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Have you been following a Calvinist teacher? That’s one question…here’s another,

Have you been following a “Closet Calvinist“?

Many Christians have been following Calvinist preachers and teachers in  churches and on the Internet many times not even recognizing they are being spoon-fed the heretical teaching of Calvinism, aka “Reformed Theology”.

Below,  we have Mike Desario’s powerful video teaching on Calvinists like Kirk Cameron, Ray Comfort, Billy Graham, John McArthur, Ed Young and other false teachers:

Beware of these evil workers who come to you as angels of light;
Ray Comfort is a regular platform speaker at Southern Baptist State Conferences, and his literature is used by the Moody Bible Institute. Both of these institutions are known for teaching the extreme version of eternal security. (http://www.evangelicaloutreach.org/ray-comfort.htm )
I know for a FACT, there are teachers out there in the Internet, teaching closet Calvinism, and Reformed Theology, (which is…

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So where is it at

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So where is it at then?

This was my question to God yesterday as I drove to visit a client of mine. I reasoned with God about the fact that church from my experience is where it is not. I asked God to take my hand because I didn’t know how to get to that place in my spirit where he really ‘is at’. I am at peace in my heart but I want more! I remember times in the past when God has moved in power to set the oppressed free when his power and glory were so evident in his workings with me and those I knew that it took our breath away. Somewhere along the line I lost that – mainly because of the abuse I received at the hands of church leaders of various sorts. It did something deep inside me. I withdrew. I lost…

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We are seeing biblical prophecy being fulfilled right before our eyes, as the entire Middle East erupts in the flames of war and chaos escalating more out of control daily into an orgy of lawlessness and bloodletting.

An excellent overview of current events as relating to the prophecies of Daniel:


The Day of the Lord

But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up.

Seeing then that all these things shall be dissolved, what manner of persons ought you to be in all holy conduct and godliness, 2nd Peter 3:10-11

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         Most Christians are taught what the Lord’s parables mean without actually receiving their meanings from God. At best, teachers teach what others have received from God. At worst, there are substandard and completely wrong interpretations passed off as genuine.

         This is the difference between religious dogma and divine revelation.

         In that light, it is said that spiritual knowledge is gained in two ways: (1) book knowledge, or head knowledge, or gaining data empirically, or reading our Bibles to gain facts, etc, and (2) divine revelation.

         The former is accessed by a working brain regardless of heart condition or spiritual proclivity. The latter, divine revelation, is gained through the Lord revealing something to our hearts—bypassing our heads (or possibly going through them).

         And speaking of brains, it should be obvious to most people with brains that divine revelation is the best method. One might even say it…

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I applaud Dr. Scott Johnson for posting this bold video, and am in full agreement with his assessment of this devil cult, ISIS.

Folks, I’ve been watching websites such as MidnightWatcher Blog on a daily basis on my WordPress Reader ( http://midnightwatcher.wordpress.com/), and have been appalled by the outright barbaric violence of “peaceful Islam”. Until now, on this particular blog, I have hesitated posting about the escalating violence occuring in the Middle East, and other Islamic countries, and even in the UK, France, and other European countries, but the time has come when I can no longer in good conscience keep silent.

One of the questions Dr. Johnson asked, is where is the outrage; where is the outcry from Christians appalled by the brutal mass slaughter being perpertrated by ISIS. Surely, in this day of the Internet, we haven’t had our heads in the sand and been unaware of this.

Today, during a google search, I came across the Catholic Online website, which has graphic photos of decapitated children. http://www.catholic.org/news/international/middle_east/story.php?id=56481

Indeed, these photos are graphic, I can think of nothing more heartbreaking than innocent, helpless children being slaughtered without mercy by these obviously demomically possessed “warriors” of Islam. Children so young they would be incapable of being a threat to ISIS or anyone else. Children who were killed merely because their parents were Christians. Children so young, they could have no understanding of the concept of “religion”, period. Children who were killed merely to satisfy the blood lust of their captives.

Catholic Online is urging people to support relief efforts. It doesn’t make any difference whether you are Catholic, or have no religious affilication at all. These children, and their parents are human beings who are suffering and in dire need.
Please help any way you can, sacrificially. There are other organizations such as:


However, please do your research carefully to make sure your offering is going where it’s needed most, and is through a legitimate source. Do not respond to telephone calls, or emails. Go directly to the website of the charity of your choice to place your offerings. And may God bless you abundantly. But most importantly, make your voice heard by sounding the alarm concerning these atrocities, and by earnest heartfelt prayer and fasting.

“On the last day, Jesus will say to those on His right hand, “Come, enter the Kingdom. For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was sick and you visited me.” Then Jesus will turn to those on His left hand and say, “Depart from me because I was hungry and you did not feed me, I was thirsty and you did not give me to drink, I was sick and you did not visit me.” These will ask Him, “When did we see You hungry, or thirsty or sick and did not come to Your help?” And Jesus will answer them, “Whatever you neglected to do unto one of these least of these, you neglected to do unto Me!”


Due to the daily amount of search terms coming to my blog on this subject, I feel led to repost this article, as a heartfelt plea to make every spiritual and physical means to be delivered of this sin. And yes, it is a serious sin, just as the scriptures say,

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Pornography. Adultery. Strip Clubs. Casual Sex. Prostitution. Masturbation. Only problems for a few right? Wrong. Pornography has become an addiction for many people. But it is a subject that is hardly ever talked about due to the guilt and shame that is often involved. And if you think it only effects ‘certain’ types of people, think again. No one is immune from the the temptation to look at pornography. Many well respected members of society are living in secret shame because of their addiction (women as well as men). And if you are a Christian, please don’t think you are somehow immune, you are not. Pornography effects all types of people. There are many Christians, religious people, non-religious people, men and women who are trapped in a secret prison of sexual sin. Video courtesy of http://www.settingcaptivesfree.com 

Talk to any Christian wife who’s become aware of her husband’s bondage to porn…

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Why did Jesus say He HATED the Doctrines and the Deeds of the Nicolaitans? Do you think it just possibly might be due to just some of the men, and their deeds included in this video? Read on in Rory Moore’s fine article below to understand just what, and who, the Nicolaitans were, and are, in today’s churches, and why Jesus HATES IT! And by the way, Nicolaitans don’t have to be TV evangelists that live better than most kings; they can operate out of dinky little street corner churches, main stream organized church denominations,in store fronts. OR, even on the INTERNET..!! It’s the way they operate, lording over the LORD’S flock in an authoritarian manner, rather than as a humble, loving servant shepherd that marks them as a Nicolaitan.


Thursday, March 10, 2011
Nicolaitane Errors as Their Mystery is Revealed

Overcoming The End-Time Nicolaitanes
“neither as lords…

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