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They will use fear, force, and lies to ensure everyone gets vaxed with the experimental injection of who knows what death is in the Covid-19 pot. And…they will take the children away from their parents to force compliance of the UN-Constitutional mandate.

Luciferase Vax Ends Spirituality in All… — TABU; Towards A Better Understanding

Remember the Nephilim? Bless your dna daily Post by Gregory GarrettHe Who Controls DNA Controls Salvation: The Blasphemy of Flesh is The Mark of The Beast Atomic Number 666The number 666 relates to the Carbon 12 Atom which constitutes Man. Adam was the First Man: AtomCarbon 12, one of 5 elements in the human […]

Luciferase Vax Ends Spirituality in All… — TABU; Towards A Better Understanding

Exclusive: Gen. Michael Flynn-WILL AMERICA SURVIVE? Part 2-Americas Thought Leaders

As a Christian closely following the prophetic words of the LORD for this hour…my answer would be no, America by it’s own decisions to disobey, disregard God, and turn to decadence and sinful behavior, has passed the Rubicon, and is now under judgment of the Sovereign God, and will not survive. We have destroyed the Republic the early Americans fought to hard for.


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The betrayal: The Trace Act H.R 6666 — News that matters

In may 2020, USA Today claimed that this Covid-19 act would not be used to “force people into quarantine”. In December 2020 we know better. This was just another manipulated “fake news”. The Trace Act was the founding bill of Coved-19 tracing mechanism in the USA. That this act is registered with the number 6666 […]

The betrayal: The Trace Act H.R 6666 — News that matters

Are Deep State Satanists being Arrested under Cover of Defender Europe 20 Exercises? — Conspiracy Daily Update

The truthful answer to that, is no, there will be no arrests of Luciferians, Illuminatists, or the Deep State. This is totally twisted. If anything…they will succeed as they have been doing according to plan, and steam roll any opposition, including Trump, and replace him by popular demand with a return of the Muslim.  I knew QAnon was a flat out lie from the get go, because it doesn’t line up with the end time scriptures in many various places in the Bible. However, these “dreams” and psychic revelations of Wilcocks, are a manifestation of the returning Nephelim; evil angels, hybrids, who will claim to be “saviors”, creators, friends…they are brilliant, dangerous and incredibly evil. They will destroy, not create. He is obviously channeling intel from an intelligent source, but that source is demonic. It’s an attempt to create an “attractive lie” to turn mankind, including Christians, away from their GOD and Savior; away from the Truth, the Lord Jesus Christ. But true Christians who know and serve their Lord, will not be deceived by this carefully crafted deception. These warnings are in scripture… This is all part of the end times, and is solidly incorporated in the Book of Revelation. Anything else is deception. 

As for me, I serve the God who answers by Fire!


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