The Jewish Question-Are European Jews Israelites?

If anything is built on a foundation of lies, how can Christians possibly accept it?
Religion doesn’t denote ethnicity.

The Khazarian Conspiracy:

Is Seeing, Believing? What do you think, do your eyes deceive you?
What about logic? This is a must see, and a must read!
Warning! It’s going to blow John Hagee’s Jewish, racial, identity crisis out of the water!
When is a Jew NOT a Jew?
I don’t agree with everything on this website, but I certainly agree that the Ashkenanazi’s are not Semetic, or ethnic Jews. Look at the pictures, which are worth a thousand words. Could anything be more obvious?

“Who are ‘the Jews’? This website aims to debunk Anglo’s Jewry claim to having ancestry in the Arab Middle East. Look at the pictures above. Unless you are visually challenged, it only takes a glance at the pictures in order to distinguish who are the Jews of European origin, those of African origin and those of the Arab origin. But that subject is very taboo. European Anglo Jewry – disguised as ‘Israelites’ – colonized Palestine and millions of people of the world have been hoodwinked into believing what is obviously an outright and outrageous lie! Chinese Muslims do not claim title to the land from which their religion originated, nor do Catholic Italians or Nigerian Christians. The silly claim to land title based on the Jews’ god favoring one people to the detriment of another is simply self-serving. The international Jews now in Palestine are sorted and arranged according to the color line: the White European Anglo Jews reigning supreme over all other dark skinned Jews. White Jewry is at the top followed by Arab Jews, followed by African Jews.”

Another thing, I’ve noticed that so many, even most, European Jews who’ve migrated to America, and have converted to Christianity, and claim to be Messianic Christians, and Torah observant seem to be leaning strongly to the Law of the Old Testament/Torah, rather than the New Covenant. These Euro-Jews claim their Jewishness, just as those who’ve done Aliyah and “returned to Israel”. But wait a minute, they couldn’t possibly “return” to Israel when they never originated from Israel in the first place.

I feel this has brought much confusion to Christian and non-Christian alike.

Antisemitism. Wouldn’t a Jew have to be ethnically Semitic to say that someone is being antisemitic against him or her? It would seem logical. Nevertheless, they persist in doing just that. Is God the author of confusion?

European Jews have historically used the phrase, “Next year in Jerusalem” as if it were a call to go back to their homeland. How can this be when neither they or their ancestors ever originated from there?

John Hagee and those who’ve been listening to his weird doctrine about “supporting the Jews” need to have a serious non-hagee look at just where they’ve been placing their hard earned money.

Bottom-line, European Jews ARE NOT JEWS! They have merely adopted Judaism as a religion.

A Nation of Weaklings!

I don’t agree with everything he says, but hey, he’s got a point.

Bulldog Calls Americans Weaklings!

A nation of weaklings? Yes, I have come to believe it, and basically I’m talking about American men here. Why not American women? Because, frankly, MEN are supposed to be the leaders in the marriage and family. Providing a spiritual and MANLY role model for their sons. That’s why.

Who wears the pants in your family, you…or your wife? Maybe it’s your wife, because she doesn’t perceive you to be a morally, spiritually strong man capable of leading, and PROTECTING your family!

And…America? We see American men limp-wristedly capitulating to the likes of Diane Feinstein, Janet Neopolitano, Nancy Pelosi, and Hillary Clinton, being pushed around and told what to do, THINK AND BEHAVE by these ‘women’. Or just as bad, becoming “gay”. Gay..what’s so “gay” about men having sex with other men? God calls it disgusting! And so do I.

American men, you’re primarily a nation of office workers who sit all day behind computers, and then come home and do the same. So different from the real men of a few generations ago who knew how to work with their hands, plow a field, build a house, (or a NATION), protect themselves in a fist fight if needed to, and yes, even knew how to properly handle a gun.

A nation of weaklings Americans have become. American men, you will just roll over, give up and give in, won’t you, because you don’t have the spiritual and moral backbone to do otherwise. You get your “power” vicariously from watching football, but mostly, you just watch TV. You’ve become soft, like spoiled children. Soft and weak!

Yes, I am angry today, but mostly I am frustrated…because I see the way this country is going. And you, American men, are going to allow it to happen, aren’t you? American men, you are indicted by your own lack of moral character.

I will probably get a lot of complaints about what I have just written. Well, guess what? I don’t care. It’s the truth. If you men can’t handle the truth, get out of the kitchen and do something about it. The kitchen is not where you’re supposed to be anyway.


An eye-opening exposè revealing Pope Francis’ nefarious past and a call to action to the Catholic church and Catholic community of the world to renounce his appointment.


Voice of the Martyrs Supports Catholicism! Shocking Truth!

VOM, Voice of the Martrys has become a world wide behemoth. We will support the work they do “when” indeed they assist persecuted evangelical Christians, not when they use the money of their supporters to help Catholics rebuild their churches, or continue to publish newsletters with heretical Catholic doctrines. It’s amazing to me that this activity has slipped under the radar almost unnoticed by VOM’s evangelical supporters.

Just so you know, there is another organization similar to VOM; the so named International Christian Concern;

Apparently, this group does the same thing as VOM. Checking out their site I found they support Coptic Catholics. I have begun to wonder if these groups are just plain ignorant of scripture, or perhaps there is more of a profit motive involved rather than legit Christian love and compassion. As for me, I plan on knowing first hand, in my own community, where and who to support financially. I don’t think I shall ever again send checks to “mystery meat ministries”, where you really have zero idea where the money is going.

Voice of the Martyrs Warning-Dr. Scott Johnson:

“We have just confirmed that Voice of the Martyrs (VOM) does not differentiate heretics from Christians in their reporting; They lump Catholics, Adventists and any other group professing Christian faith in with their claim of being persecuted for Jesus. Will they next add Mormons just because they claim Jesus?

I find this disturbing VOM cannot discern the difference between heretics and Brothers.

Why is that important to identify those who practice heresy? Is there a difference between Catholics, Christians, Mormons and Adventists, for example? Why identify when you are speaking about Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, and Buddhists from Christians? What is the difference between them and Roman Catholics; These are all works righteousness systems and NOT Christianity.

“Why are you lumping Catholics in that list, isn’t Catholicism Biblical?” Is it?

In matters like these, it is always wise to seek out elders with good reputations for their clear exegetical exposition of the Bible to see what they have to say. So let’s ask John MacArthur, Pastor of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California since 1969, and founder of the Ministry Grace to You (

On his website John answered that question in his article…

Is Roman Catholicism Biblical?
“As long as the Roman Catholic Church continues to assert its own authority and bind its people to ‘another gospel,’ it is the spiritual duty of all true Christians to oppose Roman Catholic doctrine with biblical truth and to call all Catholics to true salvation. Meanwhile, evangelicals must not capitulate to the pressures for artificial unity. They cannot allow the gospel to be obscured, and they cannot make friends with false religion, lest they become partakers in their evil deeds (2 John 11).”
John also has an audio series on Catholicism called “Explaining the Heresy of Catholicism“, which title makes clear his opinion on the matter.
John’s view of Calvinism, however, is entirely another matter.

So, did you catch that? Evangelicals must not capitulate to the pressures for false unity and must oppose their doctrine with Biblical truth! It is a much greater evil to send a man to Hell thinking he is safe than to burn down his false assumptions with the Law, for example, showing him his great need for a Savior. The pain will not be forever in the latter but will be endless in the former. There is a very clear distinction between denominations that “differ in non-essentials” and pagan worship that sends a man to Hell, isn’t there?

A few points I have seen myself about Roman Catholic beliefs:

1. Where does the Bible say to worship Mary or that she is in any way a co-redemptrix with Jesus for your salvation?

2. Why do Catholics still claim infused righteousness is correct, in direct opposition to Ephesians 2:8-9?

3. Why do Catholic Priests venerate tradition and what their High priests say over the Bible and what God says, when there is a conflict between them?

Roman Catholicism doesn’t sound Christian to me. And those points are not “non-essentials.”

I asked a representative of VOM on Twitter what the Roman Catholic policy was, after discussing the issue with him, and he gave me this link on their website:

In that document you can see the ministry policy is not to be concerned with who is who. Apparently all someone need to do is claim Jesus to get on “the list.”

Why is VOM wasting your support on heretics, funds meant to help Christians?

Richard Wumbrand is not a Catholic but, as I am told by @VOMC on Twitter, Richard suffered in a prison “with Catholics.” It is clear by their policy statement on the matter that V.O.M. considers Roman Catholicism to be merely a denomination of Christianity. (I suspect their Reformed Catholicism, called Calvinism, is to blame
Not True Richard!
There are many Protestants that were tortured by Roman Catholics that would argue very vehemently with you if they could; We must argue for them instead.

Catholics are not Christians!
Richard Wurmbrand seemed to have elevated his personal experience above scriptural authority; he knows better today.

I like(d) what Voice of the Martyrs does, so I am saddened to hear they are allowing themselves to be used by heretics to spread their heresy as they help “persecuted” Catholics rebuild their “churches.”

It would not be difficult for you, Voice of the Martyrs, to identify the “denomination” of the person under persecution, but yet you refuse to do even that and so color your news of Christians Persecution with doubt:

“Our focus of ministry is on those who are mistreated because their persecutors consider them Christians” is their stated justification for helping Catholics as if they are brothers in Christ. So now the persecutors define what you do Richard? No, brother, no; That is a mistake. Many make this very same mistake about Mormons.

“Should we not still assist those being badly treated?” OF COURSE! Christians are responsible for the VAST MAJORITY of all assistance in the world. And MOST of those receiving such help are NOT Christians, as the Bible says. But let’s not identify these as being persecuted for Jesus when they are not.

If a Catholic is being abused he has to know he isn’t being persecuted for Jesus! A Catholic doesn’t even have a saving faith! Consider his soul man lest he die in his sins and you be called to task by Jesus for not telling him the truth!

Truth is more important than unity, Richard Wurmbrand, even at the cost of your own $upport. It is far far better to lose the ministry than foster lies as truth and help a single soul into Hell, am I right?

And why is that important? Why is it so all-fired important to know the difference between a Catholic, a Mormon, a Jehovah’s Witness and a Christian? Because JESUS cares who is His and who is being persecuted for His name’s sake. Jesus cares very much who is lying about their associations and using His Name to garner support for their heresy, taking such help from His Children. God is not mocked! He is not jerk to be jerked around.

Christians cannot have unity with darkness. PERIOD.
Any co-operation with Catholicism lends credence to their apostasy – Jesus is not pleased.

So, as long as the Voice of the Martyrs ministry continues to identify with those who are not being persecuted for Jesus then Joyce and I cannot recommend supporting their work; They might as well just become a secular news service for all the good they will do, I’m genuinely sorry to say.

I had to let our support for a housing ministry go when I found out they were Catholic. Now I find Voice of the Martyrs is Catholic friendly as well.

The final word on this, as always, must be from the Bible:

“Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers. For what partnership has righteousness with lawlessness? Or what fellowship has light with darkness?”
2 Corinthians 6:14

“for whoever greets him takes part in his wicked works.”
2 John 11

Should Voice of the Martyrs see the error of supporting Catholicism as if it is Christian, when they stop, then we will be happy to recommend them again.”

Patrick and Joyce Burwell Ministries