Tom White of VOM-Activist-Pragmatist-Not an Icon or Great Christian Leader

In this video interview from 2008, Tom White describes himself, and “we”, (meaning apparently,  his associates  who were also activists before joining up with the Wurmbrands), as a “bunch of activists, and  pragmatists.”

It’s true that activists and pragmatists can do much good work for a cause. They can also be very good business heads running a large company if they are gifted in that ability. In Tom White’s case, apparently he was.  I personally don’t believe he was ever intended to be anything other than that, an ministry head. Certainly not an icon, idol or great religious leader, per se. Those placed on pedestals by others have this nasty habit of toppling over and falling. This should be a lesson to those who insist on placing mere men in such precarious positions. If you have done that with your pastor, spiritual shepherd, Tom White or anyone…please repent of it, and do not repeat such a sin. Mankind has a flaw in his character that seems to want to be led by other men, where as God rightly deserves and even demands that honor.

Read the testimony…the need is real. The issue is, with VOM, there does need to be a corporate head to take the helm at this time. However, if VOM is indeed to continue as originally planned by Richard Wurmbrand, as a work of God, then does it not stand to reason that there should be a board of godly men to hold the corporate end accountable? And by that, I mean, not a board of men hand picked by the present leadership, but by a council. This may or may not happen. Hopefully, something similar should take place in the very near future.

Those who are in control of a situation are usually loath to relinquish even a small measure of power to a group of men, no matter how capable they may be. Mark Driscoll’s firing of his elders at Mars Hill Church is just such an example.

One can only hope the present leadership of VOM will see the need- and choose of their own accord, as was done in the Book of Acts, to provide oversight, to police, if you will, their own operation of the ministry, to keep it accountable before man, and most importantly, before God.

4 comments on “Tom White of VOM-Activist-Pragmatist-Not an Icon or Great Christian Leader

  1. Scarlett says:

    PS: This is truly heartbreaking, baffling and leaving many of us not knowing what to do, because one of the issues is that VOM is not, and has not, made a distinction between Christians and Catholics. To be sure, this is a delicate issue, but nevertheless, it’s a very serious one to evangelicals.

    As much as my heart goes out to all persecuted people, I can’t honestly call Catholics, “my brothers and sisters in the LORD”, and furthermore, I feel it would be dishonoring Jesus Christ to do so, I’m sure that at least some of the Catholic people being persecuted in the Sudan, for example, have no idea of the depth of idolatry and paganism in the Catholic doctrine, but. VOM should…however, they making no distinction…….., and they are not coming forward in an effort to make a statement concerning this issue, just as some of the brethren have complained about, and rightfully so.

    To be sure, there are many good people who work for VOM who don’t have a part in the decision making process, but the concerns mentioned here and in other sections of this blog, have been directed toward the leadership, the ones who now have taken the place of Tom White, and do have a voice in the decision making process. If they can’t seem to comprehend, as Christians everywhere should, the very real difference between Catholics and Christians, I’m not sure they can be trusted with the good will donations of VOM supporters. I wish someone in VOM leadership would step forward and clarigy this issue, so that we could make informed decisions.

    This is a tragic example of the dilemma we are faced with in trying to sort out what to do concerning donations to VOM:

  2. Scarlett says:

    Right Adam. There is clearly a lot to ponder. This video speaks volumes actually. When listening to it again, I noticed that he said, “So,we’re a bunch of activists, pragmatists” as if in the present tense…that is, in the present VOM leadership group, not merely- back in the day- when he approached the Wurmbrands in an activist capacity. I read one account of him approaching the Wurmbrands with an offer of help, and them talking to him on the phone a lot. It seemed to indicate he had gained the confidence of the Wurmbrands, and said “they trusted him implicitly”. I wish I’d saved that link.

    He did indicate he was in it for the cause..( of countering communism). from what I gathered, (and if we are to believe that). Then, in the middle of the video, he seemed to change his story and started talking about people being baptized in hot dish water, etc. In any case, after he got hired on with the Wurmbrands, he did develop the Jesus jargon as part of the job apparently. There are only so many possibilities to explore in this situation. This scenario is only one.

    The other thing about the video I think is telling…dare I say it?….. he seemed to feign ignorance about the use of a computer. I find it hard to believe that someone in his position never used a PC. Ask yourself why he would have pretended not to use a personal computer, or know what a “blog” was. Very strange.

  3. Adam Smith says:

    The guy looked like a creep. His movements, his mannerisims were strange to say the least. I feel stupid because I saw in the late 1990’s that VOM was doing some real good especially in closed Muslim nations. In America, I have learned to follow the money when it comes to most preachers and people in ministry: It tells a alot. With VOM, I did not see what T. White revealed about himself in the above video: We are activists and pragmatists.
    He was in it for the cause and not Christ–all along.

  4. Scarlett says:

    This is a small obit notice, and audio clip from Bartlesville, OK radio station regarding Tom White:

    “Passes away”? That’s an understatement.

    I really don’t even know what to say when the local media underplays something like this. I think one would just have to understand that Bartlesville is a relatively small town, compared to the very real fact that Tom White was, and Voice of the Martyrs, is, a very big deal. White in fact, appeared to be somewhat of a local “celebrity”. An undeserved celebrity, in my opinion.

    White had entered into Richard Wurmbrand’s good graces when he was doing activist work for what was then..”Jesus to the Communist Nations”, and then later, more so, when he had allegedly been imprisoned in Cuba. Something Richard Wurmbrand could well relate to. So, whether deserved or not, White landed the rather enviable job at VOM. And the salary and expense account wasn’t too shabby either.

    Eulogizing White, Pres. Dau calls him a “visionary” and that he, White, “would carry around a little notepad” to write down cool stuff for VOM editorials. Well, c’mon…after all that WAS his job.

    Under the circumstances, VOM, the local Bartlesvile media, and police have kept a tight a lid on this mess…. as much as they possible can. Still, a CRIME was committed by this man, and not just any old crime, but one of the worst, the sexual abuse of a little 10 yr old girl. And not just a crime, but a sin, topped off with his own suicide. These are NOT the fruits of a visionary, but acts of a sinful nature that had been brewing for God only knows how long.

    Mind you, I’m not faulting VOM for wanting to keep this low key and subdued, but if VOM is as “Christian” as they like to advertise, in order to solicit donations, then they need to be more honest and transparent than what I see and hear in the link from Bartlesville Radio. Or. for that matter, from the beginning of this scandal. And….it is a scandal, a huge one.

    As much as I’d like to believe what Mr. Dau is saying here, I can’t. There have been just too many lies told at funerals, and I think VOM slipped a few in on this one.

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