Rick Joyner’s “Church” vs T. B. Joshua’s Synagogue Church of all Nations

Here in the first video,  we have what is apparently a typical service at Rick Joyner’s “Morning Star church”, where it is claimed God is doing a new thing, that there is a real move of the spirit going on and setting people free. Really? Well, let’s take a look at what’s going on at this Rick Joyner service. Now, remember, they are claiming here that these people are Christians and are receiving a manifestation of the Holy Spirit via some “impartation”, and that their body movements are a sign of what the Holy Spirit is doing in them and through them and that whatever it is, is supposed to be a “holy’ move of God and beneficial to them. 


Let’s do a comparison with a service at T.B. Joshua’s SCOAN, and the Rick Joyner service.  Now, although you will see the actions, behavior, and body movements of the people in the T.B. Joshua video are very similar to the one’s shown in the Rich Joyner service, these people are acting out demonic manifestations, and are in the process of being delivered and their demons cast out….rather than claiming to be receiving some “holy impartation” by the Lord via the Holy Spirit.

Folks, this is really messed up….when supposedly Christian churches and church leaders, as Rick Joyner’s is claimed to be, are opening up their services to demons and encouraging demonic activity and even imparting it into their followers. The comparison here cannot be plainer. The people are acting out this demonic activity in both videos. You may suppose that this is just an isolated incident and an extreme example….well, granted it’s extreme, but if some of you will remember similar manifestations at the Brownsville “revival” in Pensacola, the Rodney Browne fiasco and the Word of Faith manifestations that swept through the United States not that long ago, and is still going on in various quarters of the Christian Community.  This is an exact example of calling evil good. Where is the discernment here?

Note: I have edited the last part of my response out because frankly it was made in a wrong spirit and admittedly out of more than just a small amount of frustration and heartache. It is my fervent desire to see the healing gifts coupled with deliverance operating in the churches as well as the highways and byways. Please forgive me if I have offended anyone. Scarlett

The Lord Jesus Christ went about doing good, healing and casting out many, many demons. He gave His believers the power to do the same, (as opposed to what you Secessionists believe). Of a certainty, the Lord Jesus wants His believers to cast demons OUT of the afflicted, NOT IMPART THEM as some of these “Christian” movements are doing!

Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead,[a] cast out demons. Freely you have received, freely give.” Matthew 10:8



Rick Joyner Hopes Mitt Romney Will Fulfill “White Horse Prophecy”

Well, the election frenzy is over, and like many of you, I’m glad because I was so sick of it, the lies, the blarney, the promises that will be broken that were never intended to be kept in the first place. But today I happened to come across this on YouTube that blew me away. Now, I know there are many on the Internet that “like” Rick Joyner, and see nothing wrong or dangerous about him, claiming that if a “man of God” has repented of some besetting sin, then I suppose we should all embrace him, have a big group hug, and go back to setting under his teaching, (kinda like the Jimmy Swaggart thing). Well, I’m not buying that. But anyway, I never followed Rick Joyner in the first place, but what little I do know about him has red flags all over it, and I’m talking about what he’s been up to recently. And I’m going to cite this video that was made during an interview on the Jim Baker show, (another false prophet), but that was posted on Right Wing Watch, who posted the video on YouTube. Good heavens folks! Since when do unbelievers have more discernment than Christians about what is true, wholesome and godly?


Before the election, I posted several posts concerning the falsehood of  “The White Horse Prophecy”, as well as the outrageous promotion of Mitt Romney by many evangelical Christians. It was absolutely staggering the deception that was occurring during this election season.



I ask in this post, “Should Christians be Concerned?”  Apparently Rick Joyner isn’t? And thought at the time of this video that it would be wonderful if Mitt Romney were to be elected, because, in his faulty opinion, Mitt Romney would then fulfill “The White Horse Prophecy”. This is absolutely appalling that someone who is apparently popular within a major segment of Christianity could make such a crazy statement.Popular or not, he is so far off base in his discernment it’s astonishing to me that he has a following left to support his so-called ministry.

Joyner says in the video he has researched “The White Horse Prophecy”, and KNOWS the false prophet Joseph Smith, the founder of the Mormon religion is who prophesied this nonsense, yet, Joyner continues to wax eloquent endorsing Mitt Romney, just as Pat Robertson, Billy Graham and many other so-called evangelical Christians. Or, are they evangelical or indeed, are they even Christians? Folks, I am just at the place where I am starting to believe they aren’t, and that the bulk of right-wing Christianity has gone haywire and become apostate. I am not going to be a part of this ecumenism, making alliances with the world. Making a covenant with death and hell! How about you? Are you willing to come out from amongst them, so that you don’t have to partake of their sins…or their plagues!

Finally, I am not overwhelmed with joy that Mr. O has been reelected, but on the other hand I wouldn’t have been pleased if Romney had been elected either. Romney has been dumped and will not be sitting in the White House, eating organic peanut butter and honey sandwiches on croissants, but what I am going to remind my Christian friends of, once again, Mormonism is not the kissing cousin of Christianity. It is not Christian by any stretch of the imagination, and that is what it would take to believe that it was….imagination!

Friends, Christians are loosing their discernment. We are not to embrace false religions in the name of peace and unity. Christians who believe, as some of our Christian “leaders” such as Billy Graham, Pat Robertson and many others who want you to believe Mormons are our Christian brothers- are selling you a bill of goods.  Don’t buy it! Jesus Christ, our Savior and redeemer is seated at the right hand of God the Father…but not on a planet named Kolob.