The New Pharisees

The Voice of One


SNL’s Dana Carvey as The Church Lady

The Pharisees were a Jewish faction during the time of Christ. These guys were famous for reducing spirituality to a system of rules. The law of Moses contains roughly 600 laws. The Pharisees, in an ever-nuanced attempt to be right, doubled that number. Whoever didn’t comply with their system of morals, rituals, and traditions risked being criticized, ostracized, or executed.

Jesus denounced phariseeism vigorously. That said, it continues to plague the church to one degree or another. Anytime Christianity is less about Christ and more about a system of morals, doctrines, or traditions, we are guilty of phariseeism.

Secular society calls modern phariseeism “fundamentalism.” (Not to be confused with the fundamentalist movement of the early 1900s). Non-Christians react to fundamentalists’ attempt to impose their extreme religious views on others. I share this concern.

Non-Christians often think phariseeism or fundamentalism is a religious problem…

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