The Jewish Question-Are European Jews Israelites?

If anything is built on a foundation of lies, how can Christians possibly accept it?
Religion doesn’t denote ethnicity.

The Khazarian Conspiracy:

Is Seeing, Believing? What do you think, do your eyes deceive you?
What about logic? This is a must see, and a must read!
Warning! It’s going to blow John Hagee’s Jewish, racial, identity crisis out of the water!
When is a Jew NOT a Jew?
I don’t agree with everything on this website, but I certainly agree that the Ashkenanazi’s are not Semetic, or ethnic Jews. Look at the pictures, which are worth a thousand words. Could anything be more obvious?

“Who are ‘the Jews’? This website aims to debunk Anglo’s Jewry claim to having ancestry in the Arab Middle East. Look at the pictures above. Unless you are visually challenged, it only takes a glance at the pictures in order to distinguish who are the Jews of European origin, those of African origin and those of the Arab origin. But that subject is very taboo. European Anglo Jewry – disguised as ‘Israelites’ – colonized Palestine and millions of people of the world have been hoodwinked into believing what is obviously an outright and outrageous lie! Chinese Muslims do not claim title to the land from which their religion originated, nor do Catholic Italians or Nigerian Christians. The silly claim to land title based on the Jews’ god favoring one people to the detriment of another is simply self-serving. The international Jews now in Palestine are sorted and arranged according to the color line: the White European Anglo Jews reigning supreme over all other dark skinned Jews. White Jewry is at the top followed by Arab Jews, followed by African Jews.”

Another thing, I’ve noticed that so many, even most, European Jews who’ve migrated to America, and have converted to Christianity, and claim to be Messianic Christians, and Torah observant seem to be leaning strongly to the Law of the Old Testament/Torah, rather than the New Covenant. These Euro-Jews claim their Jewishness, just as those who’ve done Aliyah and “returned to Israel”. But wait a minute, they couldn’t possibly “return” to Israel when they never originated from Israel in the first place.

I feel this has brought much confusion to Christian and non-Christian alike.

Antisemitism. Wouldn’t a Jew have to be ethnically Semitic to say that someone is being antisemitic against him or her? It would seem logical. Nevertheless, they persist in doing just that. Is God the author of confusion?

European Jews have historically used the phrase, “Next year in Jerusalem” as if it were a call to go back to their homeland. How can this be when neither they or their ancestors ever originated from there?

John Hagee and those who’ve been listening to his weird doctrine about “supporting the Jews” need to have a serious non-hagee look at just where they’ve been placing their hard earned money.

Bottom-line, European Jews ARE NOT JEWS! They have merely adopted Judaism as a religion.

2 comments on “The Jewish Question-Are European Jews Israelites?

  1. Scarlett says:

    John Hagee’s doctrines are flawed from many different angles:

    However, the premise of my post, “The Jewish Question; Are European Jews Israelites”, touched on the fact that indeed European Jews are not Israelite s by ethnicity, Therefore, they have not only usurped the Holy Land unlawfully but made themselves out to be something they are not by a grievous lie.

    Those that have, or are, making “aliyah”, a return to Palestine- are in error, since neither they nor their ancestors originated from there. They have set up a Zionist secular state taken by force. And then cried foul when the Palestinians and the world at large object to it.

    It seems odd to me that the world recognizes the truth of the matter more than most Christians do. Many, if not most Christians, it seems to me, have some false notion of what constitutes “Jewishness” and/or are being guilt tripped into feeling they have to bless this false, hostile takeover. If there was a time when the LORD GOD brought back the Jews to Israel, doesn’t it make sense it would be the descendants of ethnic Jews that were dispersed during the diaspora, and not counterfeits and pretenders?

  2. “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus. And if you are Christ’s, then are you Abraham’s descendants, and heirs according to the promise.” Galatians 3:28-29

    Anything more than this is of the flesh and putting confidence in the flesh rather than being “in Christ.”

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