Are You Being Manipulated?

Spiritual Abuse Sanctuary

An Up Close and Personal Look at Controlling and Manipulating People, especially as experienced in the spiritual realm of the Christian walk.

Master Manipulators and the Queens of Control:

The term “Jezebel spirit” has clearly been an over used word in the Christian church realm. YouTube videos and articles on the Internet are off the charts about Jezebel, who certainly got a well deserved bad name for herself that will live forever in church terminology. However, a “Jezebel spirit” is simply a descriptive term for someone with a controlling and manipulative character and personality. If you’ve never encountered this type of individual in your own life…or church atmosphere, consider yourself extremely blessed.

However, most of us have encountered such a person, either male or female, either in or out of church. I’ve had a few run in’s with such types over the years, or watched them in action, and they…

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