Principality Jezebel, Her Means and Ways- June 6, 2019

The Master's Voice


A principality is a demonic power that may or may not sit among the register of the fallen angels. They are extremely evil, high ranking, “high places” heavenly entities who hold power over different levels of geography: from rivers, lakes and streams, to persons and assemblies, to regions, nations and even whole continents. A principality is an evil force that can only be broken in the LEGITIMATE power, authority and rank of the Lord Jesus Christ. Jezebel does not hold fallen angel status but she is still a very wicked,  stubborn spirit related to the sex/ snake/ python clan of spirits. Her chief effect is slyness and being highly pernicious(i.e. having a dangerous, harmful effect, especially in a gradual and subtle way). This is how she creeps in on people, a little at a time.

Jezebel is a QUEEN spirit reigning over people. This spirit wants to be worshipped, adulated

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