Potters House and it’s Dancing Zombies

OK, so this is how we’re supposed to do church nowadays? I wonder what type of religious brainwashing and spoon feeding of apostate pablum it takes to induce young people to participate in such a disgrace in what is supposed to be the holy household of God? What level of depravity is this”preacher” willing to stoop to in order to pump up his congregants into a state of fleshly energy, and to satisfy his follower’s need to be entertained by the things of this world? In this case, dancing zombies?

Just when you think you’ve seen everything the apostate church is doing these days, now comes this.
As one commenter on this YouTube video said;

“If I wasn’t the Pastor of this church, I would become a member….we done brought Michael Jackson back”…..Yall better RUN FROM THIS CHURCH LIKE YOUR HAIR IS ON FIRE….because it just might be soon enough.

And I agree! Really, REALLY sickening! You’ve been warned…