The World Fallen To Sin – August 11, 2020

The Master's Voice

“Great and mighty deliverer, we bless that name! We lift you high, Yahweh, Yahweh…”

– From the top song on my current playlist, ‘Yahweh’– Link to that is here.

Today while working with live news in the background I saw something that made me remember a few words God showed me earlier this year. I’ve seen the same theme repeatedly and I’ve spoken about it often: that Barack Obama (despite having used up all his presidential terms already which makes him totally ineligible for public office), still has a great sway and hold over America. Several visions have shown that this man will again rise to hold the top office in the land- by what means I don’t know. I just know that God keeps saying he will be lord, ruler and master over the USA at some time in the future, and I saw how easy that would…

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One comment on “The World Fallen To Sin – August 11, 2020

  1. Scarlett says:

    Sharing these prophetic words from Celestial, given to her from the Holy Spirit has blessed me, encouraged and given me a fresh understanding of the end times, especially as it pertains to America.

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