A Nation of Weaklings!

I don’t agree with everything he says, but hey, he’s got a point.

Bulldog Calls Americans Weaklings!

A nation of weaklings? Yes, I have come to believe it, and basically I’m talking about American men here. Why not American women? Because, frankly, MEN are supposed to be the leaders in the marriage and family. Providing a spiritual and MANLY role model for their sons. That’s why.

Who wears the pants in your family, you…or your wife? Maybe it’s your wife, because she doesn’t perceive you to be a morally, spiritually strong man capable of leading, and PROTECTING your family!

And…America? We see American men limp-wristedly capitulating to the likes of Diane Feinstein, Janet Neopolitano, Nancy Pelosi, and Hillary Clinton, being pushed around and told what to do, THINK AND BEHAVE by these ‘women’. Or just as bad, becoming “gay”. Gay..what’s so “gay” about men having sex with other men? God calls it disgusting! And so do I.

American men, you’re primarily a nation of office workers who sit all day behind computers, and then come home and do the same. So different from the real men of a few generations ago who knew how to work with their hands, plow a field, build a house, (or a NATION), protect themselves in a fist fight if needed to, and yes, even knew how to properly handle a gun.

A nation of weaklings Americans have become. American men, you will just roll over, give up and give in, won’t you, because you don’t have the spiritual and moral backbone to do otherwise. You get your “power” vicariously from watching football, but mostly, you just watch TV. You’ve become soft, like spoiled children. Soft and weak!

Yes, I am angry today, but mostly I am frustrated…because I see the way this country is going. And you, American men, are going to allow it to happen, aren’t you? American men, you are indicted by your own lack of moral character.

I will probably get a lot of complaints about what I have just written. Well, guess what? I don’t care. It’s the truth. If you men can’t handle the truth, get out of the kitchen and do something about it. The kitchen is not where you’re supposed to be anyway.

2 comments on “A Nation of Weaklings!

  1. A bit harsh? Perhaps. True? Definitely! It extends beyond the man’s role in the home as well. I cannot help but notice a decline in male leadership in many of our churches, particularly small churches. It is the women who have the ideas and organize the events and teach the youth. That is fine in and of itself, but it’s been my experience that the women do these things because the men do NOT.

    Also, I am completely disgusted at how many grown men-with families-spend hours on end playing video games. They think that since they work outside the home, they are entitled to do very little else. I understand needing to unwind and there’s nothing wrong with having “play time” (some golf, some fish, some play video games)….but good grief!

    I have noticed while surfing the blogging world, though, that more and more women are wanting their husbands to regain their manhood…to be the providers and protectors. I for one like a man who can fix things or at least tinker with it long enough to try and fix it instead of just paying someone else to do it. I guess that’s why I married a simple, blue collar, farm-raised country boy.

    Thanks for sharing this.


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