Are You Being Manipulated?

An Up Close and Personal Look at Controlling and Manipulating People, especially as experienced in the spiritual realm of the Christian walk.

Master Manipulators and the Queens of Control:

The term “Jezebel spirit” has clearly been an over used word in the Christian church realm. YouTube videos and articles on the Internet are off the charts about Jezebel, who certainly got a well deserved bad name for herself that will live forever in church terminology. However, a “Jezebel spirit” is simply a descriptive term for someone with a controlling and manipulative character and personality. If you’ve never encountered this type of individual in your own life…or church atmosphere, consider yourself extremely blessed.

However, most of us have encountered such a person, either male or female, either in or out of church. I’ve had a few run in’s with such types over the years, or watched them in action, and they may or may not be very easily detected. They are clearly hard to detect when one is personally involved with or under the influence of such a person.

Glynda Lomax in the video above gives a pretty good explanation of someone with a controlling, manipulative “spirit”. Does that mean that Satan or “spirits” are involved with these people in causing them to behave manipulatively in their actions? Well, they are clearly showing some unhealthy fruits if they are attempting to use others for their purposes. And that IS something that Satan and his demon spirits attempt to get Christians as well as unbelievers to do. And that is rebellion, (against the Word, will and purposes of God the Father and His Son, the LORD Jesus Christ), and rebellion is as witchcraft the bible says.

So, could YOU possibly be involved with a person who is manipulating you in some way to accomplish some selfish end of their own? Before you say no, stop and think about it. Your experience might not be the same as mine or Glyda Lomax’s, but don’t rule out the fact that it’s possible, because manipulators are very good at what they do. That’s the very reason they’re hard to detect.

Someone described such a person this way; One guy has a grudge against another guy, but HE doesn’t want to get directly involved with acting out a personal revenge for the sake of remaining hidden or seeming to not be responsible or get the blame for attacking the other person. So what he does is sneak up behind his enemy and hit him over the head, and then he points at another person standing there, and tells the guy he banged on the head, that another guy standing by DID IT. Then, when a fight breaks out, the one who started the fight, stands back and watches the fists fly. But, the other guy gets the blame instead of him. That’s a form of manipulation just as some of the usual descriptions.

False flag events are a form of manipulation like this, where governments will set up a scenario, and then blame it on some other government to achieve a certain goal.

Have you ever, or could you possibly be used by someone in this fashion? Without you even knowing it?
Watch out for this because it’s one of the oldest tricks in the book used by Satan, even from the events in the garden, where Satan tried to shift the blame over onto God. It’s called a “set up”, or in more biblical terms, “the snare of the fowler”, where Satan lays a trap for Christians that is hard to detect.

See our post, “What is the Snare of the Fowler and Who or What is a Fowler?

People will “use” other people to achieve a goal by making suggestions. Does the term suggestibility ring a bell? A manipulative person, (usually very intelligent), will make “suggestions” to you about taking a certain course of action in situations or dealings with other people, relationships, or problems. But with a hidden agenda of their own. They could even be acting under Satanic impulse just as Jezebel was to bring chaos and division. But it could be almost any type of situation imaginable.

The important thing is to learn to discern these agents of chaos and not allow yourself to be controlled or manipulated by them for their personal goals. Please be alert and be aware of such people because like Glynda said, they have hidden motives and they will not hesitate to use you in situations, and then when the fight breaks out, they will stand back and point at you and you will get the blame for what they started.

I have been victimized by these spiritual disinfo agents. The Lord has striven to show me that a situation where spritual warfare erupts, to DO NOTHING, until you have prayed and gotten a clear word from the LORD and the spiritual warfare calmed down, or you will get hurt in the crossfire. These lessons have been very difficult and expensive for any Christian to learn, myself included and I’m still learning them. I tend to be sensitive and too quick to react at times and this is something I’ve had to really work hard at not doing, and not be provoked into walking into a Jezebellian mine field.

Satan knows our personal weaknesses, and until we know what they are ourselves and overcome them, we will continue to be snared by the enemy. Experience can be very expensive and painful spiritually and emotionally. Guard your inner circle and be careful of whom you give access to your life, especially those who come with flatteries. And always, ask the Holy Spirit for discernment about all your encounters with people.

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