Today’s word: The ‘SONS OF AFRICA’ [leaders/ presidents/ people of influence] should take note of their enemies across waters. God says Africa’s men in high places will ‘sleep’, in this case president Paul Kagame of Rwanda will be killed by an American-led intrigue to get rid of him because he is ‘problematic’. Pres. Kagame is the kind of leader who does not easily agree to Western social or political ideals, he tightly monitors foreign access to Rwanda’s precious resources and they are tired of it so they [USA] will remove him. Other presidents have been killed in this way before, it is part of Washington’s policy with those who “won’t play ball.” “Africa you have forgotten me and gone back to the ways of your fathers, worshiping idols, therefore your sons will sleep and you are at risk of falling back into the hands of your colonizers. Repent or they will overtake you a second time and put you back in chains.” This is the word of the Lord.

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LIVE: Zelenko Exposes Pfizer Assassination List, Circuitry in Vaxx Vials, War Propaganda Revealed

Friday on the Stew Peters Show, Dr. Zev Zelenko exposes a plan by Big Pharma to execute doctors who are challenging the web of lies that have been told after the safety of the bioweapon vaccine and boosters.
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Dr. Jane Ruby details a shocking discovery regarding warmed up vials of the Pfizer jab which have morphed into explosive injections that self-assemble into chip like circuits.

Attorney Matthew Nolan explains how his near death experience in Mercy Hospital with Scott Quiner has driven him to sue the medical facility, which like hundreds of hospitals throughout the country, has become a killing field for purebloods.

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And, Mindy Robinson discusses her work documenting every misdirection the Deep State and its affiliates have utilized for propaganda in Ukraine, and she details the insanity of fact checkers, the censorship fueling the war in the States, and the collusion to establish anti-Russian sentiment.
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