Insurrection – February 19, 2020

The Master's Voice


The Holy Spirit spoke to me at 9:11a.m. today, February 19, 2020 about America. The topic was INSURRECTION, the breakdown of society, the undermining of leadership and the loss of everything America holds dear or that defines it as a free and powerful nation. The Lord does not call this country great, whenever He’s teaching me about things to come I can’t help but notice how He doesn’t use that word even though it’s all over our TV and media: America is great, “the greatest country in the world”, “Make America Great Again”. It is absent from His vocabulary.

When He does mention it it is always in relation to the destruction of the United States. ‘Great’ will be its destruction, ‘great’ will be its fall. God acknowledges the might and physical prowess of Mystery Babylon but He does not call her great. I notice things like these when I make…

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