Jim Bakker-Trying to Rebuild What God Tore Down




So….is this what passes for Christianity these days?
If so, now we have an idea of why it says in the bible, “Jesus wept”.
Hmm, for some bizarre reason I’d never seen The Jim Bakker Show”, maybe because he was a little before my time, back in the days of being a newly saved Christian. I just knew that “humpty dumpty” had a great fall and figured that he wasn’t going to be put back together again, but lo and behold, as it says, here he is back again, and apparently using that same old format that he and Tammy Faye used back in their pre-disgraced days of the PTL Club.

Folks, this is truly disgusting, and frankly, I don’t know how long God is going to put up with it. Yes, I know that it says God is longsuffering and his mercy endures forever, but does his patience include eternally turning a blind eye on those he has already chastened and warned severely, previously? You’d think Jim would get the idea after awhile, but no, here he is again at the Jim Bakker club complete with tables of deluded guests being entertained with pseudo sanctified drivel and vomit at what he’s trying to pass off as the table of the Lord. It’s a shame! No wonder the world has begun to laugh at Christianity. It’s those like this that cause the way of truth to be evil spoken of.

I wonder…does he, or his new side kick replacement of Tammy Faye, really think they can rebuild what God tore down once? This makes me angry, yes, but it also makes me sad because I know he is deceiving people and scamming money from them, just like a multitude of other false prophets and teachers.

Friends, I just know that the apostasy that’s spreading like cancer is not of God and is surely going to bring down the wrath and righteous anger of the LORD, because it bears NO resemblance to the early church that Jesus set up in the book of Acts. Jim is looking more and more comical and ridiculous all the time. I’m not sure how anyone can take this man, (or woman), seriously!