Drive Out the Pay Pal “Ministry” Scammers

Jesus Chases The Money Changers Out of The Temple:

Ok, so not all churches, “pastors” or Internet so-called “ministries” are as obvious as ole Leroy Thompson, Mike Murdock, or Cashflo Dollar. They’re more subtle on the Internet, where they can’t scream in your ear….but…they still have that little emotional appeal to Christians to “support” what they have designated as their “ministry”. The only thing is, you never know for sure whether you’re supporting the work of the Lord, or….their new 5,000 ft, 5 bedroom, 3 bath house, or whatever.

On the other hand, some of them use the old poverty ploy. This is a good one that deserves real credit for creative innovation. With this one, they tell their online groupies, or “fellowship”, they have given up all to serve the Lord and spread his gospel. That they barely have enough to live on, buy gas for their 20 yr old car, or pay the electric bill, etc etc. No, I’m not kidding. Actually, it doesn’t take a whole lot of searching to locate these money buzzards. So, what is a good tip off that you just might be dealing with an Internet Money changer? Very simple. It’s the all too familiar Pay Pal Donate button.

Some of these PayPal money changers even have TWO PLACES to donate on their site. Just to make sure you didn’t see the first one. Here’s an example of this:
““As every man hath received the gift, even so minister the same one to another, as good stewards of the manifold grace of God.” 1 Peter 4:10

“This ministry work would be furthered in the hearts of men and blessed to have you assist us in any of the following ways (email button at bottom). We are all Christ’s disciples, servants, and friends (John 15). As blood-bought members of Jesus’ body, we are all just regular people – former sinners now saved by His glorious grace – who have His desire inside of us to help others grow in His grace and for lost souls to be saved/rescued before it’s too late (Luke 19:10; Mark 4:19). Each of us know inside that our time is short – we have a very limited window and must act now. Many who read these words desire and have even prayed for something to do for Jesus.”

Uh, you have to zing past the PayPal donate button to get to the aforesaid email location. There is also plenty of stuff he wants you to do to “spread the gospel”, namely send $$ and post stuff to link to his website, which of course will inevitably lead to the all too familiar Pay Pal donate button.

All of these guys, (and women too), have a gimmick to appeal to Christians. Some even claim to be “Watchmen on the Wall” to explain to Christians who, what and where the false churches, teachers, doctrines, etc; are that you’re too dumb to figure out for yourself. I’m asking you…as a Christian, really? Are you really so biblically and spiritually challenged that you haven’t figured out by now who to beware of or who to trust?

Maybe some of these guys, who you never see in person, by the way, are doing an Internet phishing scam. Kind of like tossing out a line, in the form of a Pay Pal “donate” button, to see if maybe the net will drag in a real haul, (of $$$).

Maybe, some of them DO actually work for a living, and tell you so. But how do you know for sure? Where are their elders to keep them accountable? Very likely you will NEVER see an actual accounting for either the amount of money they’re raking in, or where the money is actually going and for what purpose. I mean, couldn’t you find some area where to spend the “Lord’s Money” on ministry service? A little old lady having a hard time of making ends meet? Or a widow with a couple of grand-kids she’s raising? Or a disabled vet having a hard time finding work? And so on….

I suggest you do a little check up online and spend some time googling. I’m pretty sure you’ll see what I mean before very long. Please, in the interest of being a good steward, be very prayerfully selective of who you send money to. Again, please follow the leading of the Holy Spirit regarding this issue. Anytime you see that Pay Pal donate button, you may be dealing with an Internet Mystery Meat Ministry pimp who’s trying to grab his piece of the donation pie. He will never be there at your bedside to pray for you in person if you should fall sick. He will never be there graveside to minister to you or your family when a loved one dies. If you’ve never met this individual face to face, think twice about sending him money.

Online Discernment Ministries:

Don’t Believe Everything You Read…On the Internet:

From this blog:
“I close these word of warning/caution with a quote taken from someone who, in my personal opinion (as a professional apologist for over 15 years), is one of the worst of the worst ODMs. This ODM has posted her attacks repeatedly against God’s people and encourages others to do likewise (very much like Jezebel encouraged false charges to be brought against God’s people, see 1 Kings 21:10). She stated the following in one of her recent posts:

“Technology affords so many opportunities now to communicate with others and the world that can be used for good. It also offers us many new snares and opportunities to sin. . . . [W]e need to be ready to examine ourselves and honestly look at our motives and behavior in light of God’s Word. If we can’t control the temptation a technology brings, we need to do rapid surgery and get rid of it so that Satan does not gain a foothold in our lives. If we can use a technology for God’s glory with a clear conscience, we need to carry on and thank God for the opportunity.”

Indeed. I couldn’t agree more with this individual. Now, let us all pray that such people will begin following their own words of counsel and in so doing, not only avoid hypocrisy, but also avert God’s judgment and God’s chastisement in their lives.”