What is the “Snare of the Fowler?” and “Who or What is a Fowler?”



The more spiritually mature are not going to fall for such things as seen here in Yasmine’s video. Does that mean that they are so “elite” they can’t be deceived? NO! It just means that Satan is going to have to be a little sneakier and more clever with what he runs by you. He’s not going to walk up and say something like, “Hey, I hear you are a spiritual heavy weight, but I come as an angel of light and I can and will get over on you”. That’s being a little silly of course, but no sillier than you are if you think Satan can’t lay a snare for you that will seem perfectly right-at the time, until later….. when you find you’ve been caught in the snare of the fowler.

This is why we need to pray for wisdom and godly discernment….at all times! Many times the LORD has warned me of a snare that Satan was laying for me. When I was paying careful attention I was able to SEE the trap and avoid it, like steering around a car just in time to avoid a terrible wreck. Unfortunately, there have been other times when I didn’t have my spiritual radar on full operational capacity that I blew it and fell into a snare. Let me tell you, these snares and traps of the enemy can be very costly, and even sometimes fatal. But all of them will be costly in one way or another, and if not corrected and brought back on course, can be spiritually fatal, not just to the physical man but to the spiritual life of the person. It doesn’t have to be a guessing game. We can learn through prayer and a serious closeness with the Lord to gain a supernatural wisdom and discernment so as not to be deceived.


The Snare of the FowlerPPT 1Text: Psalm 91:3
Ps 91:1 He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High Will abide in the shadow of the Almighty.
Ps 91:2 I will say to the LORD, “My refuge and my fortress, My God, in whom I trust!”
Ps 91:3 For it is He who delivers you from the snare of the trapper, And from the deadly pestilence.

This is my hunting sermon. Last week I mentioned the only person in the bible who was called a mighty hunter was Nimrod. He was a very evil man. Another hunter in the bible who was evil is a guy by the name of Essau. His daddy Jacob loved him and the venison he often made him. But his life is forever tainted that he could not control his physical appetites, and he is a sign post in the bible that says, you can lose your destiny if you don’t control your physical appetites.

The greatest hunter in the bible is of course, God Himself. He came to seek and save that which was lost.

Ok so lets talk about the trapper or fowler this morning.

PPT 2, 3 (Two kinds of traps)
Some traps trap, others trap and wound severely

The sad truth is both put you under the control and domination of another. Think about that. Can you think of someone who is trapped?

PPT 4 (Trapped mtn lion)
Isn’t there some part of you that has pity for this animal? How much more for humans trapped in drugs or other snares of the enemy.
The Trapper:

1. The trapper knows his seasons.
A. The snare is most effective in mating season.
Physical drives cause them to abandon normal watchfulness.
B. Winter is a time when hunger will drive the animal out in the open

PPT 5 (Hunter studying)
2. The trapper studies his prey.
Learns eating and mating habits.
Observes places the prey can be caught.

3. The trapper is a master of stealth.
PPT 6 (Turkey blind)

PPT 7 (Text, and pic cop hiding in plain sight)

Pr 1:17 Indeed, it is useless to spread the net In the eyes of any bird;

This is the first proverb in the book of Proverbs, as such it ought to give us extra pause to consider and meditate upon it. A proverb is a truth that is conveyed in a word picture that is handed down from generation to generation.

This particular proverb has been much debated, some say a bird won’t land in a visible trap, but that simply is not true. Other the sense of it seems to be, is that a lot of people are stupid when it comes to traps.
In other words even if you show some people the danger of what they are doing, they will still not receive instruction from it.

PPT 8 (Text)

Pr 1:17 Nobody robs a bank with everyone watching,
Pr 1:18 Yet that’s what these people are doing—they’re doing themselves in.
Pr 1:19 When you grab all you can get, that’s what happens: the more you get, the less you are.

In spite of the fact of the stupidity of man, the fowler still goes to great lengths to hide his traps.

Eat at beelzebub’s. No such sign
Hunters put clothes outside for three weeks, don’t wear them into the woods but put them on in the woods.
The trapper is most successful when his involvement is most invisible.

Point: “If I thought it was a trap I wouldn’t go there”. If I thought it was wrong I wouldn’t do it. satan has worked overtime to see to it doesn’t look like a trap, or to talk people into thinking wrong is right.

When Eve saw the fruit was good for food, and a delight to the eye, and it could make her…….