Actor John Robert Davi lashes New York’s New Abortion Law

I usually don’t promote anything that has to do with Catholicism, but this isn’t about the RCC; it’s about an actor working in the entertainment trade, which is notoriously anti-Christianity, and anything conservative in nature. This culture has the power to black ball anyone who speaks out against their agenda…such as the gay/lesbian/transgender scenario, pro-choice, etc. Yet, this actor, John Robert Davi has come out with a strong and righteous word against the evil abortion law recently passed in New York. Bravo Mr. Davi, we salute you. You are a rare human being in a culture diametrically opposed to living a holy lifestyle, let alone speaking out boldly against the liberal poster child of “pro-choice”.  God bless you!

2 comments on “Actor John Robert Davi lashes New York’s New Abortion Law

  1. Maria Tatham, a gentle iconoclast says:

    Scarlett, this new law is evil beyond belief. May the Lord Jesus Christ strengthen us for this battle!

    • Scarlett says:

      It is beyond belief! It’s a nightmare that has become a reality.
      Maria, the Great Tribulation is at our doorsteps….we must put on the Full Armor and prepare for all out battle. Yes, If the Lord Jesus Christ sees we are serious and willing, I believe He will strengthen us. Intercessory prayer groups need to be formed, and even those who are willing to maintain prayer stations during the night season.
      I want this to be over as quickly as the Lord will allow, so no more precious blood will be spilled. The Lord is going to judge America very harshly for this, and having allowed it all this time.

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