Transition Pt. 4-The Spirit of Pisgah

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Today’s video: Some transitions don’t end well. Either we don’t listen properly and obey the Lord, or the fleshly aspects of our nature take over and cause us to fail at the last minute. It’s painful to go “almost all the way” and not make it, because satan is waiting for a chance to cause us do-overs and disappointments at every step! Watch and learn how to avoid small mistakes that have big consequences, with Moses and the SPIRIT OF PISGAH.

Text: Deuteronomy 34

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Guard Your Inner Circle……

The following snip is from a website sent to me by my former neighbor, a hybrid Buddhist, New Ager, Native American Shamanism type, and otherwise, seemingly normal woman.

“About SHATTERING THE MATRIX: We will co-create the world we want when we have the courage to see what needs correcting & by becoming fully proactive in its creation”…..WHAT????

Yes, she/they actually believe this; at some point in time, there will be a tipping point at which time, the “enlightened ones” who have “evolved” spiritually will rule and master the “cleansed world” THEY have co-created, (along with some nebulous god out there somewhere in the universe). Flaky?  Yes, indeed. In fact, there seems to be no end to the delusional spiritual beliefs that run rampant throughout the New Age Community, and, even my own neighborhood, city and state.  These unscriptural, ungodly persuasions are not by any means in the minority in this part of the country. Using the example of my neighbor, allow me to share a bit of the, anything goes beliefs of the weird, bizarre, and deluded.

As I became acquainted with this woman, I think she must have mistaken me for one of her own, merely on finding my interest in medicinal herbal-ism, which seems to be popular among New Agers, Shamans and “Curandero’s”, ….or, that it was uncommon in this neck of the desert to come across someone who wasn’t of her ilk.  So, at first, I just allowed her to talk as I began to learn what I was dealing with concerning this lady. And it clearly was not going to be like minded fellowship or my cup of tea. I’d better make sure my armor is in place.

Shortly after moving in she shared with me that this was the first time in 35 years that her deceased mother ‘talked with her…this didn’t surprise me since the lady that moved out of that same apartment had a rather occult bent to her personality as well.  My neighbor, I shall call Trish, shared that the 35 yrs prior when her deceased mother communicated with her was at the Mausoleum where her cremated remains were vaulted, when she said she heard her mother’s voice cry out, “Get me out of here, there are evil spirits in here”. That’s strange enough because Trish said her mother had been a witch.  Sort of a pot kettle black situation. Imagine that, Satan and his demons are such pretenders. But I digress. So, my neighbor did just that…broke into the vault and took the burial urn with her mother’s remains with her. And then slept with them, until she interred them later in another plot.

Then, one day as we were visiting across the fence so to speak…(our apts are only at most 25 ft apart, facing each other; the conversation turned to cloning. She said without blinking that her best friend was a clone, and the most gentle soul you’d ever want to meet. I didn’t ask to be introduced for obvious reasons. If her friend was indeed a clone, I don’t believe he even had a soul, let alone being a gentle one. Cloned anything…or anyone is not from our Most High God and Savior, the Lord Jesus, or of His Creation.

Next day…it’s “extraterrestrials”. According to my neighbor, “Trish”, they are not only real, but they’ve been “harvesting” our DNA for the last 3,000 yrs. If that were true, seems like we wouldn’t even have enough DNA to get by on.  She didn’t tell me what they were doing with it, and I didn’t ask.

This summer alone, she has spent a total of 2 weeks at two different Indian Reservations participating, fasting and dancing at the Sun Dance Ceremonies.  It is at these ceremonies, body piercings are made into the skin and attached to a cord and the “sacrificee” is made to stand without flinching for hours. This is supposed to be a sacrifice apparently to the spirits to accomplish or answer certain prayers for healing or whatever the need is. What I can share with you about what she/Trish accomplished was getting her back out of place, her in pain, and demonic manifestations of anger and an escalation of her already in place mean streak.

So, you may be wondering if I shared the gospel  of the Lord Jesus Christ with Trish. Of course, and it was met with hostility and anger. “I will never forget her angry  words, “That man on the Cross didn’t change anything”, and “I don’t need any Lord and Savior!!!)   (My note; No, not all. His death on the  Cross was the pivotal point of all history, that’s  all)  In any case, this was the reaction of the same woman, who embraces all religions with open arms…all except Christianity and it’s Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. I know in my heart I planted some godly seeds with this woman, and I know as well, that God is well able to draw those whom He will save to Himself. It’s all in His timing….Even incidents like this that seem unpleasant at the time, I believe are Divine appointments set up by Jesus to encounter those folks bound in the world’s chains and grave-clothes.

So, does this tell you anything about why Christians can have no fellowship with unbelievers? Just don’t do it! Be careful who you allow into your home….or your life. Plant godly seeds of witness and prayer and then move on to more fertile ground. Amen!

Ephesians 5:11….And do not have fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather even expose them.

Proverbs 1:10
My son, if sinners entice you, Do not consent.

Proverbs 28:4
Those who forsake the law praise the wicked, But those who keep the law strive with them.

John 3:20
“For everyone who does evil hates the Light, and does not come to the Light for fear that his deeds will be exposed.

Acts 26:18
to open their eyes so that they may turn from darkness to light and from the dominion of Satan to God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins and an inheritance among those who have been sanctified by faith in Me.’

Romans 13:12
The night is almost gone, and the day is near. Therefore let us lay aside the deeds of darkness and put on the armor of light.

1 Corinthians 5:9
I wrote you in my letter not to associate with immoral people;

2 Corinthians 6:14
Do not be bound together with unbelievers; for what partnership have righteousness and lawlessness, or what fellowship has light with darkness?



Are Tares Really Supposed to Grow up in the Church?

How many times have you heard someone in the church say something to this effect, “Let the wheat and the tares grow up together”? I have. It’s become what one might call a man made tradition in the church. Why is that? Well, because when used in that context, what church folk mean, is that we are supposed to allow the tares…in the church…remain there, and then at harvest time, the LORD will do the separating himself.

OK, that may seem very spiritual of these church going Christians, but…is that what Jesus really taught? I’ve gone over this teaching a number of times, and I can’t find one scripture reference that indicates that tares are supposed to be allowed to grow in the church, which is supposed to be the Body of Christ. Why in the world would Jesus want tares in the church when He already taught that a little leaven spoils the entire lump?

Lets look at the scripture where Jesus explains the meaning of the parable, from Matthew 13:

36 Then Jesus sent the multitude away, and went into the house: and his disciples came unto him, saying, Declare unto us the parable of the tares of the field.

37 He answered and said unto them, He that soweth the good seed is the Son of man;

38 The field is the world; the good seed are the children of the kingdom; but the tares are the children of the wicked one;

39 The enemy that sowed them is the devil; the harvest is the end of the world; and the reapers are the angels.

40 As therefore the tares are gathered and burned in the fire; so shall it be in the end of this world.

So, you see, the LORD clearly explains where the tares have been sown;….the field is the world.

Of course it is true that these worldly evil tares were seed that had been sown by the enemy, Satan, and many have infiltrated the church, the Body of Christ. But it is not true that it’s the will of the LORD for them to be allowed to remain there and bear unhealthy fruit.

Most of us have heard the description and characteristics of tares, but what kind of bad fruit do they produce?

The tare weed, otherwise known as bearded Darnel has poisonous properties. It hasn’t been decided whether the seeds themselves contain the poison, or if it originates from a fungus that usually infects the plant. However, if darnel is ingested, or makes its way into bread, it produces an array of unpleasant symptoms. Ancient Greeks and Romans used darnel medicinally to induce a sedative effect. It produces multiple symptoms of drunkenness, such as drowsiness, hypnotic episodes, trembling, inability to walk, hindered speech, vomiting, giddiness, and lowered visual acuity. It can even stimulate convulsions and death if taken in quantities large enough.

That doesn’t sound like very beneficial seed, or fruit to me. So, it seems obvious that although these seeds grow wild in the world, they shouldn’t be allowed to be planted in the church, as these man made church traditions claim, “let the wheat and the tares grow up together “.

Friends, this is why, again, it’s so important to study and understand what the Word of God is actually saying, because as you can see, this particular one can have serious effects if allowed to take root and grow in the church, the Bride of Christ, that is supposed to be without spot, wrinkle or blemish.
If something as simple as this parable can be so distorted, can you imagine how twisted some of the less easily understood scripture passages can be?

Fighting Fire with Fire

The Apostle Paul never misses a beat, and why would he? After all, look Who personally trained him in the ways of spiritual warfare. The rub comes when we Christians don’t heed this warning and go to battle with verbal sticks and stones, resulting of course, in a futile war of words doomed to failure. The obvious conclusion of not “casting down imaginations”, and/or trying to “revenge every disobedience before your own obedience is fulfilled”.

Case in point; how successful do we imagine Christians are going to be entering into battle unarmed, in this spiritual battle against an enemy armed to the teeth with deadly weapons when they can’t even be honest enough with themselves to look at their own sins to be able to confess and admit them?
Not having cast down imaginations, and having their own obedience fullfilled?

Satans game and only weapon is deception. The Christian’s primary weapon is the Truth, and Obedience to that Truth which can be found only in the Lord Jesus Christ and His Word. In other words, the full armor of God.

But may I be so bold as to say, many of us rush into battle with no weapons in place with which to fight such a serious battle. Could this be why Christians seem to be loosing this battle with the enemy of our souls on so many fronts?

Nevertheless, I am still encourgaged by the fact that the Lord of Hosts is raising an bunch of Christians that are going to be His righteous witnesses in these last days, willing to pay the price, and endure hardships the wannabe pulpit and pew and many of the Internet Facebook type weekend warriors shrink from.

2 Corinthians 10:1-6

10 Now I Paul myself beseech you by the meekness and gentleness of Christ, who in presence am base among you, but being absent am bold toward you:

2 But I beseech you, that I may not be bold when I am present with that confidence, wherewith I think to be bold against some, which think of us as if we walked according to the flesh.

3 For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh:

4 (For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;)

5 Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ;

6 And having in a readiness to revenge all disobedience, when your obedience is fulfilled.

Blind Leaders of the Blind

How many times must Jesus warn us not to be deceived by false teachers? And why is it so important that he emphasized this so much? Obviously because he doesn’t want ANY of his kids to be deceived by these spiritual rogue teachers and preachers, lest we fall into the ditch right along with them.

Have you ever heard the saying, “In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king”? This could possibly apply to Christians who take everything one of these men or women say as God’s truth, without checking it out for themselves by knowing the scriptures for themselves, applying it to their lives by being led by the Holy Spirit, and in prayer.

Are they just too lazy to do their homework, or have they been indoctrinated into the man made doctrines and traditions of men that Jesus also warned us about. Do they not have the ability to use plain ol common sense?

Now, think about it…according to the teachings the MASTER, Jesus, gave us in His Word, does it really make sense that a Christian is going to make heaven if he or she goes ahead and sins just like the world? And expect to get a free pass?

This is not only following a blind teacher but living in self deception.  

8 This people draweth nigh unto me with their mouth, and honoureth me with their lips; but their heart is far from me.

9 But in vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men.

10 And he called the multitude, and said unto them, Hear, and understand:

11 Not that which goeth into the mouth defileth a man; but that which cometh out of the mouth, this defileth a man.

12 Then came his disciples, and said unto him, Knowest thou that the Pharisees were offended, after they heard this saying?

13 But he answered and said, Every plant, which my heavenly Father hath not planted, shall be rooted up.

14 Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.


What is the “Snare of the Fowler?” and “Who or What is a Fowler?”



The more spiritually mature are not going to fall for such things as seen here in Yasmine’s video. Does that mean that they are so “elite” they can’t be deceived? NO! It just means that Satan is going to have to be a little sneakier and more clever with what he runs by you. He’s not going to walk up and say something like, “Hey, I hear you are a spiritual heavy weight, but I come as an angel of light and I can and will get over on you”. That’s being a little silly of course, but no sillier than you are if you think Satan can’t lay a snare for you that will seem perfectly right-at the time, until later….. when you find you’ve been caught in the snare of the fowler.

This is why we need to pray for wisdom and godly discernment….at all times! Many times the LORD has warned me of a snare that Satan was laying for me. When I was paying careful attention I was able to SEE the trap and avoid it, like steering around a car just in time to avoid a terrible wreck. Unfortunately, there have been other times when I didn’t have my spiritual radar on full operational capacity that I blew it and fell into a snare. Let me tell you, these snares and traps of the enemy can be very costly, and even sometimes fatal. But all of them will be costly in one way or another, and if not corrected and brought back on course, can be spiritually fatal, not just to the physical man but to the spiritual life of the person. It doesn’t have to be a guessing game. We can learn through prayer and a serious closeness with the Lord to gain a supernatural wisdom and discernment so as not to be deceived.  

The Snare of the FowlerPPT 1Text: Psalm 91:3
Ps 91:1 He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High Will abide in the shadow of the Almighty.
Ps 91:2 I will say to the LORD, “My refuge and my fortress, My God, in whom I trust!”
Ps 91:3 For it is He who delivers you from the snare of the trapper, And from the deadly pestilence.

This is my hunting sermon. Last week I mentioned the only person in the bible who was called a mighty hunter was Nimrod. He was a very evil man. Another hunter in the bible who was evil is a guy by the name of Essau. His daddy Jacob loved him and the venison he often made him. But his life is forever tainted that he could not control his physical appetites, and he is a sign post in the bible that says, you can lose your destiny if you don’t control your physical appetites.

The greatest hunter in the bible is of course, God Himself. He came to seek and save that which was lost.

Ok so lets talk about the trapper or fowler this morning.

PPT 2, 3 (Two kinds of traps)
Some traps trap, others trap and wound severely

The sad truth is both put you under the control and domination of another. Think about that. Can you think of someone who is trapped?

PPT 4 (Trapped mtn lion)
Isn’t there some part of you that has pity for this animal? How much more for humans trapped in drugs or other snares of the enemy.
The Trapper:

1. The trapper knows his seasons.
A. The snare is most effective in mating season.
Physical drives cause them to abandon normal watchfulness.
B. Winter is a time when hunger will drive the animal out in the open

PPT 5 (Hunter studying)
2. The trapper studies his prey.
Learns eating and mating habits.
Observes places the prey can be caught.

3. The trapper is a master of stealth.
PPT 6 (Turkey blind)

PPT 7 (Text, and pic cop hiding in plain sight)

Pr 1:17 Indeed, it is useless to spread the net In the eyes of any bird;

This is the first proverb in the book of Proverbs, as such it ought to give us extra pause to consider and meditate upon it. A proverb is a truth that is conveyed in a word picture that is handed down from generation to generation.

This particular proverb has been much debated, some say a bird won’t land in a visible trap, but that simply is not true. Other the sense of it seems to be, is that a lot of people are stupid when it comes to traps.
In other words even if you show some people the danger of what they are doing, they will still not receive instruction from it.

PPT 8 (Text)

Pr 1:17 Nobody robs a bank with everyone watching,
Pr 1:18 Yet that’s what these people are doing—they’re doing themselves in.
Pr 1:19 When you grab all you can get, that’s what happens: the more you get, the less you are.

In spite of the fact of the stupidity of man, the fowler still goes to great lengths to hide his traps.

Eat at beelzebub’s. No such sign
Hunters put clothes outside for three weeks, don’t wear them into the woods but put them on in the woods.
The trapper is most successful when his involvement is most invisible.

Point: “If I thought it was a trap I wouldn’t go there”. If I thought it was wrong I wouldn’t do it. satan has worked overtime to see to it doesn’t look like a trap, or to talk people into thinking wrong is right.

When Eve saw the fruit was good for food, and a delight to the eye, and it could make her…….

Kenneth Hagin-Spiritual Gifts-Word of Knowledge-Move of the Spirit?

 In times past, I’ve been blessed by Kenneth Hagin’s teachings.  However, in recent years I have come to believe that even very godly men and women can succumb to seducing spirits. As the Bible says…. that “even the very elect can be deceived, if it were possible”, and believe me brethren when I say it’s not only possible; it happens. I have come to believe that this happened to Kenneth Hagin in the later years of his life, a man I admired and trusted BEFORE these weird manifestations began to appear in His life. I once found his teachings to “work” in the area of healing and faith. I never adhered to the “prosperity doctrine” and I don’t believe that’s what Hagin taught or believed, as some critics have claimed. I simply did not want to believe that Kenneth Hagin could fall from grace, but then neither did the followers of Oral Roberts,  Jimmy Swagart and others. Nevertheless, it is important to separate the precious from the vile. We must all learn in our spiritual walk to learn to discern accurately what the bible teaches. That said, there are good teachers in Christianity, but we must first and foremost learn from our own bibles, practice holiness, not just talk it, and follow the Holy Spirit, not any man. Would I still watch Kenneth Hagins videos and teachings. Yes, the older ones, but I will no longer post this type of video. I was very opposed to the Rodney Browne manifestations, which is where this type of false annointing began in recent times.


The following text is from the Rich Vermillion blog which contains the rebuke Kenneth Hagin gave to those ministers who were corrupting his teachings in the Word Faith ministry, and perverting it over into a false prosperity doctrine of greed and covetousness.  The ministers Kenneth Hagin called to this meeting were included in the text below. The shame is that none of them listened to their mentor’s godly counsel. Unfortunately, the reputation of the early years of godly ministry and life of Kenneth Hagin has suffered because of these greedy men. Worse still, is that the godly teachings of Kenneth Hagin also have suffered. That is just like the devil to try to destroy what God has raised up, but I am praying that God will resurrect the true message and power of the healing ministry he began with powerful men of God… such as Kenneth Hagin and a few others such as Smith Wigglesworth,  and Lester Sumrall. Such men of God are like rare gems in the crown of the Body of Christ.


It took a lifetime of obedience and faithfulness to Jesus and the Word of God for Kenneth Hagin to attain to the power the Lord entrusted him with, and the anointing of the Holy Spirit that flowed through him in power at one time,and in many of his meetings. Yet, today, the Body of Christ is so weak  and powerless they deny that Brother Hagin was ever real, because they have no evidence of it in their own lives. The reason why? It’s because they would have to take the same steps that Hagin did to get the same results. Steps of faith, obedience, faithfulness.  Like the saying goes, salvation is free, but it’s not cheap. There will be a price to pay. Jesus told us what that price would be, and what He requires of us, “Take up YOUR CROSS, DENY YOUR SELF, AND FOLLOW HIM”. Are you willing to do that? Are you desperate enough? Are you hungry enough for more of Jesus that you will forsake all, to do all that He requires like Kenneth Hagin did? Then changes are that God will raise you up in a new fresh anointing.

 Reverend Hagin’s Previous Rebuke of Kenneth Copeland



Rich’s Note: Before our post Kenneth and Gloria Copeland: The Untold Story became our most highly viewed article, this post about Kenneth E. Hagin was by far the most popular post on In fact, it still garners a very high traffic rating today. Consequently, let me please point out that there is additional important information contained in the new FAQ page of this blog that relates (either directly or indirectly) to this very same topic. Thus, in addition to reading this important post about Hagin’s efforts to correct “prosperity gospel” excesses, I encourage you to review that FAQ data also, as well as the several other informative pages which you can find listed on the Table of Contents page.


Many people have enjoyed the teaching of the Word of Faith message through the years, while many others have been quite critical of that message. Some have actually been hurt or traumatized by professing “Word of Faith ministers” who pushed their doctrines to self-serving extremes (and unfortunately, some of these false-ministers are so-called “leaders” within the movement). Meanwhile, many other believers have found sound principles within balanced teaching of faith as taught by some of God’s honest ministers, applied it to their own situations—and have experienced tremendous blessing and victory as a result.Regardless of the type of exposure, however, most people at least familiar with the “Word of Faith message” are also quite familiar with the fact that the late Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin is considered the proverbial “father” of the movement. However…

Few seem to be aware of the fact that Brother Hagin (aka, “Dad Hagin”) had convened a special meeting in Tulsa, Oklahoma on the campus of RHEMA Bible Training Center, circa the Fall of 1999. The topic: Excesses and error present within the “prosperity” message being taught by the major Word of Faith ministries.

My own former senior pastor was one of those in attendance. The first Sunday following that special meeting, he detailed publicly to the entire congregation (in both services) what had occurred. I was present to hear those details (in both services) since I was one of the Associate Pastors on staff there (in addition to hearing this same information privately as well). Thus my recollection of these events is confirmed by the memories of my fellow ministers and the many Christians who heard these same facts.

Among those whom the pastor reported to have been in attendance at that meeting were:

Kenneth Copeland
Creflo Dollar
Jerry Savelle
Jesse Duplantis
Mac Hammond
and Steve Parson (my former senior pastor)

Also summoned to the meeting was the “money cometh” preacher himself, Dr. Leroy Thompson. He refused to attend, however. Steve Parson explained to us that Mac Hammond reported to the group in attendance that he had previously called Leroy Thompson to find out why he was refusing to attend. “God told me not to come,” he replied. “That’s funny,” reportedly answered Mac, “God told me to call you and tell you to come. So one of us is missing it.”

Wisdom Speaks

When those who had agreed to attend were present in the room, Brother Hagin explained (and I paraphrase), “I called you all together to this special meeting because I need to address some error and excess in within the Word of Faith ‘camp’ regarding the prosperity message. I have written a book entitled, The Midas Touch: A Balanced Approach to Biblical Prosperity, and it will be coming out very soon. In order to avoid strife and confusion among our ranks, however, I wanted to convene this meeting and address these issues with you—the major Word of Faith ministries teaching this doctrine—in person first. That way, you all can adjust your messages accordingly before the book comes out, and there will be no contention among us.”

Reportedly, Kenneth Copeland then responded before the group, “If I am in error in any way, please feel free to correct me.” However, as we will soon learn, Copeland’s profession before the group to his own personal mentor and one of his “fathers in the faith” (along with Oral Roberts) would seem to have failed to manifest in full.

Unfortunately, Copeland’s own protégé (i.e. Creflo Dollar) seemed to do a better job than Copeland in following is own mentor’s lead. He has apparently followed Copeland back into the same errors previously addressed by Brother Hagin—rather than the sound and seasoned counsel given by the senior leader of the Word of Faith movement.

Regardless, Brother Hagin did share with those ministers that day his biblical counsel. Further, he gave them all advanced copies of the paperback edition of the book, which was subsequently released in 2000. In 2002 the hardback edition of The Midas Touch came out on the market, and is now the only version available “new” at the time of this writing.

So what did Brother Hagin have to say to them in that meeting? Well, exactly what was written within that very book that they were all given. Consequently, we will examine in the next video the details of what that book clearly articulates—which are the same corrections ministered that day by Rev. Hagin to those ministers present:

This is video 7 of many, from the exposure project by Rich Vermillion (who actually knows the man and wrote a book with him). Please visit the blog to see all the information (including text/downloads) as well as all the videos.

The Church-Dare to Defy Her!

Dare to defy who? The church? Who me? Are you kidding?? They will call me a back slidden sinner trying to avoid my responsibility to assemble together and pay my tithes, etc. OK, that was years ago, and yes I did and yes they did too.

I was pretty well raked over the coals for “daring to defy her” and leave the church once and for all. It was a very traumatic episode in my life because it was kind of like a slave running away from the slave master that had controlled their lives. Once outside, on the road to freedom, with the LORD leading the way, I felt the liberty of being truly free to serve Him the way He wanted me to, and not under the authoritarian, patriarchal, controlling Nicolaitan religious system! Praise the Living God!


I love this prophecy by Steven Crowder that the LORD gave him many years ago, “Dare to Defy Her”. The LORD spells it out very clearly. To be sure, He has been calling His people for almost 2,000 yrs to come out of the Pharisaic religious system that bears no resemblance to the early church Jesus set up in the Book of Acts. A Holy obedient people. Today’s Christian looks nothing like those in the primitive church. Today you see a bunch of spoiled Laodicean, “rich, and increased with goods and have need of nothing” Starbucks, Big Box type Christians that run from the refining fire of God and the flesh crucifying Cross, just as the Hebrew children ran from the mountain where the Holy Purifying God Manifested His Presence.


Dare To Defy Her (Steven Crowder)

“Come Out Of Her, My People!”

I moved to southeastern Washington and lived near the Snake River for six years. During that time, I sat by banks of the river and recorded what the Lord showed me. After the sixth year, I was blessed with a heavenly visitation, followed by a very difficult series of events that led to the writing of this prophecy. The hand of the Lord was very much upon me at this time, and it was during this period of strong anointing that I spent the next eighty days experiencing what you’re about to read, followed by writing down what I’d been shown. It is my great hope that this message will be a blessing to those who still have an open ear to hear what the Spirit of God is saying to His people

Your Brother—Steven Crowder
On the eleventh day of the eleventh month in the year 2001, the Lord sent me to a destination in Washington state, twenty-two hundred miles distance, and He said, “There is an eight by forty home awaiting you at the end of this journey. Reside there, near the Snake River, close to Hell’s Gate, on the way to Hell’s Canyon, and wait patiently for Me at this place until I show you what you’ve been sent there to see.”
And so I dwelt there for many days, and I was thrust into the Refiner’s fire until I cried out with all that was within me for deliverance, and through Him I was able to overcome these things, not by my strength, but through His Spirit that strengthened me. And the wife of my youth was there with me to help me through this difficult trial. And the Lord said, “I have delivered you and strengthened you to overcome these generational curses, and I have caused you to be sick at even the thought of these things. From this day forth, remember that I have a work for you, so be careful not to defile yourself in any way.” And I was grateful for this, and greatly humbled. And I heard a song being played over and over again, and the word were: “I’m here waiting in the wings.” And then the Lord said, “I am also bringing your brothers and sisters through My refining fires at this time, so that they can become overcomers, and this is the reason that they’ve been made to endure these difficult times, because My true vessels are vessels of honor, says the Lord. These are vessels formed by My hand and passed through the fires of My choosing. Those who endure My fires shall be made into vessels capable of holding the new wine, and all others shall not be fit to hold that precious anointing that I shall pour out liberally and without measure. Behold, it shall be a new thing, says the Lord! And all who see shall be amazed, and all who call themselves by My name in that day; yet who have not been purified, they shall seethe inwardly, although their masks shall speak otherwise.”
In the early morning hours of my forty-eighth birthday, I was taken into the heavenly realms, and it was so overwhelming that my heart was barely able to contain the joy! Within the weeks that followed, a series of events occurred that baffled me, and at times they overwhelmed me. This gave way to anger and then to overwhelming grief, and afterward, the veil was removed and my eyes were opened to what was occurring in the spirit realm concerning these matters. And then the Lord spoke to me and said, “It was eleven years ago when My Spirit fell upon you, and with trembling hands you recorded the message entitled, ‘Woe be unto you all you enemies of the cross!’ Now, behold, and write down what I will show you, for this is what becomes of and what will become of these enemies of the cross, these conquerors who call themselves by My name, yet who have continually practiced non-payment.”
And I said, “Lord, what do you mean when you say ‘non-payment’?”
And the Lord said, “Non-payment! Behold what will become of these conquerors. Show them what I spoke through your pen eleven years ago, and then show them what will become of them if they do not repent and change, if they do not separate themselves, if they do not come up higher into that place that has no leaven.”
And I said, “Yes, Lord.”
This is the word of the Lord given eleven years ago. February 1997
“Woe be unto you all you enemies of the cross! To all ye who say, ‘We do not want this man to rule over us,’ woe be unto you! Woe be to you who merely take My name to cover your sins, yet who refuse My cross, My bread, My robes of righteousness—yes, even Me, says the Lord! Woe be unto you who embrace covetousness and refuse correction—who turn My house into a social order and not a house of worship.”
“Woe be unto you who have drawn My watchmen near to merely tickle your ears! When the strong messages come, instead of contrition, you embrace murder to protect your idolatrous hearts! And how you murder My servants—though they come to you in love and in a spirit of hope. Instead of repentance, you have opted for murder you sons of Cain! My wrath is even now being kindled against you—you who take My name and bring reproach upon yourselves in sight of all and for all to see.”
“And behold, here is your judgment, even now [in 1997]—because you have chosen to make My house a social order and not a house of worship and prayer, and because you have chosen to shout and not bow down before Me—behold, your prophets shall hear a mixed word, for none draws close enough to hear with clarity My still, small voice amid the din and the uproar of your congregations. It is true that the gifts are without repentance, but a leavened, mixed word does not bring the life that you think it does; it only leads to lukewarmness—and that I shall not tolerate. A contrite heart and a broken spirit I shall not despise, but shouting, lukewarmness and pride I shall reject, says the Lord !”
“Behold, the day is coming when you shall look, and behold, the righteous man shall not be found among you, and only partial words mixed with vain imaginings from your lukewarm prophets shall be heard—words that do not bring life.”
“Woe be unto you who are at ease in Zion! Woe be to those who say, ‘Rapture! Rapture!’ and refuse to pay the price of bearing their cross—you who refuse to lift a finger, yet lay heavy loads for others to bear. The spirit of the Pharisee is upon you, and you likewise will perish if you do not repent! Woe to you who have assumed charge of My household, yet who beat My messengers who come to you for your correction. Do you not know that I will come upon you in an hour that you are not aware of, and I will cut you to pieces and assign you a place with the unbelievers as your reward? ‘Peace and safety,’ you shout, and in so doing, you deceive yourselves from any preparation!”
“Woe be unto you who seek the deeper things, and embrace Jezebel and not Me, says the Lord! My paths will lead you to the cross. The true treasures of the Living Word lie through and beyond the Jordan, that place of death to self. Jezebel will lead you to circumvent the cross and not go through it! Have I not said that I am the door to the sheepfold, and all who enter in must enter in through Me? (John 10:9) In fact, there is no other way that you can partake of the true heavenly treasures but through Me and through the cross of death; wherein you will indeed find life. Pray that you will understand this! But woe be unto you who have twisted the cross and made it a dainty thing, for it is not a dainty thing, but it is an instrument of death! In the very spirit of Rome, you have carelessly romanticized the cross and taken away its use!

Woe be unto you!”


“O’ My people, it is not My desire that any man should perish, and therefore I have made provisions for you, but you must accept the paths that I have chosen for you to walk upon! My paths lead to life, but that life only comes through death. When you let the cross do its work in your life, then you shall then know the power and the life that is hidden from the proud. Won’t you hear My voice? Draw near to Me and I shall draw near to you. Look therefore to Me, and not to any man. Draw near to Me and hear My still, small voice. Behold, the day is coming when the proud shall be swept away, therefore humble yourself before Me, and in My time I will exalt you, says the Lord.”
The Lord further counseled me and said that the distorted cross that man has created [as a replacement for the true cross] that this is an evil thing in His eyes, and that to twist the cross and to take away its intended use is to deny its power, and that this is one: an abomination and two: a judgment to anyone who refuses to repent of this.
The Path That I Was Put Upon

In the year 2002 I was given a job in a kitchen, where I worked preparing food and washing dishes. After five years, I was promoted to the management position, and the owner praised me and told me that I was doing a good job. The owner of this business was my boss, and I answered directly to her. She had a daughter from a previous marriage named Crystal, and she stated that she had divorced her first husband because she said that she had “never loved him and that she got tired of serving him.” After she divorced her first husband, she lived a carefree party life, acting more like a wild teenager than a responsible parent. Eventually she got pregnant, and then she remarried, this time to a man that was almost young enough to be her son, and through this marriage she had two sons, whom she named “Clay” and “Dusty”

Her daughter from the previous marriage also worked in the place where I was employed, and when she first started working there she was kind and polite. However, this all changed as soon as her mother allowed her to have any authority, and after this power was given to her, she became full of venom and hatred. She walked around in a very haughty manner, abusing all of the employees, myself included. I tensed up every time I saw her, because she really enjoyed hurting people, and she did that as often as she could. She was entitledto do this because her mother was the owner, and she allowed her family members to do things that anyone else would be terminated for doing. When my eyes were opened to see what was happening in the spirit realm, I saw a demon inside of this daughter that manifested itself through a quick smirk, a smile that took over her face directly after she would purposely injure someone.
One morning I was ordering supplies for the restaurant, and the daughter told me to order a particular item. I told her that I couldn’t do that, because her mother had told me not to order this expensive item any more, due to a smaller budget. That’s when the demon inside her manifested, and she attacked me. She began ranting and screaming at me, and I was thankful for the peace that the Lord gave me to endure this without defending myself. She told me that “this was what my problem is, that I always have to be so dramatic about everything!” Then she screamed at me, saying “Just do what I said “Just do it! Just do it!” And then she sarcastically shouted, “Thank you!” before stomping off in her indignation.
Although I was shocked at what had taken place, I stood my ground and I didn’t bow to her pressure, for I’d been told what to omit from the purchasing order by her mother, who was the one in authority over me. [Note: this part about operating under the authority placed over you is very important] In the end, the mother caved in to her daughter’s controlling ways and she let her get what she wanted, letting her over-rule her authority, rather than standing her ground with her. For several weeks after this incident happened, this daughter would spit venom in my face at every opportunity, and she was so controlling and manipulating that despite my best efforts, her mother would always side with her in order to keep from being attacked by her, the daughter that she “supposedly” had authority over. In the end, the mother told me that I could only work on the weekends, because her daughter and I could not be in the same building at the same time. The daughter’s self-righteous, controlling ways, complete with mercilessly punishing anyone who dared to defy her [self-imposed] authority ended up ruling, trumping even her mother’s authority! I could not afford to only work on the weekends, and it was then that the Lord blessed me with another job that didn’t require any effort to seek out. When I put in my notice, I told the mother that I’d given them five and a half years of faithful service, and that I’d done nothing wrong to deserve the treatment that I’d been made to endure. There was no bitterness or hatred in my heart toward her, and I told her that when she gives in to her daughter’s controlling ways that everyone ends up suffering. And, with that being said, I put in my two weeks notice.
I returned to my home after putting in my notice, and that’s when the Holy Spirit opened my eyes and explained to me what had just occurred, and He assured me that He had placed me there for the purpose of seeing and experiencing this particular highly symbolic sequence of events. He reminded me that He’d previously sent me thousands of miles to dwell in places that I’d never been before, and to take heart and be encouraged, because, just as I’d been positioned in these previous places in order to eventually prophesy, I had also been placed in this kitchen for the same purpose. So, with this in mind, to those who have an ear to hear what the Spirit is saying, here is the interpretation.
The First Level of Interpretation is Given

There is more than one layer of depth to this interpretation, and it’s best to start with the simplest one.
The Lord said to me, “What is the daughter’s name?”

And I replied, “Her name is ‘Crystal.’”

And the Lord said to me, “This is because what has happened through her shall be made crystal clear, so as to instruct My people, to warn them and to encourage them. Also, what has been shown here is purposed to call those who still have an ear to hear My voice to ‘Come out of her My people, be ye separate, I will be your God and you shall be My people.’”
And as I pondered this, the Lord opened up my understanding.
He said, “The woman who had authority over you, she is a picture of the modern-day [religious] church. She was married to someone that she neither loved nor wanted to serve, although when she espoused herself to this man, she called herself one of My people, and she promised to remain faithful to him before Me. The daughter that she brought forth from this loveless and unfaithful union is truly made in her image, and she protects her at all costs, even when she knows that it’s wrong to do so. This daughter is so loved and cherished by her, because; in her eyes, she sees her as an extension of herself—an expression of what she has produced and how she has “evolved.” The mother is a picture of the carnal [fleshly, unchanged] church who will always justify the actions of her daughters, because she herself has been taken over and is being controlled by a conquering spirit—that spirit that rides upon the white horse, going forth “conquering and to conquer.” (Rev.6:2) Her firstborn is named Crystal, and she too is a conqueror; in fact a much stronger and more determined conqueror, foul within her heart, filled with spirits that I allowed you to see, and she takes great pleasure in her fleshly beauty and in her ability to punish anyone who would dare to defy her self-imposed authority, and, although they are “innocent in My eyes, they are guilty in her eyes.” The mother did not deal with or become accountable for her own life, and hence she is powerless to deal with or hold accountable her firstborn’s life, and now that this daughter Crystal has grown up, the mother is being controlled and conquered by her to the point that she will defend her at all costs, having lost the ability to discern good from evil. By living vicariously through her daughter, she has been forced by the spirits of darkness to call good evil and evil good, lest she too gets mercilessly attacked by this rebellious daughter. By living this way through her daughter, the mother is able to justify her flesh, and by justifying her flesh, this is proof that she is under the influence of a conquering spirit, for to admit defeat and be changed by the hand of the Lord would be to lose control, and conquerors always have to be in control.”
“The Lord’s overcomers overcome by the blood of the Lamb, the word of their testimony, and because they did not love their life even to death. (Rev. 12:11) They do not control things around them or attempt to conquer the world through knowledge, using their heads “like goats” in order to get what they want. Remember back to the garden, when Eve was beguiled and chose the tree of knowledge over the tree of life. Like sheep, the Lord’s true servants merely follow their Shepherd wherever He leads them. It’s that simple, and yet man has made it so complicated! The Lord’s true servants walk upon the paths of His choosing, and by doing “this,” they’re given a testimony, because they willingly laid down their lives in order to follow Him. They’ve laid aside their own plans, willingly walking away from them, so that they can be led by the Spirit of God, hence, ‘following Him wherever He goes.’”
The Lord instructed me further, saying, “The woman who had authority over you had this authority through the proper means, because she owned the business that employed you. Her daughter’s “authority” was self-imposed, and she demands that everyone bow to her wishes, because she operates out of a very strong ‘conquering’ spirit that has to control everyone and everything around her. You were under the authority of someone higher than her, and when you stood your ground and refused to let this daughter named Crystal control you, that was the trigger that set loose the demon, and hence you were attacked and then accused of the very thing that she was doing. When she said that you were being ‘dramatic,’ it was her way of accusing you and berating you in an effort to control you, just as this same tactic works with her mother, who has lost all control over her. This same technique is also used on everyone else that she comes into contact with. She had; and still has, no authority over you, and when you wouldn’t bow to her demands, she did the only thing that she was capable of doing, which was to stomp off like the spoiled child that she is, and then she plotted against you to make sure that you paid for your transgression. That is the reason why she was so venomous and hateful toward you after you dared to defy her.”
“Crystal” is her mother’s firstborn, the product of a loveless marriage, and the children from her second marriage are named “Clay” and “Dusty.”


“To admit defeat and be changed by the hand of the Lord means to lose control, and conquerors ALWAYS have to be in control!

Thus saith the Lord”.

The Next Level of Interpretation

The Lord’s true overcomers do so by the blood of the Lamb, the word of their testimony, and because they did not love their lives even to death. By laying down their lives and all the ambitions that come with them; which simply means their own plans, the Lord is able to set them upon the paths of His choosing. He is the Great Shepherd, and it is always His desire to bring His sheep (meaning His children) to maturity. It is always His plan to bring His children past the flesh life and into spiritual maturity so that He can fill them with His blessings—blessings that the world (worldly-minded) cannot receive or even understand! And, just as the Great Shepherd laid down His life in order to serve, the Lord desires to fill His servants with gifts so that they too can lay down their lives and serve in a greater capacity. However, these servants; these vessels, must be passed through His refining fires and they must endure these trials before He can pour out a greater portion of His Spirit into them. This is exactly like a clay vessel that is formed by the potter’s hands and then it has to endure multiple firings in a very hot oven before it is a finished product, capable of holding the oil that will be poured into it. To pour oil into an unfinished vessel would be foolish! Hence, the oil of the Holy Spirit is only poured into those vessels that are capable of holding it, and He is the one doing the pouring! There are no “Holy Ghost Bartenders,” as some have claimed to be. If people want to argue about this, then argue about it with the Lord. I’ve said what the Lord gave me to say concerning this subject, and the Lord has sternly warned me to not argue with people about it or to even discuss it. Again, the Lord says this—“If you want to argue about this matter, then argue with the Lord and not with a man!” Although the Lord has and does use people to pass on His blessings through the laying on of hands, this is only done by the leading of the Holy Spirit. So much of what you see concerning this subject which is occurring in the Inner Court Holy Place of Religion is a show at best, and a sham at worst. Remember, there is a difference between the Lord’s true followers and those who merely operate under the guise of religion. The religious church and the true church are not the same thing!

The Lord desires for all of His servants to take on His nature, which is the nature to serve. The Lord desires for all of His servants to grow and mature so that they can produce fruit. Mature trees produce fruit, and immature trees do not. The Spirit of the Lord comes looking for fruit in His servants, and this fruit only comes from mature trees. And what is this fruit? It is the fruit of the Holy Spirit. (Galatians 5)
The Lord tells us that to the person who has, more will be given, and as you walk faithfully in what you’ve been given, more will be given to you, and it’s then that you’ll begin walking in abundance, and also in authority—not a (self-imposed) authority of yourself, but because you’re following the Lamb, walking in the Spirit, and under the orders and direction of the Holy Spirit, you will be walking in His authority when He tells you to do something. And, when you’re walking under the authority of the Lord, you will not bend to the authority of another. God’s Word says “My sheep hear My voice, and to the voice of another they won’t hearken unto.” (John 10:4,5) Those earthen vessels that mature and endure the fires of His choosing will be filled with that which the Lord desires to put into them, and as they go forward doing His work, they’ll know His voice of authority, and to the voice of another they will not hearken unto. Thus saith the Lord!
Now, please come with me for a moment, as we need to return to the kitchen, seeing that this is the illustration that the Lord used.
The young woman named Crystal—she had no authority over me, and when she gave me an order that I was instructed not to do (this ordering “not to do” being given by the person in authority over me, this person who was in a position of greater authority than the daughter named Crystal), I dared to defy her (Crystal). When I “dared to defy her,” it wasn’t because I was being rebellious or argumentative, it was because I was obeying and honoring the authority that had been placed over me. The daughter named Crystal is a conqueror, and conquerors always have to be in control. I was guilty in Crystal’s eyes but not in the eyes of the Lord. I “dared to defy her,” just as Luther dared to defy her (the “religious” church), when he nailed his 95 thesis on the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, being God’s mouthpiece to “come out of her My people.” Luther “dared to defy her,” and his protest caused him to become the very first protestant. Sadly, the modern-day church has lost her protest, because they refuse to defy her! “Why is this so??? I inquired of the Lord.
I asked the Lord, “Why do God’s people refuse to defy her [the religious church] and why have they lost their protest”
I also asked the Lord, “What is a ‘protestant’ that lacks protest?”
And the Lord answered me, saying, “A protestant without protest—this person is merely a talker and not a walker—a protestant in name only, with nothing to show for it. These are trees without fruit. With many, it’s because they’ve lost the ability to discern good from evil.”
“And Lord, what does that mean?” I asked.
“Behold, she sits as a queen, and she says in her deceived heart, ‘I am not a widow,’ meaning that she claims to have [Me] as a husband, and, she also says, ‘I will never see mourning,’” He answered.
“This is the modern-day church that operates out of a counterfeit spirit—the spirit of the Great Theatre. And, as I spoke through My servant Ezekiel, My sons of Zadok will teach the people to discern the difference between good and evil. (Ezekiel 44) This goes much deeper than teaching My people to obey ‘thou shalt not’ laws—the good and evil here means that which is holy and true and that which is profane and not true—that which is not true—meaning counterfeit, artificial, false, in place of, antichrist! The Lord will bless those who overcome with the fullness of His Spirit, and there will be people in the religious sector that will attempt to walk in this, but it will be a counterfeit anointing, a mock Holy Spirit, a mere fabrication that will be able to fool the many, but not the few that are truly walking in My Spirit, says the Lord! And this counterfeit is an evil thing! In and through the spirit of the Great Theatre, they will play the role, they will pretend and act out, making this ploy appear genuine, but the only thing genuine about it will be that it will be genuinely false. And My sons of Zadok will be there to show the people how to discern the difference between good and evil, between that which is genuine and that which is not. Behold, this is the word of the Lord!”

The Difference Between the Genuine and the Imitation January 11, 2008
And as I laid upon my bed this night, I dreamed intensely, and the hand of the Lord was upon me in a powerful way, and He ministered to me even as I slept, saying, “Come out of her, My people that you may not partake of her plagues!”
And again, I heard Him say, “Come out of her, My people, and be ye separate. I will be your God and you will be My people!”

And a third time I heard the Lord pleading with His people,

“Come out of her, My people, that you not partake of her plagues!”
And I said, “Lord, what plagues are you talking about?”
And the Lord said, “Do not be deceived. God is not mocked, for whatever a man sows, this he will also reap. For the one who sows to his or her flesh, shall from the flesh reap corruption, but the one who sows to the Spirit shall from the Spirit reap eternal life.

And, being greatly intrigued, I inquired, “Lord, how do they mock you?”
And He replied, “Mock, imitation, counterfeit. They mock Me in their assemblies! They call another spirit My Spirit! Come out of her My people, that you not partake of her plagues, for I have given them what they truly wanted, for they did not receive the love of the truth so as to be saved!”

And I said, “Lord, how did this happen? How did this happen?”
And the Lord said, “They did not receive the love of the truth so as to be saved, and for this reason I’ve sent upon them a deluding influence so that they might believe what is false, mock, counterfeit, in order that they would all be judged who took pleasure in wickedness.”
And I said, “Lord, what is this deluding influence?”
And He answered me and said, “They refused to go up the mountain like Moses and Joshua, ‘lest we die,’ they said. They refused to carry their cross and let it do its work in their lives, and in doing so their flesh remained alive and I answered them according to their flesh and their fleshly desires. Behold, they have set up idols for themselves.”
And I said, “Lord, what are these idols?”
And He replied, “They mocked Me in the houses that they say they’ve built for Me, which; in most cases are nothing more than monuments built to honor themselves! And in these houses they mocked Me, saying, ‘This is the Spirit of the Lord! This is the Spirit of the Lord!’ when it is NOT My Spirit, but a counterfeit spirit according to the flesh! These perpetual children that refuse to grow up, they have produced the only fruit that immature trees produce, and by their fruits you shall know them! They refused My cross, and in its place they embraced a fleshly cross, so I have sent upon them a deluding influence so that they will call another spirit My Spirit! They embraced a fleshly cross, one that did not crucify their flesh and put it to death, and they refused to ascend the mountain with Moses and Joshua, ‘lest we die,’ they said. They wanted the self-life and the life of the spirit at the same time, and I answered them according to their desires. And, like tares, they will all be gathered together in order to be burned, so come out of her, My people, that you may not partake of her plagues, these tares that look like wheat, yet there is no fruit! Behold, this is what happens to those who become enemies of the cross!”
And in a terrified voice, I shouted, “Lord, this is a terrible thing!”
And the Lord said, “The great and terrible day of the Lord! A great day of blessing for those who have gone through the cross and walked according to My ways, and a terrible day for those who have become enemies of the cross, walking according to man’s substitute ways—the fleshly cross. Woe be unto them! To those who mock Me in their assemblies, woe be unto them! To those who have said in their hearts, ‘We do not want this man to rule over us,’ woe be unto you!”
“Now show them the vision of the cross,” the Lord said to me.

And I said, “Yes, Lord. This is the vision that You showed me in the eighth month of the eighty-eighth year.


Go to – Part Two – The Vision of The Cross



7th Day Adventist-The Spirit Behind the Church

I believe 7th Day Adventist church can accurately be described as a cult. Although there are many Adventist churches all across America, and other countries, the members do not seem to realize the flaws in its teachings and continue to be deceived. Friends, if this isn’t spiritual abuse, I don’t know what  is.

This is a series of videos exposing the 7th Day Adventist church, (cult).

“From This hard-hitting, eye-opening documentary explores the teaching of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, its origins and the changes which have occurred throughout the years. It examines the claims of the religion’s founder, the late prophetess Ellen G. White, and compares her unique beliefs with Biblical truth.

You will meet a number of former high-ranking church leaders, many of them fourth generation members, and discover what happened when they embarked on a journey to uncover the truth about their organization. You will be shocked by what they found.”

Disclaimer: Although I’ve posted the link to exAdventist website for your information, I do not recommend or advocate that you join one of their churches. If you were considering  joining an Adventist Church, or may be presently involved in one, please study your bible, the TRUE Word of God, as well as praying and seeking the Lord for His leadership and guidance.

May Jesus bless you as you seek His face,


Gods Warnings to Repent in These Last Days
1996 05 09.1

Thus saith the Lord, the God of Heaven. This life that you’re in is not to be taken lightly. For so have many in the past, taken lightly, this life. It is to be cherished, blessed, prosperous in everything that is holy and righteous! So go on with your life—not! Rather take time to be obedient to the spiritual life call that I have called to you! For so have many peoples been: they have gone after the things of the world, not the things of God, or the things of this heavenly existence!

Now to be the one who looks at heaven and turns aside after this earth, its pleasure, its reward, is to chase away the earthly life you could have had. For only those who willingly give up this earth will be trusted with any joy here. Those who will give up this earth will get much more of the heavenly riches than could be described here, or ever, in this age!

Those who will not give it up will end up the lowest of the rank of the joy of heaven. They will have an eternity to subscribe to learning what they ought to have known here, now, on this earth, on its time scale. For though they have downtrodden this life with the riches of this earth, they have obtained the heavenly realm, but to find they missed the most important mark ever to have reach for! They will not be sorrowful for having obtained the realm of heavenly joy, but will ALWAYS be aware of what they have missed!!

So you see the riches of His Glory! His Glory is for everlasting to everlasting to more than you could ever comprehend! Now that you can see the greatness into which you can now walk_walk! Walk in it. Walk with it. Spend time with Me in it. You will be glorified because of your faithfulness. I am rich with glory for you, for your work, for your time, for your place, in this earth. I have all power, strength, and deeds for you to have to perform My work!

So why do you not do the works I have commanded. Because you are too much in the flesh; too much in the fleshly corruption that comes from the world’s system. You are too much in the world’s system because you do not heed My commandment to obey the Word of the Lord and do the Will of God in prayer, in other tongues, fasting, seeking My face, seeking My will, seeking My power, seeking My blessings, seeking My pleasure, seeking My ways, seeking My methods of operation_no, you are on your own because you have chosen to be on your own! So you have reaped your reward, your reward of flesh!

So now turn and be exceedingly blessed with My power, My ways, My might. For at this time you can now have it. You always could, but you resisted My ways, My might, My method. So now you can turn to My ways, My might, My power, My holiness! So you should now be committed to the things of the Lord, but not to the things of the world.

Oh, will you be persecuted for this?!! You will!!! For My will is for you to stand before all, in My Ways!! So they that see will turn to notice that you have changed! You have changed!! You have changed!!! So they will begin to persecute you beyond what you thought you could bear! But stand with Me. You will have the strength of Me!! This do: stand with Me, always!

So stand and be alone with My word, My deeds, My will!!

Always learn to stand on the Word of the Lord. I am that I am. I am that I am. I am that I am. When you realize what the total power of God is, you will notice that this world will no longer matter!! It is not important. Just an area of evil that you pass through! I will no longer be a distant thing that has to be sought. I will be right there with you. Not that I am not there now, but that you are so worldly you cannot notice Me! I am here, just reach to the Lord and He is there! I am that I am. This is power beyond your comprehension! I will always be! I am always there. Just stand with Me and nothing of this earth can affect you, or upset you, or persecute you to the end of your ways for defeat. I am with you to the end of this age! I am with you forever and ever! Just imagine that! You cannot! It cannot be comprehended by a mere man, but I am there anyway!

So live after the earth no longer, but stand fast and be a holy victory for Me. For I am that holy One you seek, whether you realize it or not. Everyone of you have sought for truth. Why? Because I have commanded it of the earth, to seek forth the truth, but the earth rebels against this. Evil thoughts arise. They will have nothing to do with a Holy God. Nothing! I am Holy. I am Holy. I am Holy. So it always will be.

But only those who are with Me shall perceive that I am that Holy One they are seeking. They are enlightened by the power and knowledge of God. They have the Holy Ghost, the Spirit of God, the power of God, within them. Be one of them. As many of you are seeking Me, (not the earth, its ways, its evil, but seek Me, show forth ways of righteousness), evil shall flee from you. Show forth your ways and you will see that though you find the Lord you must still make a decision to serve. That is the key, a decision to serve that Lord God of All!!

So serve Me, says the Lord, that you will attain that holy crown that you should desire to have. I am that Holy One of God, that One you should copy. Copy Me, says the Lord Jesus. Copy Me and attain that holy crown to hold for the rest of your life—eternally!

So serve Me. I say again that you know that I am the righteous One of the Lord. That you know that way which is right, not the way which shall bring forth destruction of this evil way. For you see there is a time of learning about these things, a time of remembering of what you learned; but, also, a time of doing these things, continually, for the rest of your life!

As you seek Me, you shall find Me. Not only shall you find Me, but you shall do away with those things that hold you back, things which are gods to you, in your life, things that do not belong, things that are not righteousness because of their standing before Me as a god! Do NOT turn away from this: the will of God. I will show you what they are. Turn away from all gods other than the Holy, One True God, Jesus his Son, the Holy Spirit, the life of all!

Now note that the things I shall reveal to you, must be done away with. If you do not, you shall be damned. For the things of this life have NOT priority to the things of the Spirit!

Now I shall begin to reveal to you what you must do. Stand before the world, a sinner no more, but a blood bought, saved, Holy Spirit filled man or woman of God!! Let your light shine! Let it shine so others will see it. Know that the Lord wants you to shine, to know that the earth needs to save itself from the evil that shall befall it if it does not repent of its deeds, and turn away from them to a righteous God.

Therefore, turn yourself away from the evil deeds that you have been in, and turn toward the living God, turn toward witnessing for God, turn toward living for God, turn toward making your God, the Heavenly Father, your one and only Holy Father, Son, Holy Spirit, to worship and to serve.

So it shall be that as you do this, My Spirit will overpower you to holiness like never before. For the time is fast approaching when I will divide between those that will serve, and those that will only turn toward a form, not the power, of the Lord God!

There is coming a time that will be strong in the flesh, that the world will see, that will be strong in ways unmentionable, that will take the world with so much glee—they will see that the christians are fighting among themselves. BUT NO!!! I am dividing among My children, those who are dedicated, those who are fervent of Spirit, those who are strong, those who will serve; not those who will play the game of religious experiences, not those who will turn aside when the going gets rough, not those who will turn aside when satan attacks.

Who told you to run at satan’s shouting? Who told you to turn away? I did not. I am your leader, right? Have not I held you when you were disobedient? Have not I been merciful? Have not I been righteous when you were not right with Me? So why turn aside when satan makes a noise? Have you not understood, have you not read, do you not understand, that the scriptures will make you strong? Do you not read that I will never forsake, even to the ends of the earth? Do you not understand, that as things get rough out there, I get stronger in you? Will you not rather rejoice at this? For I say, rejoice at this. Rejoice that you are counted worthy of persecution. Rejoice that you are counted worthy of prejudice against you. Note it. Note it. Note it. I am making you strong. Look not back at your failures. Not back at that, but just for a moment, look back at what you were, like, say, two years ago, three years ago! Have not I made you strong?

So now stay that strong—NOT! Rather grow stronger, for the fight has yet to begin in strength!

Indeed it is strong today, this fight. But as it grows, and grows, and grows, you will note that the power of the Spirit with those who truly mean business with Me, will also grow much more than the devil grows. It grows more than the devil. What? The Spirit of the Living God!!!

So now seek Me. Spend time with Me. And now that the will of God is to seek, strengthen, grow with the Spirit of the Lord, the Spirit of God Almighty, the One who controls you with everything that can and does occur.

So there you have it. My power coming upon all. Upon those who will work the work of the Lord with power of glory, deliverance and blessing!! BUT, I said BUT!! it shall destroy those who play the game of religion. It shall destroy it, religion, and them, the sinners, that claim they serve Me, and I WILL BE GOD!!!

So it shall be, that I will turn and be a God again to a new earth, a new heaven. For though they call upon the name of God, their hearts, their hearts that I look at, their hearts, their hearts have shown Me that they are unwilling to repent, for they are in love with their sin!!

Now it shall be in times to come, that there will be more judgment upon the earth than ever before. More than ever in the time of the flood, more than ever in the times of the earthquakes, more than ever in any time before this late age.

That I will be a God, shall be. I will be a God of judgment!

So it shall come to pass in the next few years, that you will BEGIN to see travail upon the earth, that has never before been. You will see that following:

—the earth will turn to violence as never before.

—the earth will be overcome with diseases which cannot be cured!

—the earth will turn against itself with the earthquake, such as never before, for the force of it.

—the earth will turn itself to the command that I gave it: that the earth will always be warm, cold, summer, winter, but, oh! what a change there will be in the earth’s weather!

—the earth will turn about in space!

—the violence of the earth will grow to such proportions that the men of the earth will no longer be safe, to the point, that no one of means will want to live in the cities, even to the sending up of prices of the land around the cities, to the place where decent land near main cities will be unavailable.

—the Lord will turn his heart toward his people, NOT TOWARD THE AILINGS OF THE EARTH!—they have repented—not. Let them have their rewards!!

So it will be that I will BEGIN the judgments of this evil earth!

And I will continue these judgments until they, the evil ones, the ones who will not serve the Lord God of Heaven—they have all been appropriately punished! For this is the intention of My heart from the beginning of this age of evil, that is, the time when Eve and Adam sinned!

So it will be that this earth will be destroyed for their lack of obedience to Me. But it must not be understood that this was My way at the beginning. This was not My way! But I am a God that will allow all people to be set free. Free to choose their way. For heaven will never, NEVER, NEVER!!!!, turn around and say that you will be forced to serve the Lord your God. It is your choice. And so they have made it with their heart. Seeking to judge this earth, it will be that they have done to themselves this evil!

Now at this time it seems that there is not much judgment. Oh yes, an earthquake, a judgment here, or a judgment there; but no, as an earthen vessel cannot last, so you will see this earth not last. For it will be broken up from the inside! It will destroy itself from above and below! And you will know that the Lord has foretold you these events.

So let not My people be afraid. For where in the Word did I say, be afraid? No, not afraid, but to fear the Lord, for it is He who will judge. Those who will fear the Lord and His judgments have attained a way of excellence before Me. And this way of excellence will be with you forever, throughout eternity, a blessing to you.

For those who will decide to fear the Lord, and not the events around them, will be delivered from these events, and brought to a new height of spirituality in which I will be so strong in you, that nothing, absolutely nothing, will ever be able to take control, except the ways of God. This is what I told you of in Ephesians, the fourth chapter, that I would bring about an excellence, a Holy power, a God filled Church, an excellent way, a PERFECT Church! So it will be that as I bring this Holy church about, you will see the breaking away of those who will not stand the test of time. That is, they will not stand before the Lord in a Holy manner. The earth would persecute them! They would suffer. They would suffer loss of face. What would people think?

But I say, WHAT WOULD I THINK!!!! I, the Lord God. Do not I count? Or is it that you think the earth matters more than Me? Yes, indeed, that’s what these who fall away have in their heart, to say, I am of God, but never to take the unpopular stand against the world. More and more you will see that taking the whole stand of the Lord will mean to stand against all of the earth’s ways of evil!

And they will not like it. They will come down on you. But oh, these who fall away have not learned that the suffering will come from falling away, not taking the stand of faith, not serving the Lord no matter what may come. Those who will stand with Me will be persecuted, yes! But oh, what little that is compared to losing it all!!

Yes, many of those who now follow Me with their lips, will fall away in the next few years. For they will have to take a stand that is not compatible with their pride of this earth! That’s what it is. The pride of this earth. That despicable sin, pride, again. Make note of that. Do not be in pride. For it is the very last option the devil can use for his evil, to cast you down by pride. Be of humble spirit, obedient to the Word, obedient to the Spirit of the Lord. Do not turn aside from following that humble, holy, righteous, persevering, faithful, righteous beyond what you could ever comprehend!—Spirit of the One and only Living God!!

So let this be, that you will make a commitment to serve the Lord, to listen to the Spirit of the Lord, to not forsake this Word, these deeds that the Lord will ask of you—yes, deeds he will ask of you!—for this is righteousness, following the Word of God to the full!!

So now, make note that you must take the time before the Lord in prayer, seeking His will, obeying the words I WILL give you; not caring about the earth, its ways, but about the ways of the Lord God of all.

So now remember that the Will of God is to not judge you, but to turn you around to repent of your ways, so you will serve the Lord your God.

In the coming days of this age, you will see more than just judgment on this earth. Satan has sought to hinder you by the following ways:

1. to remember your old ways, to cause you to tremble in justice with guilt! – your justice is the blood of the Lamb which has already caused your sin to pass away!

2. he will look upon you to cause you to stumble on your weaknesses – you all have them, but remember I AM YOUR STRENGTH!! So remember that you have to spend time with Me. I spent time with My Father while on earth, you must also! Pray AND FAST before Me, regularly!!

3. thus will satan do when he cannot succeed in the earlier ways: to cause you to notice your successes in the Lord and to build you up in your flesh, which is pride. Do not let him!!

So now turn to these ways and remember them, for so I, the Lord, have told you. These are the ways of the Lord that WILL keep you from falling, and the ways to keep to from staying down when you have!

So it is that I have revealed this unto you, but now make this promise: that no matter how hard you look at yourself, do not look to the fleshly ways any longer; they have passed away. Now behold, a new creature in Christ Jesus; for so I have made those who will follow after Me.

You see there must come on this earth a division, much more than now, VERY MUCH MORE THAN NOW!!.

A division will occur between those who will stand for the Kingdom of God, those who will turn aside from the flesh, those who will turn and follow after the Lord NO MATTER WHAT, (this is My will for all); and those who will seek after the things of the flesh, the things of the world. For they will turn not aside to Me but have a form of godliness to which they claim is salvation. BUT IT IS NOT!! Do NOT go after those people. They have chosen the ways of evil. Turn not to them, but away from them, for they ARE EVIL. No matter what, turn not after them, they have decided to serve satan. YES, THEY ARE IN THE CHURCH! YOU KNOW MANY OF THEM. THEY ARE YOUR FRIENDS!! THEY ARE ENEMIES OF ME, saith the Lord of Grace. They are enemies of Me. Oh how I wish they were not, not the enemies of Me, BUT THEY ARE, AND YOU MUST BELIEVE IT!!

Now understand this, I tell you this not for love only, but also for them. That they will read, understand, and turn away, but if not: judgment!! So it must be. Now you must be prepared to take on the whole earth, with Me at your side.

For as you do, you will see those things occurring around you. You will first be called evil, sin, other names too horrible to mention, but you will be in My will. I know this sounds very much like some of satan’s crowd, (turn away from the long sought after ways of the church, to become a more violent person), but no, it is Me causing you to turn away from the world and become like unto Me!

So do not despise this word. For it is for your glory, for your understanding, for your prosperity. For you must realize that the Word of the Lord in the 24th chapter of Matthew will come to pass. All will hate you. All will despise you, and they will suffer judgments of God on them. But My people, called by My Name, they will be blessed. For I will bless them.

You see, there is a true prosperity, but it is not of the worlds ways, or the worlds goods, (did not I say, put your treasure into heavenly things, the ways of the Lord!). So you see to put your treasure into heavenly places. I will take care of all your needs on this earth. Have not I said so in My Word. Then why do you doubt Me? You have! You thought a lot about what you would do to make your needs felt in your flesh, so you would know what to do to cause them to be met. I have not said so to do. I have said turn your hearts upon Me, My will, My ways, My might. I will cause ALL of your needs to be fulfilled beyond what you could ask or think.

So it is that you will learn to go by My ways, My might!

I have long ago begun to restore the ministries of My body that have been lacking. There are many more to go, but I have had so much resistance from My so-called people, that I have brought about the return (not that I have left them at any time, but My people have forgotten to remember them, to honour those who I have called!), of the prophetic ministry. I have raised up the prophet in this hour. Oh, how few there have been in days gone by, but now I have begun to raise up the prophetic ministry, which will always be a strong point of My Church!

There have been so many of My Church that will say there is no such ministry; but I say there is, there always has been, there always will be, even in the ages to come. For I will send a type of prophetic ministry into the ages ahead. But it will be different in these ages, because of the different needs of this time. But, now, there is a strong call to the prophetic. A call that I have brought about for the guidance, the restoration of My people, for various needs. Do not get bent out of shape when they come and deliver a message that is not in your keeping with your understanding of My work. But rather, go to the Lord, seek Me! I say seek Me, that you will know whether it came from him, a devil, or from the Holy Spirit of God. This is right, that you should always, (and I mean always), seek Me to find out if it was of God.

Many of My people have heard a word that I sent, and then have turned and said in their heart, it was not of God, I know what the Lord wants here, this could not have been of the Lord. But they missed Me. Do not miss Me. Do not miss Me. Do not miss Me. Do not miss Me, for I have desired you to follow more accurately all things of Me, for so is My word in you, that you will know all things, to righteously fight the demons that come to you soon!

For you will have to fight. There is a spiritual war on. You will have to fight. You will have to fight. There is a spiritual war on! Do not be deceived. I am the Lord God. You will have to fight for Me. But fight not as the world, fight with love, with the Spirit, with the Word of the Lord. Fight for the ways of the Lord with Power from on high, not in the flesh. For the flesh will reap corruption, but the Spirit, life eternal. For so is the will of God that you defeat your enemies before you seventy times seven times!!

Now hear this word in the truth with which I have sent it to you. Do not be deceived, that satan can be attacked on the level so many christians have sought to fight him on. No way. He will defeat you right away. He will defeat you with hardly a fight. But fight him on the way of the Lord—Spirit Power from on high, the Word of God—this is how to fight the devils that come to you. Make no mistake about this. Satan wishes you destroyed! That you must know. The only way around this is to have your spiritual armour on, and ready for battle. The most important of all the armour is love, faith, obedience to My Word, HUMBLENESS. These will always carry you through. That’s all you need. With these you will learn of others you will need to have, but with these you can begin and know that I will teach you from the Word of the Lord all things!

Now learn this Word of God. That all shall be restored to the body. That is, the Church, Body of Jesus, shall have all things brought back to them that have been taken by satan. No disease shall be on My people. You will see it! I shall bring it to pass. But before you see this, you will have to see that the Word of the Lord is feared in this Church! They have not the fear of the Lord. For so I said, that the fear of the Lord is the BEGINNING of all wisdom. So they have not had any wisdom. They never even began it—wisdom from on high! So turn and know that the fear of the Lord is for your good, that you will know what is right. To fear the Lord is to know that it is He who will punish the wicked, the disobedient of the world—and of My Church!

For the days of judgment are upon you now. It is here. But you will see so much more judgment in the coming years. In the next twenty-two years you will see this earth’s atmosphere and its weather so upturned that it will be hard to recognize the earth and its seasons. While the seasons will still be there, they will be so different that you could not say, if you suddenly went there without any knowledge of what the changes were, this is a certain time of the year. It would be impossible for you to look at the weather and say what the season is. That’s how different it will be. Because this earth has sought to be alone, without the Word of the Lord God, it shall have much more judgment that this.

Natural disasters of magnitudes beyond what you could imagine are soon to be upon you. Only those with a heart to Me, to My Word, to My way, WITHOUT ANY TURNING TO THE WORLD, WILL BE SAVED in this time of turmoil. So examine yourself and let yourself know, I am going to serve the Lord My God, always, with ALL of My heart!

So now you see the still small voice of God that has told you to repent—get it together with your God, stop putting the things of God to the sides of your life, and start putting them foremost in your life. It is important that you remember that God is to be feared. For he has the power to protect you and to condemn you!

Now listen to this voice of My prophet. It is for your good. I do not wish to condemn anyone, but those who will stay with the devil MUST BE CONDEMNED!!

So it will always be with My will. That those who will stand up and serve Me with all of their heart, will be saved; but those who will not, must be condemned.

So you will see this occur as I have stated it. I, the Lord your God, shall bring it to pass.

As the weather changes, and becomes more unpredictable, there will come a change in the earth’s atmosphere. These changes will be said by man to be a short lived swing to colder, more unsettled weather patterns, that have occurred in times past, but not to worry, it will pass, and then things will get back to normal. BUT NO, I shall not allow this! It shall continue to get worse over the main pattern that I will bring upon this continent of America. They will see a permanent change in their weather patterns that will not go away. Instead, it shall grow colder and colder, with not only a colder pattern, but windier weather than has been known to man in recent history. Indeed they will be noticing a trend of new colder and windier records being set by this command that I have stated.

So thus saith the Lord, the God of all things. This is the way it MUST be: judgment before the redemption of this earth! Do not doubt. This will be: the destruction of the planet. If you will follow Me, I will protect you in all of this; if you will play the games of religion, YOU WILL BE DESTROYED!

More and more there will be destruction of various types throughout the earth. And the earth will begin to wage war against the enemies of it, those who serve satan. Now I will deliver those who serve Me, but understand that you must learn to trust in your God, not in your flesh. For those who will trust in their God, the God of all, the God of heaven, the God of the universe, will not be shaken. For I said that you will not be shaken, and I WILL be with you to the end of the age, and yes, beyond to eternity!

The earth will begin to stagger in its orbit, and there will be a change that will worry every single person on the earth that knows what it happening to the solar system. There will be a change on the orbits of many stars, planets, and meteorites. Meteorites will hit the earth like never before. Those who have stood before the earth, saying that they will not be overcome, will be the first to be subject to this judgment of the earth’s evil!

So the end of the age will be with My power coming upon all of the earth in its evil, and to rain down from Heaven the wrath of God! But, however, I have said this so you would know that the end of this age will be very violent and very disturbing to the inhabitants of this planet, but not to My people who have put their lives aside for My sake and the sake of the gospel! For I have said it, and it shall be! Those who will repent and serve the true Lord God of all, the Lord God of the Bible, repent, serve Jesus the Son, who died for your sin. Then you will see the end without fear, for I shall overcome!