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“In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and was God. But I AM more than just a driving force. I AM more than just a word that you speak. For I AM embodied in all that is true, and just, and right. I AM before all things, and from Me, everything emanates. I AM was there before all things. I AM He that was spoken of by the ancient Hebrews. I AM He that Enoch knew. I AM He that Moses saw in the burning bush.

I AM before all things, and through Me everything exists. You can read about Me in my word; but I AM not bound by the pages in it. Throughout the annals of time, men and women have learned about Me. Various men and women have written down their accounts of Me, and my holy word has been preserved.

But I was there before anything was written down about Me. The ancient ones knew about Me. They passed down those stories, and various accounts that spoke of my involvement in their affairs.

I was there in the beginning, and yet there is no beginning with Me. For I came to create the heavens and the earth. I came to create man and woman. But the great serpent came to deceive, and since then, man and woman has fallen.

But there is a fire that burns within the heart of man. That fire is the burning desire to know Me. And you can not know Me without first knowing my Son. He is before all things and is in all things. To know Him is to know Me.

But now in these last days there are many other voices in the world. Many have come in this hour to deceive many. But in that day all men will know Me. You will need to know Me, for with the world falling into decay, and men and women seeking truth other than my own, will cause many to fall prey to the beast system.

You are being ushered into these last days. For I tell you that time will speed up. I tell you that the events leading up to my return will cause some to fall into fear. For I have said many times before that even if possible, the very elect would be deceived. You will need to know my voice above all others. You will need to be able to discern between falsehood and truth. For the enemy has come into the hearts of many, and his lies have been absorbed as truth to some.

But you will not be deceived if you truly know Me and my word. You will be able to be sustained through all of the dangers that lie ahead. You will be able to be protected from the onslaught of terror and world domination. But I will tell you this: It is time to throw away your speculations and conspiracies, for they only breed quarrels. “

Stephen Hanson

“44 Honeycomb And ‘Bokeh’”- Obama: His Future Role And Power

“44 Honeycomb And ‘Bokeh'”- Obama: His Future Role And Power [READ FULL DESCRIPTION BELOW]

Today’s word: Prophecy given before 2020 election primaries- God says former Pres. Obama will “win” the primaries, then reveals Biden will have the nomination over Sanders. The Lord tied the comeback of Obama to presidency one day to Biden’s victory. “Biden and Obama are the same, Biden is the key to the return of Obama.” Visions fulfilled as exact images shown by the Lord come to pass [See written version of this prophecy for pictures]. The glory will be visible first but further down the timeline there is a hidden agenda, the evil blur of BOKEH.

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Today’s word: The ‘SONS OF AFRICA’ [leaders/ presidents/ people of influence] should take note of their enemies across waters. God says Africa’s men in high places will ‘sleep’, in this case president Paul Kagame of Rwanda will be killed by an American-led intrigue to get rid of him because he is ‘problematic’. Pres. Kagame is the kind of leader who does not easily agree to Western social or political ideals, he tightly monitors foreign access to Rwanda’s precious resources and they are tired of it so they [USA] will remove him. Other presidents have been killed in this way before, it is part of Washington’s policy with those who “won’t play ball.” “Africa you have forgotten me and gone back to the ways of your fathers, worshiping idols, therefore your sons will sleep and you are at risk of falling back into the hands of your colonizers. Repent or they will overtake you a second time and put you back in chains.” This is the word of the Lord.

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The Rise Of Russia & The End Of America – March 9, 2022 — The Master’s Voice

“I have commanded my sanctified ones, I have also called my mighty ones for mine anger, even them that rejoice in my highness.” – (Isaiah 13:3) I realize as I administrate this blog for the Lord, that over time the severity of the prophecies I receive has increased. Just as a woman experiences sharper and……

The Rise Of Russia & The End Of America – March 9, 2022 — The Master’s Voice

“The End Of The Age”: The Great Falling Away – January 19, 2022 — The Master’s Voice

The light and fire of the cross will be greatly put out.   “Now the Spirit speaks expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils…” – (1 Timothy 4:1) “Take heed, brethren, lest there be in any of you an evil heart […]

“The End Of The Age”: The Great Falling Away – January 19, 2022 — The Master’s Voice