Leaving Church & Finding Jesus

The more I study this phenomenon of spiritual abuse, apostasy, and the reasons good people find to leave the church they may have been part of for many years, the more I find that there may not be any single reason, but perhaps, instead, a variety of reasons. However, the one basic thing that stands out, is that those who come out are those who are seeking truth, (not backsliding, per se), and haven’t found the truth of the gospel of Jesus in the institutional, organized church.

To me, the very fact that those of us seeking truth and not finding it in “church” constitutes spiritual abuse on the part of the church system. And if truth no longer is being presented in the form of the true gospel of Jesus Christ, then it’s apostasy, a falling away from the pure faith once presented to the saints, as it was in the early church.

I have my own personal story, and like many others, after being born again, I had accepted the “traditional” view, that one ” must not forsake the assembling together”. The translation to that is that one must join with a bunch of other Christians in whatever denomination or fellowship of choice, inside a building, and then “be there” every time the church is open for business.

And make no mistake, it is a business, if the church is signed up with the government, (state), and has opted for a 501C3 tax exempt status, http://hushmoney.org/501c3-myths.htm ….then, as man made tradition in the US organized church goes, one can then pay illegal “tithes”,http://www.nomoretithing.org/nmt_links.htm   to support the church, pay the pastor, (never a paid position in the early church), and the various and MANY expenses of running a business and paying for a building where people are commanded, (by Nicolaitan leadership to meet), etc. ( More on this set of  indoctrinational intrusions into our personal spiritual liberty in Jesus later in another post perhaps). But for now, let’s look at some of the reasons God has brought good people out of the organized church. Something to think about….

God brought this woman out of church so that she could find him…and then he began to teach her the true meaning of “being born again”, and serving him. A personal case study we can learn from:


I’m praying that many others will get their own eyes and ears opened to hear the truth, and seek Jesus Christ through his Word, the Bible, and prayer, being led by the Holy Spirit. I believe the LORD will lead his people to Truth, and as they abide in obedience, he will lead them into fellowship with true believers, other disciples seeking his liberty and truth.