America is Undergoing Destabilization

Gary Gray

“The media is your enemy. America is undergoing destabilization. Our society is changing forever. Socialists, Marxists, and liberal psychopaths are being used as useful idiots for the purpose of the beast and antichrist. These fools will be eliminated by the evil ones they serve once their job of creating chaos is done. Normalization will likely come when we are occupied by foreign military forces.

This is Kat Kerr”s “golden age.” How do you like your new age infiltrator to Christianity now? She said God told her Trump will usher us into the “golden age.” Well, she certainly ushered a lot of Christians into delusion. I tried to tell you but no one could see past their Trump

Many of you still think Trump is our only hope. Such spiritual adultery will only serve to intensify and expedite the judgement of God that is already laying heavy upon this nation.

I only hope some have enough backbone left to admit their error and return to the right path.

This world is not the home of the saints of God. We are merely sojourners here.

The time of sorrows has begun.

Focus on Jesus Christ. Put hope in men away.”