The ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Massacre: Satanic Influence of The Joker

I watched the movie, “The Exorcism of Emily Rose” a few years ago. (Same girl, as in the picture). There is also quite a bit of reading about it online. It is a true story. It was absolutely heartbreaking. This girl knew she needed help. She should have gotten it. This is not something so mysterious, this casting out of demons that it takes “special rituals” to accomplish. Any obedient Christian, living for Jesus and obeying His commandments should have been able to deliver this woman through the Power of Jesus Christ and in His Name.


This post is in no way an attempt to sensationalize an already notorious tragedy, which has already been perhaps over-reported in the media- but rather, it’s my intention to shift focus over onto a spiritual angle, along with a few other Christian bloggers, to what may have very well been the root cause behind this shooter’s bizarre and wicked behavior.

Since this news broke, I’ve been reading headlines from media sources, comments on various blogs, as well as the police, victims, and their families asking “why?”  Why, would the alleged shooter in the “Dark Knight Rises” movie massacre do such a horrendous and evil thing? They are asking, baffled, what was his motive? Was he mentally ill, (a milder way of saying insane). Was he on drugs, as people suggested during the so-called Cannibal Attack in Miami Beach?

As a Christian, I immediately turned to other thoughts, that to me seemed more likely the  alleged shooter was under the influence of demonic spirits. But it seems I am in the minority. It didn’t make sense to me that almost immediately, some people in the press started focusing on their being a “religious aspect” to the killing,, apparently trying to establish some sort of right wing “Christian nutcase” to the shooting, but without considering demonic activity, (which they disallow). I also took note that people began holding vigils, releasing balloons, and in some cases having prayer circles. But the one thing that seemed to be missing from any of the reports or commentaries, is that the man, James Holmes may have been demon possessed. 

If Christians, along with the general community, disregard demons, I guess they may have to disbelieve the accounts in the gospels where Jesus cast them out. Why is this? Have Christians become so totally removed from any manifestation of the supernatural they simply cannot come to terms with the reality that there are indeed demon spirits that operate in the realm of mankind, in the natural world. This was no secret to the ancients, who were very familiar with the spirit world and the activity of evil spirits.

Nowadays, it seems even Christians want to psychologize everything, and take their mental and emotional problems, (which could be spiritual issues instead) to psychologists and counselors, and get psychotropic drugs to cope with these problems. Friends, the mental health community has no cure for spiritual issues, much less problems stemming from demonic activity in the person.

Demons are just as real as you and me.  To deny this and shut our eyes to this reality, not only leaves us vulnerable to demonic attack, but helps to keep the blinders on the general culture as well. The mainstream church has been just as guilty about this as anyone. Maybe they don’t want to be ridiculed. But people need to know the truth, and Christians need to be courageous enough to brave ridicule for the sake of Truth. 

Please read on…as this rabbit hole is very deep. We will learn something. Below, in this link an excellent post on the same subject matter I’ve touched on in this post…only, it’s much more in depth and well done.

8 comments on “The ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Massacre: Satanic Influence of The Joker

  1. Scarlett says:

    Psalm 101- Says this, 2…”I will behave myself wisely in a perfect way. O when wilt thou come unto me? I will walk within my house with a perfect heart.

    3… I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes: I hate the work of them that turn aside; it shall not cleave to me.”

    Ricky, sad as this is, people all over America expose themselves and their children unwittingly, to the most vile, evil things imaginable, through movies, TV and the Internet, and think nothing of it. There is no possible way to continually do this without severe consequences because they are opening the door of their eyes, and therefore their minds to Satan to come in and kill, steal and destroy. And yet…about this tragedy, everyone out there in the matrix they live in, is asking, “Why?”. This Psalm explains it. People won’t “get it”, but it does. God had a reason for everything contained in Holy scripture. This was just one of His warnings.

    • ricky says:

      wow, excellent!!!! clap clap well said, but I admit I wasn’t brave enough to say it, I am also guilty of it, via movies and music, I was wondering why toddlers and babies in acinema watching such a dark movie…….just last week I had that conversation with my sister, I said, I am coming to realization that god’s so called laws, guides, advisement are not for him, they are not for his pleasure or ego as a Luciferian and others once tried to sell to me, even secular religion sells’s all for us…his tenants are for us, it is so we can have a good peaceful life, it is to protect us from the wiles and mischief of the enemy, our own Loki satan.joker, loki, lex luthor, they all are manifestations of satan, mischiveous, evil but joking, jeering…..the rules of engagement in this life provied by god are for our safe keeping, it needs to be clear God!!!! does not need us, he does not need anything from us, all he does is give give give all day everyday, because he loves us, he gave until it hurt, imagine seeing his son mutulated at the hands of the romans, he is truly our father who art in heaven!!! I saw the pain on the man’s face on one of the articles wrt shooting and in my country, internet, news no where have i have ever seen such agony on a persons face, he was permanently screamimg with pain, he wanted his son, and satan probably was laughing, at those points colour, creed nor race matters and only god matters, and we all know it, good comment, have a blessed one

  2. ricky says:

    I definitely agree with the satanic demonic angle, I love movies but you have to admit there is a dark evil side to mny movies, everythings in our face but we are too absorbed to notice, the whole concept of the birth and goal of heroes is based on mis-direction and shifting of faith, i.e. I help myself and others not god, I decie my destinay and the destiny of others and also “who needs god, we got heroes” some people become over obsessed in the characters and thats when satan can make his move. how much of us when we would younger would come out of a movie reinacting in playful delight, either cowboys, gangsters, heroes, villains etc. once we watch all these movies the seeds are planted. based on faith, strength and beliefs, the devil knows who will be the best candidate to do his dirty work. I also agree with angle on financing, that is really weird, he had to have help from someone

    • Scarlett says:

      Ricky, I agree with your assessment. It’s been proven that movies, as well as TV, have a influencing effect on people, shaping their mindset, and often their behavior, as we’ve seen in some of these crimes being acted out by copy cat killers, or other identification with the personality on the screen.
      About where he got the financing for all the weaponry, it now appears that he was being paid $26.000 to further his studies. Amazing!

      • ricky says:

        wow, so the devil just paved a way for him to complete his agenda, sad but true, sadly we can’t blame the movie makers, actors, the victims, its just one of those things that sad. what can be done is beefing up of security at cinemans, proper manning of excess entrances and exits etc, but nobody could have predicted this. at the end of the day, it sa movie and we all have free will from god, gods blessings to the family, may there loved ones rest in eternal peace

  3. cosign!!! the guy is plainly possessed and he needs help! keep himi n ur prayers pls

  4. Scarlett says:

    That’s a good question. Surely, even if mommy and daddy funded this spoiled brat, they’d have to start asking questions. This may put to rest the theory by “authorities” that he was just depressed due to being jobless and start looking for other answers…like maybe the money did come from some other source.

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