Voice of the Martyrs-Breaking News!


This in from Lighthouse Trails Research includes a letter written to them from Michael Wurmbrand, the son of the late Richard Wurmbrand who founded Voice of the Martyrs.

In the letter, Michael expresses many of the same concerns that I have in this blog since the suicide of Tom White. And…not just about Tom White, and the child molestation, but of the VOM organization itself, which I have said before seems to have morphed into something quite different from Richard Wurmbrands vision of being “servants to the persecuted church” to “being servants to themselves“.

At this point, I am blown away, and very grateful to Michael Wurmbrand for coming forward with this information, and am thanking God that at last this is being made public.

I am also urging all who have supported VOM, with either financial support or volunteer work, whether presently or in the past, to write VOM directly demanding answers, and also that Michael Wurmbrand’s request for an independant investigation be required. This is not just for the sake of Michael Wurmbrand, or his parents, but for the supporters of VOM themselves, as well as the persecuted whom VOM is supposed to be serving in the name of Jesus Christ. We need and deserve to know the truth.

3 comments on “Voice of the Martyrs-Breaking News!

  1. Major Robbie Armstrong says:

    Tom White was murdered. He has been on my mind most of the day. It was 2 years today Jim Dau put out his news letter that had found Mr. Tom White guilty of the most unspeakable crime. Tom is an innocence and most admirable man of God. Any one can read the heartfelt news letter from Jim Dau and see those which have the blood of Tom White on their hands. Easy, just check out the ones that did the investigation and other investigations in the pass they had made.One of these men were really good at finding little notes left behind by suicide victims. Tom White calls from the grave, for justice to be done. I hope to continue with my information I have found over the last 2 years. Tom White has not been forgotten. R.Y.A. Who knows I maybe the next in line.

    • Scarlett says:

      I appreciate your comment as well as your concern regarding Tom White. Unfortunately, not all share the same sentiments about Tom White’s innocence and his being “an admirable man of God”, for numerous reasons,including private comments that have come to this blog.

      Nevertheless, it has been suggested by some that indeed Tom White was murdered in order to provide a coverup for the investigation the powers that be KNEW would surely be forthcoming. Answers that would be provided by Tom White himself. And I am not referring to only the molestation of the young child,but of the operations of Voice of the Martyrs as a now powerful organization.

      These things were alluded to by Michael Wurmbrand only after the fact of how VOM as an organization had been treating him after White’s death. However,I believe he didn’t know the half of what was going on.

      Whatever did or didn’t happen, you can bet your boots there was collusion going on, and…the Bartlesville powers that be who are connected with VOM, are right in the thick of it.

  2. Scarlett says:

    Questions, questions and more questions…..

    Why in the world, can someone please tell me, would VOM hire a convicted embezzler as vice president of their domestic operations, and front him $35,000 of donation money to pay for restitution on his embezzling conviction?
    Richard Wurmbrand would be rolling over in his grave if he knew this.


    VOM Board of Directors
    •Mr. Harvey Little, Chairman
    •Mr. C. Mark Shumaker, Vice-Chairman
    •Mr. Thomas R. Holland, Board Member
    •Mr. Mervyn W. Knight, Board Member
    •Mr. Paul Gustafson, Board Member
    •Dr. Marshal H. Wright, Board Member
    •Dr. David Dyson, Board Member
    •Mr. Donald Banner, Board Member
    •Dr. Paul Peterson, Board Member
    •Mr. Edwin Baelde, Board Member

    VOM Executives
    •James E. Dau, President

    I’m not sure just how many of these individuals are Bartlesville residents, or how many are imports, although there is supposed to be one ex Bartlesville mayor on the list, who by being on the board has received many “perks”; overseas tours, etc; as well as financial remuneration.(more on that later).

    Tom Holland is the Bartlesville Police Chief, who was number 14 on the nations worst bosses list: http://www.newson6.com/story/16372162/green-country-police-chief-among-americas-worst-bosses

    And by the way, what role did Tom Holland play in the investigation of the child molestation charge of Tom White and his subsequent suicide investigation, since he did have an inside track as Chief of Bartlesville PD?

    One might ask, who warned Tom White of the impending charge and investigation of him just hours before his suicide, since he had not been formally charged or booked?
    Also, remember the VOM directors stated that they had no knowledge of an impending investigation.

    And what about the hush hush atmosphere within both the VOM organization and the Bartlesville PD about both the molestation charge and Tom White’s suicide after the events became public?

    Did it really take 4 months for the toxicology report and cause of death to be finalized?

    If this had been any ordinary run of the mill molestation event, the perpertrator’s computer contents would have been investigated and it would have been made public that it contained child porn content. Bartlesville PD and VOM both made no mention of this, and tried to brush the entire matter off……as best they good, and very conveniently, with the reason that since White was dead, then the matter was closed.

    We do know that VOM is the employer of many Bartlesville residents.What we do not know as yet, what the city itself played in pushing for the elaborate $28 million dollar VOM complex in a city of only 38,000 people. However,it isn’t much of a stretch to figure out that it would have been a boon to the city in many ways.

    Has the local newspaper made any mention of the recent letter to Lighthouse Trails research,or made any other inquiries concerning hijinks at VOM? Not to my knowledge, and it won’t be likely you will either, since they have a known habit of not reporting anything that would make Bartlesville look bad.

    Bartlesville, OK was historically the head of Phillips Petroleum, a wealthy and eitle ittle town, and world of it’s own.Within the last few years, Phillips merged with Conoco which moved it’s executive branch into Bartlesville.At that time, mansions began springing up all across the outskirts of Bartlesville, and the city was on the move again. The Bartlesville hierarchy, you see, enjoys the good life, and the prestiege that goes along with it. So, it’s not surprising that Voice of the Martyrs headquartered there, housed in a lavish structure, would be like a crown jewel sitting as a fitting achievement in this corporate and elite little city.

    (to be continued)

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