The Delilah Spirit can Operate Thru Men or Women

Spiritual Abuse Sanctuary

Christian women as well as Christian men need to be aware and alert to the Spirit of Delilah, and, it’s not always about sexual seduction!

There is a lot to meditate on when studying the story of Samson and Delilah. This video illustrates some very insightful points, and I especially like that it’s being brought out in the video that the women of God can be seduced away from serving God by a man, just as easily as men can be seduced away by a woman.

Once your eyes are open to that, you can begin to see any number of ways Satan will try to use someone to introduce a spirit of Delilah into your life. They may not always be as obviously from the world as Delilah was, it may even come from inside the Body of Christ, or your own family or friends, but nevertheless, always a…

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