Illegitimate Authority: “Control, Intimidate & Dominate”

About bondage, control, manipulation, intimidation….you know; the stuff Jesus wants us to be set free from, just as He did the Hebrew children. It can’t be said often enough, and yet people, and in this case “church” people still don’t get it after all these many years. I just came across a Facebook post made by church where I live…supposedly a spirit filled, “full gospel” church that was urging church people to listen to, follow, and presumably obey “designated authority”. Well, the first thing that came to me is, “who did the designating?” If these same church folks would listen more to their bible than they do the so-called “designated” teachers, preachers, etc, they would find out their church hierarchy has been dabbling in what I’ve been warning people about in this blog post. Unfortunately, most of them have already been indoctrinated by the same.

Spiritual Abuse Sanctuary

I happen to like Derek Prince very much. I’ve learned a lot from listening to his godly teaching borne out of many years of loving and serving the LORD, and imparting this godly wisdom to the LORD’S people. However, when I looked at the title of this video I was rather taken aback and thought, “Oh no, is he going to be one of these that is teaching that witches have infiltrated the church houses.’  But as I began listening to what he was saying, I realized that I had jumped to a very wrong conclusion. That is not at all what Derek Prince was talking about, but rather witchcraft that orginates from within the illegitmate use of authority in the church, and I might add, not just through the leadership, but perhaps in many cases through the members of the church. Or, possibly, since we are supposed to be…

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