Voice of the Martyrs: Foxes Running the Henhouse?


Get a load of the Voice of the Martyrs new building entry way….nothing seems to be too lavish or grand for VOM or Bartlesville, Oklahoma.

JL to Scarlett:

“One of the revelations after Rolland Lamb aka Tom White’s death, is the spiritual blindness and oppression that exists in …Bartlesville”

“Continue the good work. I am certain my comments have made individuals very uncomfortable of late. I’m glad to be in the company of Christ while a new persecution begins. The

police force in Bartlesville now follows me to and from work. I say that to acknowledge that I know I have been found out and Tom Holland is insecure enough to issue this Nazi like

practice. It is quite interesting to me that it is Chief of Police Holland who built a reputation as a CIA agent but on 9/11 used that “service” to enhance his career as a security expert. The

landed him roles with Philips66 whose world headquarters was based in Bartlesville and then on the Board of Directors at VOM. He continually asserts in public speaking opportunities

based on VOM affiliation, that FBI representatives notified Philips66 and VOM that they were “on a list that targeted those two organizations the same day”. WHO ELSE HAS SEEN

THAT DOCUMENTATION? No one, because it doesn’t exist. Tom Holland made it up! However, how much did he financially profit via consulting contracts with Phillips66 and VOM?

It is Tom Holland that designed the security features of VOMs $39M (paid off) facility. features that includes a moat on the back half, and concrete pillars off of the main parking lot.

Security guards actually carry guns, but as retired Tulsa police officers may need a 2 minute 45 second notice to draw a weapon in defense. However, the warehouse, where the real work

is done… distributing news letters and orders, has no security. Tom Holland made his consulting fees, and is now back a Bartlesville police chief and memorable member of the “worlds

worse bosses”. His jokes would make a navy sailor cringe. The ONLY way he is still on VOM’s board of directors is because he has dirt on Tom White a nd others in leadership on the board.

I apologize if this seems like a rant. However, if VOM and Bartlesville continent to simply turn a blind eye toward VOM, OKWU and First Weslayan Christian school, then I will not back down.

So, I need to end now and deliver some coffee and cookies to the officer hanging out on my street.”


Note from Scarlett: Friends, please pray for this brave man who has laid his very life and livelihood on the line in this town on the behalf of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Truth.Pray for his safety, and that this stalking and surveillance will cease immediately. Neither Bartlesville or VOM are above the law.

Voice of the Martyrs Hires Convicted Embezzler as Vice President

Meet Stephen J Lindquist, VOM’s Vice President.To all those donors who are still supporting Voice of the Martyrs financially, please ask yourselves why Voice of the Martyrs would hire a convicted embezzler to work at VOM and then name him as a Vice President.  Besides this mugshot of Mr. Lindquist, something seems to be wrong with the picture at Voice of the Martyrs. Where did they even learn about him?

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The following is taken from an Open Letter Richard Wurmbrand’s son, Michael, posted on the Internet in protest of  Voice of the Martyrs operations: 

And: http://www.amarillo.com/stories/041504/new_linquist.shtml

      • All of the above occurred while, at the same time… Without any reasons proffered, they sent a termination of employment letter to me, Richard Wurmbrand’s son, who founded the mission, four days only after I asked for an independent investigation of the expenses and travels of the suicidal and suspected pedophile past chairman of VOM, USA.”
      • http://www.wurmbrandmichael.com/

A former Globe-News employee pleaded guilty Wednesday to two felony theft charges linked to embezzlement of company funds.

Former Production Director Stephen John Lindquist pleaded guilty to two counts of theft over $20,000 but under $100,000. District Judge Abe Lopez of 108th District Court sentenced Lindquist to 10 years of probation and ordered him to pay restitution totaling $90,789.38.

Lindquist, 45, paid $10,000 toward his restitution Wednesday.

A Potter County grand jury indicted Lindquist on the two theft charges last year.

One indictment alleged that Lindquist unlawfully exercised control over U.S. currency valued at between $20,000 and $100,000.

The indictment alleged the theft was part of a continuing course of conduct that began June 8, 1999, and continued until Aug. 14, 2002.

The second indictment alleged Lindquist unlawfully exercised control over U.S. currency valued at between $20,000 and $100,000.

It alleged the theft also was part of a continuing course of conduct that began Feb. 22, 1999, and continued until Sept. 20, 2002.

Assistant 47th District Attorney Adrian Castillo said the thefts involved two schemes. One scheme involved falsifying invoices paid to a company owned by Lindquist’s father, and the other involved improper receipt of funds from recycled scrap metals, Castillo said.

The charges are third-degree felonies punishable by two to 10 years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000.

Lindquist, accompanied by attorney Charles Rittenberry, agreed to pay restitution over a 10-year period and told the judge he understood the plea would cover all claims involving the Amarillo Globe-News.

Lindquist, who had no previous criminal record, also submitted a restitution schedule to the judge but said he would increase his monthly payments if he is financially able.

“If I can do more than that I will do so,” Lindquist said.

Globe-News Publisher Les Simpson said he was glad to have the case resolved.

“I’m glad we are ending this sad chapter of the Globe-News. Justice was served and now we’ll move on,” Simpson said. “I’m very appreciative of the hard work of the district attorney’s office to help us on this case.”




As a Christian ministry necessarily required to be accountable to it’s supporters, who through their donations account for 95 % of Voice of the Martyrs revenue, should they not want to be very careful, as well as frugal, in the handling of all the donor’s contributions?

In any case, the bible we and they go by says this:Abstain from all appearance of evil.” 1st Thessalonians 5:22

And frankly, this doesn’t look good for VOM.