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For the Lord is great and certainly worthy of praise;
He is more awesome than all gods. – (Psalm 96:4)

This is the last part of this vision. I posted a previous series on what it means to be “Profane” in God’s sight. In that series I said plainly- Jesus Christ is a HOLY GOD. There is no other God to be sought, clung to, listened to and obeyed but this one. There is also no one who LOVES HUMAN BEINGS LIKE HIM. If you want to ask something about Him, email, or ask another Christian you know to teach you.

However whether you know Him yet or not, this blog exists to help us learn, know and remember His ways. The Lord is HOLY and cannot remain next to sin, or accept it, or excuse it. He can REMOVE SIN, but only after repentance…

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The Slavery Chronicles: Buffalo Soldiers, Pt 4 – June 7, 2019

The Master's Voice

american indians

All of yesterday, at odd times since I woke up I heard the word: Bison. Bison. Bison.

It would pop up, go away, I’d see the animals, but I couldn’t figure out what it meant. 

Last night, the Lord Jesus shared this series of prophecies titled “The Slavery Chronicles”, and gave me a message for the American Indians of the United States. First the vision, then the message.

On the night of June 6, 2019 I saw a strange thing, several visions happening all at once. It should have been confusing but it wasn’t- each vision was its own layer happening on top of the next, like different movies playing. I understood all the visions are linked together by a common theme: Judgement upon the nation of America for her crimes, past and present.

In one layer of vision I saw a wide ‘steppe’. I know this word from history…

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Insight: Dinner at The U.N. – June 19, 2019

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UN Logo

He controls the course of world events; he removes kings and sets up other kings. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the scholars. – (Daniel 2:21)

This is part of the WORLD POLITICS visions from June 16, 2019. This is the last one that gives a look behind the curtain at global level. Many things have to shift for End Times prophecy to occur- primary actors make deals and alliances, secondary actors stay safe. God made the world and He knows everything that goes on before it happens, that’s why He is worthy of worship and honour- because who else can reveal these things? He  is the ONLY ONE who sets kingdoms up or lets them fall into ruin. 

Tags:The United Nations,Security Council, key UN members 

I was viewing a large dining room in with panelled dark wood and classic furniture. At the…

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America O, America! 🇺🇸

The Master's Voice

It is not an easy thing to bring a prophetic word against any nation, but a great and powerful one like the United States is an especially difficult subject for several reasons.

Mostly because no matter what people tell you, deep down they believe in power. It’s a tangible thing after all, easy to identify and follow. This country built herself up from the proverbial bootstraps, touting God and respect for fellow man along the way, til she became a lighthouse that every nation in the world looks to. Even her enemies respect her… but that’s going to change. It’s hard to believe that a monolith can be anything but monolithic; it’s hard to believe that a mountain can collapse. Yet that is exactly what the God of Heaven is saying.

America will collapse.

For five years I’ve received detailed prophecies about judgements coming to the USA. So many others…

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Upheaval Of Nations 2: “Time To Finish The Kingdoms” – June 14, 2019

The Master's Voice

crisis 2“But they, our fathers, acted arrogantly;They became stubborn and would not listen to Your commandments.”– (Nehemiah 9:16)

“But this is what I commanded them, saying, ‘Obey My voice, and I will be your God, and you will be My people; and you will walk in all the way which I command you, that it may be well with you.’Yet they did not obey or incline their ear, but walked in their own counsels and in the stubbornness of their evil heart, and went backward and not forward.” – (Jeremiah 7:23- 24)

GOD HAS A COVENANT WITH THE NATIONS. There is no nation under heaven that was not born into the hands and watchful eyes of God. He made one race of men, separated them into tribes, tongues and languages, and gave them the right to govern themselves- To set up kingdoms and laws that SHOULD…

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The Rapture-Beware of False Doctrines!

Spiritual Abuse Sanctuary

Not like this video portrays it. Nowhere in scripture does it indicate that the church will be “caught away” before the Tribulation. Check out ALL of Matthew 24, where Jesus tells us specifically, after the Tribulation of these days. However, just let me say this.. I am homesick, and my heart cries out, “Come quickly LORD JESUS”.

From the Tribulation Network, comes “The Gideon Chronicles”, a novel about the end times, which, I for one, believe we are beginning to see fast approaching, if not already upon- us as Jesus foretold, “The beginning of sorrows”.

I agree with the words of Corrie Ten Boom, Christians have been taught a false doctrine about the “rapture” that’s going to leave them as unprepared for the difficult days ahead, as those people were in Noah’s day, who didn’t heed the warning to repent.

Christians have been lulled into a false sense of…

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