Rick Warren-Purpose Driven Deception!

Admittedly, I haven’t read Rick Warren’s Book, “Purpose Driven Life”..however, I knew enough about it not to even bother. But realizing how many people are being deceived by this man, his agenda, his popularity among those who are seeking more of a self help way to God, I feel compelled to offer up this series as a warning to stay away from this dangerous man and his deceptive doctrines. Just the mere fact that he weaves so much obvious New Age deception into his book and teachings and that he is a proponent of Robert Schuller, who I know as a false teacher- is enough for me to feel confident that I am not offering up a misguided take on this man! He is indeed a deceiver and New Age change agent!
These videos are an interview with Warren Smith about his book, “Deceived on Purpose”…and his expose on Rick Warren.