Dr. Pierre Gilbert in 1995: “Mandatory Vaccination will make it Possible to Control People”

Dr. Pierre Gilbert speaking to a Francmasonic crowd on the subject of transhumanism and the fact they had already found a way to turn people into zombies. Dr. Gilbert claimed they had already tested this in Ruanda; a presumed referrence to the then…

World on Brink of Nuclear War Over Ukraine, Perverting God’s Creation, AFPAC Aftermath

Monday on the Stew Peters Show, former Trump Pentagon official Kash Patel joins the show to address the growing nuclear standoff with Russia over Ukraine. Will our elites drive the world to the brink of a new World War?
Dr. Jane Ruby shares shocking proof that the bioweapon vaccine changes human DNA, and in under 6 hours! Lori Simpon’s husband, John, is being held hostage in Inova Fair Oaks Hospital Critical Care in Fairfax, Virginia. The monsters are not allowing her to see her husband as he continues to resist the deadly protocols from doctors who have become executioners.
Eyad Abu-Hamda MD

Jorge N. Armenta Corona, MD
Inova Fair Oaks Hospital Critical Care

Arkansas Congressional candidate Neil Kumar joined Stew to discuss the infiltration of the America First movement, fraudulent RINOs, and those subservient to Kevin McCarthy. Stew also addresses the AFPAC controversy.

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