Will People Believe Just About Anything?

Is it true that in general, people can and will believe just about anything? Here is the proof.

But….people that know the truth, would not have signed this petition, and more than likely would have rebuked Mark Dice.

The next question; is it possible to know the truth? Truthfully…it is absolutely possible. Jesus taught through the gospel writer, in the book of John, “IF…YOU….will abide, (continue) in my Word, (the bible), YOU will be my disciples indeed…and THEN….YOU shall be KNOW THE TRUTH, and the TRUTH shall set YOU FREE”.

You see, knowing the truth…is conditional upon recognizing and DOING what Jesus requires.

Well, you might ask, “How do I know that is true?”….actually, I took Jesus at his word, and found it to be true. Not to say that I have apprehended ALL of what he has, and could teach me by any means, (for I know there is much more). But I know what what HE SAID about it, is the Truth.

Jesus said, “I am the way, the TRUTH AND the LIFE. And this too is TRUTH.


One comment on “Will People Believe Just About Anything?

  1. Scarlett says:

    Just so no one will misunderstand about the purpose of this post….it was not that I am a “pro-gun” advocate, nor am I opposed to people having guns for the right purpose. For example, in some states, including the one I live in, many people depend on hunting to feed their families . And who doesn’t want to provide clean, wholesome meat that hasn’t been contaminated by the food processors?. Many in Alaska and other similar climates couldn’t survive and make it through a winter without hunting game.

    Besides that, the powers that be in the government seem to have an agenda over and above “keeping the guns out of the hands of criminals”. I think most of us who are honest, realize that….and indeed, that was and is the purpose of this post.
    God bless you,

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