Unforgiveness and the Chastening of the Father

Unforgiveness and the Chastening of the Father.

You are the Problem….Crucify the Flesh or Perish

OK, this is a real street preacher. Maybe you don’t like him, but listen to his words because he’s telling the truth. Jesus means business.
This is on my heart today…”Unforgiveness and the Chastening of the Father”
Have you ever been chastened by the Lord? I have, and let me tell you, when the Father chastens you, you will certainly not enjoy it. But Jesus chastens his true children in love just as His Holy scriptures say.

Have you ever held unforgiveness in your heart toward someone for a perceived offense, or even for a real one? Be honest now. Have you? I have. It takes a searching of the heart where sometimes these sins are deeply hidden, even from ourselves. And we may try to deny it, but Jesus searches the deep things of the heart and spirit. If you are truly his child, you will deal with this unforgiveness and allow the Lord to cleanse you of it. This takes judging ourselves honestly before the Lord. Nothing is hidden from Him.

Have you ever held a grudge, bitterness or resentment against someone for something they said or did to hurt you? Or have you ever listened to and believed a story someone told you about someone else that later proved to be untrue? Be honest now, because God knows the truth, and we can’t hide our sins from Him. I have done these things at times, even since my baptism in the Spirit. Can we be men or women enough to admit to these things and grieve over them and repent? Believe me, there is nothing worse than the chastening of the Lord who comes with a rod of conviction.

Maya Angelo said, “It’s not what you did, it’s not what you said, it’s how you made me feel”.

Have you ever said something about someone, or to someone, even a precious friend that you had a disagreement with and they hurt you and you lashed back in anger and said words that cut them? Be honest now. Jesus is watching, who knows every thought from the time we get up until we go to bed. I have done this at times, even as a Christian. Jesus said we are judged by our words, because words come out of our mouth, but they begin in our hearts and spirits. What happens then, when the Lord shows us our sin, flat out, and we feel conviction? To me, it’s like Peter must have felt when the Lord looked toward him after the cock crowed three times. Crushed and broken to the very depth of my being, knowing that I had said or done something to hurt someone in anger.

Did the Apostles get into a contention with one another? Scripture indicates they did…but, it was short lived. I can only imagine what was said that was NOT INCLUDED in Holy writ.

Let’s face it, Christians just don’t walk on water. They mess up, and sometimes they really mess up. But…if they are truly the Lord’s children they are going to be willing to confess it, and own up to it, and repent. The repentance needs to of such that one is willing to honestly stop doing whatever it was that hurt the other person, (or persons). To grieve over our sins. A broken and contrite spirit God is pleased with and will not turn away from such brokeness. Pride, and haughtiness on the other hand is not pleasng to our Lord, and keeps those in bondage who commit these sins.

Spiritual pride is a dangerous thing. When Christians think “they are pure and holy” by their own estimation of themselves, they are in great danger of becoming a Pharisee who refuses to deny self and carry his or her own cross. Jesus walked in meekness and humility. We need to try and emulate Him.

What happens if we hold bitterness, or unforgiveness in our hearts? Our walk with the Lord will be stunted and we will not grow in grace and sanctification. And…..if we don’t repent, we won’t be forgiven. What’s more important to us? Holding on to an offense? Or our salvation? The Lord has shown me that if we even vaguely understood how damaging unforgiveness is to ourselves, we would stop it immediately!

That said, I’ve heard Christians absolutely demand that others forgive them. Yet, they wouldn’t extend the same forgiveness to others. Go figure!

There is truly something lacking in today’s FaceBook Christianity. And it’s going to take God, or some severe judgment to wake people up I guess.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

    May Jesus richly bless and prosper you,

  2. great message and video, thanks for sharing!

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