever accumulated in the name of Rolland Lamb? Were crimes ever committed under that name? Was insurance fraud committed?

Still so so much secrecy and no transparency from an organization that has a $55-$60 million budget annually. International staff fly first class on their way to “minister” to those with nothing but Faith.”


Scarlett Note: Hopefully there will be more information on this forthcoming in the days ahead.

More on Tom White in the link below from a couple years ago: