MAGA folks aren’t going to like this one at all. Celestial goes full Monty and lays it all out for those who have ears to hear and eyes to see. I thank God that I never supported or followed this man. Yes, thanks to the Holy Spirit. The hour is late, too late for people to continue dabbling in politics imagining that getting the right guy in there is going to change things. The only thing that might have made a difference, is if America collectively had repented fully long ago. Nevertheless, we are in the End Times, ordained and spelled out in our bibles long ago these things would come to pass.

IRAN RIOTS: The Gateway Pundit Trolling for Regime Change? — Helena

The Gateway Pundit is an exemplary news site, however it would appear they have been misled regarding the events in IRAN.   Citing an online twitter personality, Masih Alinejad, as their source, she is a US Government employee being paid through USAID and the Open Technology Fund.   US Agency for Global Media is Alinejad’s actual employer. …

IRAN RIOTS: The Gateway Pundit Trolling for Regime Change? — Helena

“AN IRON YOKE FOR AMERICA” – September 11, 2022 — The Master’s Voice

Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him. [James 1:12] I am coming soon. Hold fast what you have, so that no one may seize your crown. [Revelation 3:11] An……

“AN IRON YOKE FOR AMERICA” – September 11, 2022 — The Master’s Voice

New World Order: British Imperialism and Bloodlines — Helena

There exist a small number of “Core” institutions that have expanded their power exponentially since their founding in the first years of the 20th Century.   Those benefactors of philanthropy have used their money, their power, and their charity to create the basis for the New World Order with their stated aim that British Imperialism, specific…

New World Order: British Imperialism and Bloodlines — Helena

National Archives Partnership Alliance with Wikimedia Foundation – sponsored by Obama, SOROS and Clinton — Helena

A letter from the National Archives ‘acting director’ Debra Steidel Wall dated from May 2022 is making the rounds.   The letter details how Steidel has determined that documents retrieved from Trump in January were forthwith being turned over to the FBI. The letter is dated 10 days after the actual Director, David Ferriero, quit. He…

National Archives Partnership Alliance with Wikimedia Foundation – sponsored by Obama, SOROS and Clinton — Helena

Ideological Subversion | Monologue 3

Ideological Subversion | Monologue 3

The ICONIC Podcast 40.2K subscribers The LBGDTTTIQQAAPP Psyop. You can support us at: Patreon https://patreon.com/theiconicpodcast Thank you all for your patience and support. We are excited to announce our return with 3 separate podcasts: – The Iconic Podcast (the original podcast) – Cyvilan Podcast – GKF2 (God, King, Father, Friend) Podcast We are also excited to announce our new, updated and improved online merchandise store. Go to: The Iconic Label https://www.theiconiclabel.com/ …to see all merchandise for each podcast. Stay up to date with everything ICONIC by following us on all of our social media. Please see the following linktree via: https://hoo.be/iconic Affiliate Links/Suggested Reading:

Broken Covenant. ALL Life Belongs To Me! – Michelle Katherine Orts

This prophecy went forth in 2021 by this prophetic voice and was fulfilled by the Most High God in June of 2022. God is real and so are His true prophets.


I AM The Highest Judge. I Shall Overturn Roe V Wade!

December 4, 2021 11:11 PM
Michelle Katherine Orts

Saturday The Sabbath, 11:11PM CST December 4th, 2021

Dear 444 Prophecy News/Jonathan,
I received this Rhema Word yesterday, today into tonight, directly from Jesus and Our Father God. I am submitting this for your prayerful consideration for publishing. All Glory, Honor and Praise belongs to Jesus!

May God Bless you, your family and your ministry, as you continue to serve Him for the Glory of God in Jesus Mighty and Holy Name above all names.Amen

In Jesus’ Holy Love and Service,

Your Sister in Christ Jesus Yeshua,

Rhema Word received Fasting Friday, December 3rd 2021
@ 4:40PM CST until 11:11PM CST Saturday, Sabbath, December 4th, 2021 #USA from Father God given to Michelle Katherine Orts aka TurtleDove wife to husband Reverend/Pastor David Orts for The Endtime Warrior Bride and as a Warning to SCOTUS and to every person in the world.
Title: Broken Covenant. ALL Life Belongs To Me!

Relevant short preamble history note.

The original US Supreme Court, Roe V Wade, decision was a historical and legal ruse. There were single pregnant moms chosen by deceptive murderous minds to be used as pawns for the whole purpose of deceiving and manipulating an ignorant, naive and apathetic American society which had grown lukewarm and even, bitter cold, towards their Creator God Jesus. The pregnant mothers, used as Plaintiffs in the Federal abortion rights case of Roe V Wade, didn't even know they were being used in a court case until after it had begun (or in one case after it had transpired over a year later) well after the births of their children. The moms BOTH delivered healthy babies. The entire Supreme Court Roe V Wade case has been a LIE since the very beginning. God is about to deal with this lie, and with all unrepentant liars who distort truth and who refuse to uphold Justice and Truth, in a very big way. His Way.

Creator God deals with unrepentant liars only one way. Judgement.

First part of the Rhema Word of Knowledge given to me received from Jesus The Word made flesh for Jesus’ Remnant Bride and for all the world:

“Judgement has already arrived in God’s House, The Church, and Judgement is now arriving upon The US Supreme Court, and subsequently, Judgement will then fall upon the entire earth. From The JUST JUDGE JESUS to My Daughter, Michelle Katherine Orts aka TurtleDove and wife to husband Reverend/Pastor David Orts for The Warrior Bride The Remnant Church and Warning to the World.

Hear Also This Rhema Word of The Lord directly from My Father God to you My Children. This is also a Warning to those lukewarm, those lost and to the Rebellious among you. This is for the entire world.-Jesus, Yeshua The Lamb of God Slain for you.”

Rhema Word continues now from Father God,

“Watch and see what befalls those who feign to represent Me, I AM Truth, I am Supreme Truth in all the land! I will have NO MORE OF IT! Says The Voice Of Thunders and The Voice of Living Waters. Judgement shall visit each Justice where they live and breathe and have their being. In their innermost sanctum, I The Lord shall Visit them. Only those Justices with Truth upon their hearts, minds and souls shall be able to continue to use their tongues. For I AM sickened by the tortuous twisting of their tongues giving Me lip service and zero sincerity! I have weighed each Justice and I shall now pronounce My Judgement for all the world to see!

Life belongs to Me!

I have withheld My Fury up until now. I have shown My Mercy to those who I have chosen to show Mercy. My Mercy triumphs over My Judgement still. But now My Patience has ended and My Cup of Indignation is Full.

I AM HOLY! Is there any other above or before Me? No.

I The Lord God Who set the boundaries of every raging sea and I Who secured The Foundation of The Earth ordering The Stars to follow their timely trajectories, I The Creator of The Fountains of The Deep and The Creator of The Waters above, have drawn a line in the sand which I with My Wisdom created.

I created speech. Euphemisms are not your idea. I laugh at your pride and your petulant airs. You tout words as if they belong to you! No. The very breath I give you to breathe belongs to Me and I give it to you. My Words carry My Authority, My Power, My Purpose!

Speak Life or speak Death.

It is no longer just The US Justices of whom I speak, I address every living soul who can speak in their thoughts, in their hearts and in their spirit man. I hear it all.

If I have given you the ability to speak out loud, then speak My Words, read My Words OUT LOUD! The enemy of Mankind knows the secrets of Heaven and has attempted to use these secrets against all using the airwaves. STOP LISTENING TO LYING SPIRITS SPEAKING TO YOU THROUGH LYING LIPS ON TV, CABLE, COMPUTERS, CELL PHONES OR IN PERSON!

Yes. Quit your jobs if you have to in order to OBEY ME! This poison being pushed and marketed globally is NOT OF ME! Let men fire you! Let men mock you! Let them beat you, imprison you and yes, even, kill you for MY Namesake, Jesus. Does not my Word say, If you love this world more than Me, you are not worthy of Me?

Many of you will die, in the end, for not taking The Beast’s Mark which is the injectable or consumable poison and which contains self replicating and self propagating, graphene hydroxide (super magnetic and sharpened to the atomic level, magnetizing to IRON and soluble in water becoming homologous and evenly dispersed in every area of the human body) mixed with literal (atomically identical in its molecular and chemical structure and equally or more destructive than serpent’s venom itself) synthetic Serpent’s Venom and Satan’s Seed which contains the actual Fallen Angel Image/DNA of Satan and The BLOOD OF MURDERED BABIES.) You shall die for not obeying The Beast, The FALSE Christ, Barack and his FALSE PROPHET Francis, Peter of Rome. You shall die for not taking the numbers of the Beast’s name into your bodies, the numbers are listed in the Beast’s Patent #060606

I shall allow The Beast to overcome My Saints for a time, but I shall also spare a Remnant who are Called by My Name and shall hide them under My Wings. I AM Faithful. I DO NOT LIE.

Many shall die for not being able to buy or sell for refusing to receive the Beast’s Numbers, The Beast’s Name and for refusing to allow The Beast’s Image (Satan’s Seed/Fallen Angel DNA) to be placed by injection or quantum dot patch or quantum dot pill into their body’s systems.

Satan hates Me, Father God, for throwing him and one third of his rebellious brothers out of My Abode, out of Heaven forever. The Fallen will soon be dealt with in The Eternal LAKE OF FIRE. Be careful that none of you align with them turning away from My Son Jesus!

The Blood of Jesus, My Son, The Lamb of God, The Word made flesh. Jesus is Your Only Way to Me The Father. Choose to receive My Gift to you. Receive My Son, My Own Blood Son for Salvation to enter into My Kingdom.

If you die for refusing The Beast’s Name, The Beast’s number or The Beast’s Image, for MY NAMESAKE, JESUS THE WORD MADE FLESH, YOU SHALL LIVE! The second (spiritual/eternal) death has NO POWER over you. You shall reign with My Son Jesus in the Millennium and Forevermore you, My Precious Sons and Daughters shall live with Me, Your Abba Father in Heaven, The New Jerusalem which descends down to earth out of Heaven bringing Heaven to earth and makes all things NEW shall be your HOME FOREVER. NO MORE TEARS. NO MORE PAIN. NO SUFFERING. EVER AGAIN.

Woe to those who turn not away from continuing, unrepentant, haughty, arrogant, scoffing, mocking, taking My Long Suffering for granted. You should be AFRAID OF MY WRATH! The Blood of a Billion Infants cries out to Me from The Deep Earth and Seas. Even in the Second Heavens, I see, I hear the lonely cries and deep wailings of earthly mothers ravished by The Disobedient Fallen Stars (Fallen Angels) who have lusted after My Female Children. Hybrids are indeed among you now as in The Days of My Servant Noah who was found Perfect because of his Faith in Me, The LORD.

I shall save more than a billion souls for My Namesake in retaliation to the enemy’s perverseness. My Glory shall ruin the enemy’s plans. My Name and My Son Yeshua shall prevail and shall RULE. My Kingdom shall REIGN FOREVER! My Son’s Blood has paid for everyone’s sins and yet they MOCK ME by killing and lying and murdering their own precious children who belong to ME. I HAVE HAD ENOUGH.

The enemy has already lost, though he pretends through illusion to be the victor in order to strongarm the greedy and fearful to join his failing team of demons and tyrants. They (The Fallen, the demons, the unrepentant human colluders and Satan’s puppets) shall all go down to Sheol and receive the penalty that they have purported and planned for My Children. Seven fold they shall be deemed guilty and their punishment is sealed forever to be upheld continually for all Eternity in the Lake of Fire which I have prepared before time began, before I created time itself.

Tell everyone you know to seek Me now, search for Me now before I roll back the Heavens and then it will be TOO LATE TO REPENT! So turn from sin now! I have set My Marker. I have appointed My Time. I The Father have spoken. Only those hidden from My Wrath by My Son, Yeshua, Jesus, will Survive.- Father God JEHOVAH Yahweh YHWH.”

BREAKING: Pro-abortion protesters burst into tears… — By the Blood of the Lamb

Sickening to watch these lost souls mourn the loss of freedom to murder babies in the womb. Evil is on full display. MARANATHA! Sonny https://www.revolver.news/2022/06/breaking-pro-abortion-protesters-burst-into-tears/

BREAKING: Pro-abortion protesters burst into tears… — By the Blood of the Lamb