“Sephulchres” – A Great Judgement of Death For Babylon America [GRAPHIC THEMES]

“Sephulchres” – A Great Judgement of Death For Babylon America [GRAPHIC THEMES]

Welcome to The Master’s Voice end time prophecy blog: (Hear the words of the Lord). [READ FULL DESCRIPTION] http://www.the-masters-voice.com (If any video seems grainy on your phone, computer or tablet- check Youtube settings. Look at the top right [3-dots menu] or along the Youtube panel for the cog icon, click “Quality” and choose the highest resolution your device offers- 720p or 1080p. Thank you.) Today’s word: “So be warned of this, the days are coming declares the Lord…when they will bury the dead in Tophet until there is no more room” – Paraphrase Jeremiah 7:32​ Judgement on America will take many hard forms of death. Death to the money as it falls to its lowest purchasing power ever. Death of influence as other nations rise to prominence and America is overlooked and ignored. Death to basic needs as starvation stalks a once productive country. Death of fame, death of freedom and the people of Mystery Babylon. People will lose their lives to captivity, slavery, war and judgement- the old and young alike shall fall to this. ‘Do not comfort them’ says the Lord, ‘for there is no comfort in My heart towards the Harlot. Speak to her all the words of My judgement- she will lie down on the ground and be slain.’ Prophecy at the end: God says ONLY THE RIGHTEOUS WILL BE SPARED. Only those who become broken over their sin and unholy lifestyles, those who cry out to him like Hezekiah did in Isaiah 38 or like Jonah the prophet in Jonah 2 shall receive mercy from Him. It is up to us to greatly cleanse our hearts and ask Jesus to forgive us of our sins and help us, for these words have been proclaimed by the Lord and shall come to pass in their timing. Full prophecy can be seen on the blog: https://the-masters-voice.com/2020/01…​ Related Prophecies: https://the-masters-voice.com/2019/10…https://the-masters-voice.com/2019/08…​ Follow this channel- click subscribe and then hit the notification bell for updates.

Eye Opening ITNJ Testimony From Fiona Barnett

Published at https://commission.itnj.org/2018/09/0…​ Chosen for her particular bloodline, high cognitive abilities and physical prowess, Fiona was a perfect subject for MK ULTRA mind control programming, which took place in numerous universities and underground facilities both in Australia and abroad. Other nightmarish crimes perpetrated upon her throughout her childhood include ritual abuse, torture, the witness of torture and murder, being dressed as a teddy bear whilst hunted for sport at the annual camp at ‘The Bohemian Grove.’ Fiona Barnett’s testimony provides a very clear and detailed picture of global child trafficking, which, she explains, “is run as a single coordinated operation through the CIA in collaboration with British and Australian Intelligence Services.” In her testimony, she interweaves her personal account with a vast research-knowledge of the history, practices and interconnection between intel-agency child trafficking, Luciferianism, ritual abuse, and MK ULTRA mind control, all of which she witnessed and suffered at the hands of. Fiona was eventually able to escape the cult and has since made numerous attempts to have her perpetrators brought to justice. Her story has been publicly derided and she has been prevented from leading any semblance of a normal life. Her testimony was heard via a virtual sitting of the ITNJ’s Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking & Child Sex Abuse on 7th July, 2018, before Chief Justice, Dr. John Walsh of Brannagh, His Grace Bishop Riah Abu El Assal, ITNJ Commissioner Carine Hutsebaut, and ITNJ Trustees Reverend Dr. Nancy Ash and Connie Broussard. Through its Judicial Commission of Inquiry the ITNJ is performing a prime function for the global exposure and illumination of ongoing human atrocities by creating a seminal platform for exposure whilst allowing natural justice to emerge. Volunteer • Donate • Act – https://www.itnj.org

“Godly Repentance, Pt 2 – What God Wants Us To Know NOW” [RE-UPLOAD]

“Godly Repentance, Pt 2 – What God Wants Us To Know NOW” [RE-UPLOAD]

Welcome to The Master’s Voice end time prophecy blog: (Hear the words of the Lord). [PLEASE READ FULL DESCRIPTION BELOW]


(If any video seems grainy on your phone, computer or tablet- check Youtube settings. Look at the top right [3-dots menu] or along the Youtube panel for the cog icon, click “Quality” and choose the highest resolution your device offers- 720p or 1080p. Thank you.)

Today’s word: Continuing to look at TRUE REPENTANCE which involves have a full and correct understanding of 2 Corinthians 7: 8-11.

What distinguishes true repentance from the false feelings of shame we feel when we break God’s laws? Do we make trade-offs and excuses for our sin – and if we do- how do these things prevent the process of genuine repentance? Asking God for forgiveness and learning how to live free of rebellion is a great protection to us and to our nations, as repentance is the only seed that can give birth to true revival. Let us heed the Lord.

KEY TEXT: 2 Corinthians 7:8-11

Please be warned: The Lord is truly calling us to repentance. As I prepared this word He said said to me:

“Do people really understand what a gift I’ve given them in REPENTANCE? Do they know there is no other way their sin will be removed from them, except by application of the precious blood of my Son? SIN LIES LEAVY UPON THE LAND AND UPON ITS PEOPLE. UNLESS THEY REPENT FOR THEIR SIN THEY SHALL BY NO MEANS BE EXEMPTED FROM THE JUDGEMENTS TO COME.”

Please let us take these warnings and guidances from the Lord Jesus Christ seriously.

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“I Will Make It A Desolation” – March 24, 2021

The Master's Voice

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I will take up a weeping and wailing for the mountains,
And for the dwelling places of the wilderness a lamentation,
Because they are burned up,
So that no one can pass through;
Nor can men hear the voice of the cattle.
Both the birds of the heavens and the beasts have fled;
They are gone.

“I will make Jerusalem a heap of ruins, a den of jackals.
I will make the cities of Judah desolate, without an inhabitant.” – (Jer. 9: 10-11)

Hello on The Master’s Voice.

There will be no write-up for this prophecy except to say:

This morning the Lord did Bible study with me in Jeremiah 8 and 9. He taught it to me in the context of the USA and instructed me to share the paraphrase of that study on camera. The video below is therefore all I’m…

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ITS TIME – VIDEO!! Banned everywhere – PLEASE WATCH – last hope video!!

They will use fear, force, and lies to ensure everyone gets vaxed with the experimental injection of who knows what death is in the Covid-19 pot. And…they will take the children away from their parents to force compliance of the UN-Constitutional mandate.

“The Traditions Of Men” – March 23, 2021

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“Thus you nullify the word of God by the tradition you have handed down. And you do so in many such matters.” – (Mark 7:13)

This word has been burning on my heart all day but only now do I have a moment to pen it. I kept hearing the phrase “The traditions of men, the traditions of men”. I heard it as if Jesus was saying it all those years ago to the Pharisees or Apostle Paul repeating it to hard-hearted Jews who wouldn’t let go of die-hard ‘requirements, signs and methods’ that the Jewish community insisted on to prove you were a Jew. The problem was in both those times a transition had taken place, a shift, a powerful paradigm movement that lifted the benchmark of ‘religion’ to a new and majestic level called FAITH,yet because nobody held a welcome party to formally announce the change…

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Vax scientist sounds alarm on ‘uncontrollable monster’ being unleashed

Vax scientist sounds alarm on ‘uncontrollable monster’ being unleashed

A prominent vaccine scientist is going public, sounding the alarm over the mass vaccination campaigns currently being pushed globally.

Even though the covid-19 vaccine works, he says, it also causes vaccinated people to breed “super strains” of dangerous, mutant viruses which are immune to all the available vaccines. These super strains are then spread by those carriers, unleashing a second wave that threatens the entire human race, including young people who escaped the first wave.

Unless the world halts mass vaccinations right now, this deadly second wave is likely to be unleashed, with absolutely devastating consequences caused by the vaccines themselves.

See the video here.

“WORSHIP”: What It Means – March 14, 2021

People need to understand that Jesus didn’t die on an instrument of torture so that, “He can love us just as we are”. And that yes, God has a plan for our life, but we need to stop changing it to suit ourselves.

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Isaiah 1:13 was the first of two scriptures given to me by the Lord today.

“Therefore bring no more vain oblations, incense is an abomination to Me, the New Moons and Sabbaths, the calling of assemblies, I cannot away with it, it is iniquity, even the solemn meeting.”

Another translation says: “Bring your worthless offerings no more; your incense is detestable to Me — your New Moons, Sabbaths, and convocations. I cannot endure iniquity in a solemn assembly.”

This verse states that God refuses pointless offerings, burning incense and all the other (Old Testament) things that are required to make an offering acceptable to Him IF the hearts of those making the offering are sinful and full of iniquity. He is using this verse to tell us that even if the times have changed our worship can still be rejected for being worthless- what does that mean? It means…

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